Savita bhabi
Fanah Ho Jaye

Savita : Mere 2 Taango Ke Beech Tujhe Panah Mil Jaye.
Mujhe Itna Ch*d  Ke  Tera  L*ND Fanah Ho Jaye..

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Kaat Ke Dedo

Savita  Bahut Dino Baad Mayke Jaa Rahi Hun
Pati: Kuch chahiye
Savita: apna L*nd Kat K Dedo
Muje Maza bhi aata Rahega aur aap Par shak bhi nahi Hoga

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भाभी लुक में रोजलीन

सविता भाभी के रूप में बॉलीवुड में प्रवेश करने को तैयार सेक्सी मॉडल रोजलीन खान की हॉट फोटो लीक हो गई हैं। ये तस्वीरें सविता भाभी की शूट के दौरान खिंची गईं।

खबरों के अनुसार रोजलीन, जो कुछ दिनों पहले अपनी छवि सुधारने की कोशिशों में लगी थीं, अब दोबारा वही कर रही हैं जिसमें वे माहिर हैं। मतलब है कि इस बार रोजलीन ने सेक्सी सविता भाभी बनकर दर्शकों को रिझाने की कोशिश की है। इस नए लुक में रोजलीन ने साड़ी के साथ बड़े गले वाला ब्लाउज पहनकर आकर्षक भाभी लुक को पूरी तरह से प्रदर्शित किया है।

खबरों में यह भी है कि रामगोपाल वर्मा ने अपनी फिल्म में कामुक सविता भाभी के बोल्ड रोल के लिए रोजलीन से बात की है। कयास लगाए जा रहे हैं कि रोजलीन की ये तस्वीरें रामगोपाल की आने वाली फिल्म या सविता भाभी कार्टून के निर्माता देशमुख की आने वाली फिल्म की भी हो सकती हैं।

सविता भाभी के मेकअप के लिए लाल सिंदूर और भूरी बिंदी भी उपयोग की गई है जिससे इस किरदार को सही अर्थों में प्रस्तुति मिल रही है। इसके लिए रोजलीन ने दो साड़ियों का उपयोग किया है। पहले विकल्प के रूप में उन्होंने पीले ब्लाउज के साथ लाल साड़ी पहनी है जो विद्या बालन के ‘डर्टी पिक्चर’ वाले लुक की याद दिलाती है।

दूसरे विकल्प के तौर पर रोजलीन ने क्लासिक ब्लू साड़ी के साथ रॉयल ब्लू ब्लाउज का प्रयोग किया है। इसके साथ उन्होंने पुराने समय की याद दिलाने वाले काले नेकलेस और लंबे काली लटकने वाली बालियों का प्रयोग किया है।

सविता भाभी की शुरूआत 2008 में एक कार्टून के तौर पर की गई थी। अपने लांच के कुछ ही दिनों में यह कार्टून बेहद लोकप्रिय हो गए थे। सेक्सी लुक वाली सविता भाभी कार्टून, मर्दों को सेक्स के संबंध में जानकारी देती है।

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Sex Bengali Maid Savita

Hi, friends I’m Praveen doing my last year engineering, I am 21 yrs old. I have been reading stories from the last 6 months and three sections have always been my favorite they are group, incest & maid from the very beginning I have fantasized about maids. when I was young about 14 years onwards I tried for maids but was not successful since I did not have the courage this is a true story which happened about 1 & half year back when I was 20 years old we had a maid named Rupali who was o bomb (I will narrate her story in the next post).

She was a Marathi maid. I was determined to screw her. but all of a sudden she fell ill due to which she temporary left the job for a month. in that period we had difficulty in our house work. then my mother has a friend who was a Bengali lady and she used to supply girls for housekeeping as maids. so she sent a boy and girl to work at my house. Both of them were in their early 20’s. As there was a big family function coming up everybody in the house were busy (my mom,dad,sis). Also my preparatory leave for my exams were on so i was alone at home. Mom told me to monitor the two workers.

The girls name was Savita let me introduce her, she may be around 19 to 21 years old, has a nice filling figure with a nice ass which I liked to squeeze she was a bit on the darker side mostly used to wear a gown. She always had a horny look on her face let me narrate the incidents that led us to sex. as there were two workers mom told me to get the whole house cleaned (we live in a bungalow with 3bhk 3bathrooms terrace etc) the boy was very quiet and did what he was told as I wanted to be with Savita i gave him work far from us thus I could see her cleavage and brush into her.

I decided to make Savita wash the bathroom completely including the side wall tiles for that i brought a stool for her she started cleaning and i stood near the door ogling her curves when she bended over the shape of her ass was mind blowing. then when the part next to the commode of the Indian toilet come one leg of the stool was falling into it making it unbalanced then i went and caught the stool firmly and maintained weight with my leg ,when she was getting down she was worried that her leg may slip into the toilet.

So I was guiding her that was when I first touched her and also touched my hand on her ass. she did not tell me anything the touching and brushing went on for two days. When I understood that she is not revolting that means she may like it. That is when I became more bold and started coupling her breasts, this was when she used to dust or wipe many of the tables when i used to come from behind and try to bury my half erect dick in her ass line.

Also I used to try coupling her breast while standing behind (coupling means mildly not squeezing).later on the boy was called back by their madam and only she was there to work later on one Sunday morning Everyone had gone to a relative’s house. I and Savita were alone at home. she started washing one of the bathrooms with an English commode I needed some excuse to get close to her so as to touch her. After she finished there was a small glass tray over the commode. I told Savita to clean that also. She told me that it is so high I will need the stool.

I told her why don’t you climb above the commode. She replied what if I fall. I told her that I will catch her. Then I went inside and caught her hips and helped her wipe the tray. While she was wiping it i tried to run my hand over her ass after she finished she got down, but purposely put her weight on me so i caught her. at that time my hands were around her, we stood like that for a few sec, then she took my right hand and kept it on her right breast.

This was the signal I was waiting for. I instantly started squeezing both her breast very hard, she liked it and started moaning. I then took her outside in the bedroom, there I slipped my hands from her neck to squeeze her boobs. I then wanted to go for her pussy. I tried lifting her gown, but she held it down with her hands. She was a virgin who was not going to give up easily. I tried a bit of force but she was reluctant so i continued squeezing her breast as I feared that if I force her too much she may complain it to someone.

I tried my last wish by making her lye on the floor and slipped my hands from under her gown. but she was not cooperating so I left her and got up. Suddenly I opened my pant and pulled out my dick to show her i thought why not show her my tool which is a decent 5.5 inches. When she saw it she was amazed and turned on. Then came the turning point, she asked me whether I will bury my dick in her pussy,(as they say girls are hungry for dicks). I nodded yes without wasting any precious time and without any fore play we took up the missionary position.

Since we both were virgins i slowly placed my dick at her pussy lips. I then rubbed my dick head on her pussy she let out a small moan. i then slowly pushed my dick inside her. Slowly my entire dick was eaten up by her pussy man the feeling you get the first time your cock is in someone’s vagina, after all those years of masturbation can only be felt first hand, cannot be explained. i slowly started moving front and back. Then we gained speed. She started letting out loud moans. We caught each other’s hair very tight. she started telling me something but due to the pumping effect her voice was breaking.

I overheard her saying jor se but as a matter of fact she was saying jor se mat. Anyways I started pounding her fast and hard. She sated closing her eyes and biting her lips. Then I think after a few sec she came because she held her legs tight around me. Then I could see a few tears rolling out her eyes . believe me guys the first time for girls can be painful unlike guys who enjoy the most. Looking at her turned me on and i fucked her even more harder after a few more strokes i came inside her pussy.

I laid over her for some time, then withdrew my cock the scene of her pussy was lovely before entering it was nice and firm, but not after screwing it has swollen and spread pussy lips also the mixed color of my white cum and her virgin blood I can never forget after the hard fucking Savita had become weak and slept on the floor catching her belly. i asked what was wrong. She replied ” I told you to fuck me slowly na, now look what you have done its paining me so much”. I told her I thought you said to do it faster, anyways i apologized and told her to rest for some time.

So this was our first encounter. That day onwards we almost had sex everyday when no one was at home. Also continues we used to fondle and squeeze each other. Sometimes after my bath even when someone was at home, I used to call her for a quick blowjob. She was always horny just like me and was ready for sex any time. I even showed her porn movies. We also fucked in various positions except for anal

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The Photoshoot

“Is Mishraji busy right now? I have to get his signatures on these new policy reports!” asked Pranav while he waited outside Mishraji’s office with Vivek. “No, I think he’s preparing a report for the head office. Savita’s in his office with him right now.” replied Vivek. “I wish I had a secretary like Savita…She’s so sexy!” sighed Pranav. He couldn’t help but fantasize about fucking Savita Patel. She was Mishraji’s new secretary and even though she was married, Pranav never missed a chance of flirting with her. “Yeah, but I hear that she’s a workaholic… She does a lot of overtime alone with Mishraji after everyone else has left the office!”
“I wonder how she handles Mishraji…He’s such a strict boss!”

Meanwhile inside Mishraji’s cabin Savita was working hard to earn her monthly bonus. She was naked except for her thong and her sexy lips were wrapped around Mishraji’s thick cock. Mishraji’s hands were on his secretary’s head and fucking her mouth while she knelt in front of him and fingered her pussy while giving him a blowjob. “Mmmmf…Shoot your cum in my face…” moaned Savita. Mishraji couldn’t hold it in much longer and his cock was soon shooting thick cum into Savita’s open mouth. “Ahh…So much…” mumbled Savita while she swallowed his entire load. Mishraji zipped up his pants and sat down on his chair watching Savita pick up her clothes off the floor. He considered himself lucky at having found such a slutty secretary. She gave excellent blow-jobs and was a much better fuck than Shalini. He was lost in thought when suddenly Savita’s irritated voice interrupted his thoughts. “Ahh…You did it again, Mishraji!”

“What happened, Savita?” asked Mishraji in surprise. “The clasp is broken again! Sir, you’ve got to stop ripping off my bra whenever you fuck me! That’s my third bra this week.”

“Sorry Savita, but I get so horny when I see your body that I can’t help myself.” said Mishraji with a grin on his face. “But now I will have to walk around in the office all day without a bra and all the guys keep staring at me!” Savita enjoyed the attention she got in the office when she was bra-less but she did not want to be labeled the office slut like Shalini. She had other important things to discuss with Mishraji that day so she didn’t press the matter. “Mmm… Mishraji, don’t you think it’s time that I got a promotion for all the extra effort I’m putting into my work!” cooed Savita as she say down on Mishraji’s lap and stroked his face. “Is that so? Well… there is a new opening in HR but I was thinking of giving Shalini the job…”-“Hmmm… I’ve got an idea… I’ll give you the promotion if you can complete one assignment for me!” He took a file out of his drawer and handed it to Savita.

“Now, here’s the file with details of the new company ad shoot. I want you to go there and oversee so that there’s no problem. See that it is finished on time and I might think about that promoting you instead of Shalini!” Soon Savita was on her way to the studio with the thick file in her hand. “Let’s see now…The photographer is the world famous Mr. Nick Jones and he’ll be here for only 2 days before he returns to the U.S.” she read out of his file.

At The Studio.

“Welcome to India, Mr. Jones!” said Savita and shook hands with the photographer. “Ahh no…Please call me Nick. I don’t want a beautiful woman like you to be so formal with me!” Savita noted how Nick’s eyes were fixed on her breasts and knew that Nick could make out that she wasn’t wearing a bra. There wasn’t much time to waste and so she got straight to the point. “Okay then Nick! We’re on a tight schedule so Sheetal here will take you to go meet the models. Call me if you have any problems!”

“Come with me sir, our company has decided to use two new upcoming models for the shoot! They are very eager to meet you.” said Sheetal indicating Mr. Nick to follow her. Nick’s eyes however were focused on Savita’s perfectly shaped ass. “If any of them has a sexy ass like that then I’m eager to meet them too…” 10 minutes later, Savita was working on the shoot’s estimates when Sheetal came into her office with a panicked look on her face. “Thank god you’re here, Savita! Mr. Nick is throwing a big tantrum inside! Do something or we’ll have to cancel the shoot.”

“But where are those models going?” asked Savita when she saw the two models packing up and leaving.

“We’re Leaving! You can tell your big shot photographer that we are not going to stand up to his nonsense anymore!” said one of the models as she stormed past Savita. Savita hurried into the Nick’s room and found him pacing around the room angrily. “What’s wrong Nick? Why did those models leave?”

“I wanted to do this ad so that I could shoot beautiful Indian women! And your boss has sent me those thin ‘size zero’ models! I need a real Indian woman, not thin stick models for my shoot!” replied Nick gesturing wildly with his hands. “Let me see what Mishraji can do about it?” she assured him. Mishraji however was not in a good mood. He told Savita that it was too late to get new models and that she should do anything to get the shoot completed by the evening. “Oh what do I do now? I’ll lose my promotion to Shalini for sure if this shoot fails!” shouted Savita as she switched off the phone angrily.

“Don’t be so depressed Savita! I think I have a solution to our problem.” said Nick and patted her shoulder.

“Ohhhh….But Nick! We have to finish the shoot by today and I can’t get you new models so soon!”

“I have a woman in mind who would be perfect for the shoot!”


“You, Savita!”

“M-Me…But I can’t do this! I have no experience at all!” said Savita in surprise. “Let me worry about the photography part! Don’t you want that promotion you just mentioned?” said Nick calmly and told Savita to go to the make-up room and get ready. Soon, Savita was wearing a magnificent Sari and posing for Nick and his crew. As Nick instructed Savita to pose for the pics. As Savita tried out a sexy pose she felt a little nervous at being stared at by the other men of the crew who were looking at her boobs which were hardly covered by the skimpy blouse. Nick soon realized what was making Savita so nervous and decided to do something about it. “I can’t any good shots if she’s so nervous! I’ve got to do something.”

“You guys pack up and leave. It’s her first shoot and she won’t relax as long as you guys are here staring at her the whole while!” he said asking the rest of the crew to leave for the day.

“Won’t you need our help?” asked one of the guys.

“I’m an ace photographer! I think I can handle one model quite easily.” Soon the studio was empty except for him and Savita. “It’s just you and me now Savita! So Turn a little to the right and smile for the camera!”

“Thanks Nick…I’m already under a lot of pressure to complete this shoot and all those people staring at me wasn’t helping at all!” said Savita with a thankful smile to Nick.

2 Hours Later

“Whew…That was really fun! I used to think it would be pretty boring to just stand and pose for the camera!” said Savita as she stretched her arms over her head, after they finally finished the shoot.
Nick smiled at her and said that he enjoyed working with her. Savita was about to suggest going out for dinner when Nick asked her a favor.

“If you enjoyed it then would you like doing some more shots for me. Not for the company shoot, but for my private collection!”

“Of course Nick! You’ve helped me a lot by completing the shoot on time. I’d be happy to return the favor!”

“There are some outfits that I wanted you to try out! They might be a little tight around your bust, coz your boobs are bigger but I think you can manage!” said Nick pointing towards the changing rooms. Inside the changing room, Savita was in for a shock.

“He can’t expect me to pose in these! They’re too skimpy and revealing!” said Savita when she tried on a red bikini. The bikini top comprised of two small triangles which were barely big enough to cover her nipples and the thong was barely able to cover her pussy. Savita was reluctant to try on such slutty outfits and pose for Nick. But Nick had helped her by completing the shoot and she didn’t want to say ‘No’ to him. “But I did promise him… and he is a professional after all! Maybe I should do it…”

Will Savita agree to do the shoot? And what is Nick’s plan? Will he be satisfied after taking pictures of Savita exposing herself or will he want more? Visit to find out the outcome of this exciting photoshoot where your favorite bhabhi bares all for the camera in “Savita Bhabhi 26 – The Photo Shoot.”

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Shobha’s First Time

Savita had just finished telling Shobha about her first extramarital affair over lunch and both were headed back to Savita’s apartment when suddenly Savita’s cell phone started ringing. It was Mishraji, Savita’s Boss, who was in the mood for some of his best employee’s ‘Special Service’.

“I’m sorry Shobha. I just got a call from work. Mishraji needs me for some urgent work in the office?” lied Savita to Shobha; knowing full well that the urgent work was just an excuse for Mishraji to get Savita alone in the office with him on the weekend.

“So we’ll have to postpone the ‘lesson’!” said Shobha getting disappointed that bhabhi had to leave.

“No. It probably won’t take me too long in the office. I’ll give you the keys to my apartment.” said Savita handing her the keys to her apartment “You can let yourself in and wait for me there.”

Shobha reached Bhabhi’s apartment and seeing that Ashok was not at home as usual; decided to try on some of the clothes and lingerie they had purchased at the mall. She entered bhabhi’s bedroom and began trying on the clothes unaware that she had forgotten to lock the main door behind her.

“Looks like bhabhi has returned home”, thought Varun when he noticed that bhabhi’s apartment door was ajar.

“Hmmm…Ashok uncle never comes home before 8 so maybe I could have some fun with bhabhi if she’s free.” Varun was hoping for a quick fuck session alone with bhabhi while his brother was away watching a movie.

He entered Savita’s apartment thinking about the hot week he and his brother had had with bhabhi while Ashok was away on an office trip. Thinking about all those hot nights and the early morning blowjobs made his cock even harder.

“Looks like bhabhi’s changing in the bedroom. Last time I peeped on her, it ended up pretty well!” thought Varun and smiled to himself as he tiptoed towards bhabhi’s bedroom hoping to surprise her. However he was surprised when he heard someone else’s voice coming from in there.

As he peeked into the room, he was surprised to find Shobha, a girl from his college, trying on some lingerie in bhabhi’s bedroom.

“She doesn’t know that I am in the house. I’d better keep quiet and enjoy the show.”

Varun couldn’t help but get excited as Shobha soon took off her bra revealing a set a creamy white breasts and pink nipples. She was rubbing her breasts and her body and it was obvious that she was turned on.

Shobha was thinking about the story Savita Bhabhi has just told her.

“Mmmm…Hearing bhabhi’s story of her first affair has made me really horny. My nipples are hard and poking through the bra”, thought Shobha as she took off her bra and felt her erect nipples with her fingers. A shiver ran through her body as she felt excited when she touched her sensitive nipples. She moved her other hand to her other sensitive spot and was surprised to see that her pussy was so wet.

“Even my pussy has become wet.” she thought while inserting two fingers inside her now dripping pussy.

“Ahhh…I can’t stop imagining about bhabhi and Aman. Oh, I wish I had a cock like that in my pussy right now!” moaned Shobha as she recalled the sight of Aman, the fitness instructor, fucking Savita Bhabhi’s pussy in the gym last week. Her knees felt weak and she moved onto the bed to be more comfortable while she pleasured herself.

“I can’t believe it she is fingering herself in bhabhi’s room. I never knew she was such a slut!” thought Varun is surprise; as the common notion in college was that Shobha was a shy girl who didn’t even know how to speak to guys. And here she was fingering herself imagining getting fucked by another guys cock!

“Mmmm Aman… I want you to fuck me like you were fucking bhabhi. I want your long hard cock inside my wet pussy.” moaned Shobha loudly while fingering her pussy with one hand and pinching her nipples with the other.

“Wow, she’s nothing like I’d imagined! Hmmm, maybe I can turn this situation to my advantage…” thought Varun smiling to himself. A plan was forming in his mind and he decided to act on it.


Shobha was suddenly brought to her senses by the sound of the bedroom door creaking open and Varun stepped inside with a mischievous grin on his face.

“Who are you and what are you doing here? Get out of the room!” shouted Shobha at him while making a vain attempt at covering herself up with her hands. However her tiny hands where nowhere close enough to cover her big breasts.

“Don’t you recognize me Shobha! I’m your junior at college and also Savita bhabhi’s neighbor. I came in to meet bhabhi but instead I found you in here!”

“I-I was just trying on some clothes…”

“There’s no need to lie…I heard everything…”

“What do you mean?” said Shobha with a touch of fear in her voice.

“Weren’t you just moaning about wanting a big cock in your pussy? I’m sure I can help you with that” said Varun with a smile on his face. “Unless of course, you want everyone in college to know what you were doing here!” he added making Shobha aware of the consequences if she didn’t listen to what he had to say.

“All right…what do you want me to do?”

“Well, why don’t you continue what you were doing earlier. I want to see you pleasure yourself and I want to see you orgasm! So why don’t you start by rubbing your breasts for me!”

While Varun was instructing Shobha on what he wanted her to do, Savita Bhabhi was on her way back from her office sex session and was now in the elevator heading towards her apartment.

“I wonder if Shobha has already arrived. She was really eager to come here today!” thought Savita. She knew why Shobha was so eager to go to her apartment. This was the only place where Shobha could be herself and pleasure herself alone away from all her hostel roommates. Savita was surprised to see her apartment door open and upon walking inside she was even more puzzled to hear two voices coming from her bedroom.

As she tiptoed towards her room and peeked inside she was shocked at what she saw.

“Oh my! What is going on here?” said Savita when she saw the sight of Shobha fingering herself on the bed and Varun sitting beside her with his cock in his hand and telling Shobha to pinch her nipples.

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A Wife’s Confession

Our sexy bhabhi Savita and her new friend Shobha were shopping for clothes in the mall.

“Doesn’t this dress look adorable, Shobha?” Savita had found a particularly sexy dress and asked Shobha for her opinion while trying on a pink salwar.

“It’s good bhabhi, but why don’t you try this one instead?” Shobha handed Savita another dress.

“How does this one look?” asked Savita after considering it.

“It looks great, much better than the last one!”

Meanwhile the salesman at the shop was looking at bhabhi with a small smile on his face.

“I wonder if the girl with bhabhi knows what a slut her friend is? The time I fucked this bhabhi was the best sex I’ve ever had! And I remember watching her fuck that man in the changing room that time. I shot my cum all over the TV watching her suck on his cock and drinking his cum.” the salesman thought while he helped the girls with their shopping.

Savita handed the dress to the salesman who was lost in his own thoughts thinking about making love to the hot bhabhi again. Savita asked him to pack the dress and Savita and Shobha paid for the clothes and left the store.

“Whew…Now that the shopping’s over.” said Savita as she and Shobha left the shop “Why don’t we have lunch at the restaurant here?”

“Good idea bhabhi.” replied Shobha who was already exhausted from the shopping.

“One palak paneer and one dal fry please.”

The waiter was pleased to be service this table as he could ogle the two hot women without being conspicuous. They ordered the meal and Shobha mentioned to Savita about the salesman that was staring at them at the store.

“Bhabhi, did you see the way that salesman was staring you at the lingerie store?”-“It looked like he was undressing you with his eyes!!!”

“Oh him! He once came to our home to sell some bras.” – “and I can tell you he did a lot more than just undress me that time!” said Savita with a knowing smile.

“Really Bhabhi, Tell me the whole story.” Shobha said surprised.

“Well, He once came to my house with a bra that was too small for me and I had to make him measure my breasts properly so he could get the right size next time. He really enjoyed taking the measurements”

“I gave him a lesson in customer satisfaction and tipped him for the excellent service he gave me.” Savita continued.

“Bhabhi!!! You actually had sex with him.” said Shobha who was surprised to hear this. “Wow, when I met you the first time I couldn’t guess you were such a slutty person.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment! But you should have seen me during my college days. There wasn’t a single guy in college who didn’t have a crush on me.” said Savita who was pleased with the remark.

“Yes, I can imagine that.” Shobha was still shocked at this revelation.

Savita continued with her story “Yes, most of the guys just wanted to get into bed with me and I was more than happy to oblige. I even had sex with my Maths professor!”

“He gave me 5 marks for every blowjob I gave him and 10 for every fuck. I ended up getting a 100 on every exam.”

“Then were you always like this bhabhi? Even after marriage!” asked Shobha.

“Oh No! I had decided to settle down after marriage.”

“But you’ve seen how Ashok is. He’s hardly at home anytime and he doesn’t have sex with me that often. I was very unhappy with my marriage in the beginning.” Shobha could see a sad look on Savita’s face as she continued.

“Really! So what made you cheat on your husband for the first time?” Shobha prodded.

Savita then started the story of her first affair after marriage. “It’s a long story…”

and began telling Shobha about her life just after her marriage

“Ashok is a very quiet sort of person and he couldn’t keep me satisfied at all. Even after 6 months of marriage he’d had sex with me just 3-4 times. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and make Ashok more interested in me. It was 6 months after our marriage.”

Savita’s Bedroom –

Savita stood in front of the mirror trying on a particularly hot outfit. “I think I’ll wear something really erotic tonight.”

“One look at me in this outfit and Ashok won’t be able to resist me at all.” thought Savita as she modeled the outfit in front of the mirror and smiled mischievously.

Thinking of finally getting some sex tonight had made her quite horny and Savita couldn’t resist fingering herself right then and there.

“Mmmm, it’s been so long since I’ve had a cock inside me.” -“I’m getting aroused just by thinking about tonight.” Savita started fingering herself with one hand inside her panties and the other massaging her breast. However the sound of the dinner getting ready in the kitchen brought her back to her senses.

At dinnertime when Ashok brought his friend home, Savita was surprised to see that it was none other than Rohit, Savita’s good friend from college. Rohit however was more surprised to find out that his friend’s wife turned out to be the hottest girl in college on whom he had a secret crush.

“What a coincidence! How do you guys know each other?” asked Ashok.

“Rohit was one of my best friends in college; but we lost touch after college was over.”

“Humph, I wanted to be more than just her friend in college.” thought Rohit while staring at Savita. “I had a big crush on her but never asked her out.”

During dinner both Savita and Rohit weren’t paying much attention to the food laid out in front of them or Ashok’s constant talk about his office work.

“I wish Rohit leaves soon. Otherwise Ashok will go to bed if it get’s late.” thought Savita

Meanwhile Rohit was relieving one of his old fantasies about Savita. Rohit dreamt on how he’d love to suckle on Savita’s nipples and give her tits a fuck that they deserved.

“She’s looking even more beautiful than before…”-“And her breasts have gotten even bigger…I’d love to suck them!” he thought. “I’d fuck her so hard that she’d be begging me to cum inside her.”

They were both brought out of their thoughts by a phone call from Ashok office. Ashok said he had to leave due to some urgent work at the office. That meant leaving his sexy wife alone with Rohit, but being Ashok he really didn’t care.

After dinner both Savita and Rohit chatted about their college days but Rohit noticed that Savita was distracted and a little gloomy.

“Savita! Are you ok? Is something the problem?”

Savita tried to hide her anger at first but Rohit was an old friend and she decided she could share her troubles with him.

“It’s Ashok!!!”-“He always gives preference to his job over me.”

Rohit comforted her a little but he began to see that all was not well in this marriage.

“He’s very dedicated at office towards his work. He’s a model employee” he told her.

“But if I had such a pretty wife waiting for me at home, I’d never ignore her.”

Savita was pleased to hear the compliment Rohit paid her and started telling him more and more about her lonely married life. She told him about her plan to seduce Ashok that night and this makes Rohit see an opportunity in front of him to fulfill his dreams of fucking Savita.

“I know Ashok. He’s a real bore. He won’t get seduced so easily.” He told Savita “and I’m not sure you still have it in you to do it.”

This statement from Rohit got Savita all riled up.

“Oh really! Do you remember how many boy-friends I had in college?” – “I could get any boy I wanted back then!”

At which Rohit replied “But it’s been a long time since then.”

With a mischievous twinkle in his eyes, he summoned up all his courage and suggested an idea.

“Why don’t you give me a peek at what you’re wearing? Then I can judge and tell.”…

Uploaded By: Savita Jan,6 2015
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Mumbai Ikar Chat Friend Savita

Hi Dosto Namaskar Salam mene mein karib 3-4 story post ki saayed kisi ko pasand nahi aai esiliyeah 2-4 hi response milaa mein sab ki trah badha chadaa ke nahi likhata saayed eisliyeah kisi ko meri suchai pasand nahi aai vese bhi jooth ka jamana hai to sab ko jooth hi jayeda pasand hai.

Chalo mein kuch apane baare mein bata detaa hoon mene ISS mein karib 3 saal phale story post ki thy response naa milane ke kaaran mene phir nahi likha aaj Sunday hai bore ho rahaa thaa socha chalo ek story likh ke post karnaa hoon sayed eis baar kuch response mil jaaye.
Meraa naam rahul hai mein kolkata kaa rahne walaa hoon age 28 hai well build body hai still ekdam single no friends no galfriends.agar koi ladki meri suchi dost hona chati hai to mere e-mail id mein mail kar sakti hai yaa chat par id add kar ke offline de sakti hai
Yeah ghatana karib 4 saal phale ki hai meri ek chat friend naam changed savita jo mumbai ki rahne waali hai ne bhaut jor deke kasam deke muje milane ke liye bulayaa hum karib 6 month se dost thy aur karib daily hi chat and phone call par baat ho jayaa karti thy webcam par bhi ek doosare ko dekhaa huaa hai but cam par wo jayeda acchi nahi dikhai deti thy to dosti ke

Naate mein oos se milane chalaa gayaa Mumbai. Savere mene phauch kar call kiaa to wo mere surprise se bhaut khush hui aur phone par hi jam ke kiss diya muje aur oosane batayaa kahaa milanaa hai ek park mein milane kaa batayaa mein whaa phauch kar park ke main gate mein khada ho gayaa mene oos ko dekhaa huaa thaa to door se oos ko aate huy phachaan gayaa

Aur wo bhi muje pahchaan gai to oos ne ishare se bolaa ki andar chale jaao mein aati hoon. Thodi der baad wo mere paas park ke andar aagai oos ke haath mein chocolate kaa badaa saa dibaa thaa muje lagaa kaas hum kisi room mein hotye to yeah saari choclate oos par daal ke wahi se khataa khair jab mene oos ko apane paas aane par dhiyaan se dekhaa to wow kiaa khane

Bhaut bhaut sundar thy wo cam par jesi lagti thy ekdam vesi nahi hight karib 5’3inch rahi hogi rang ekdam gora doodh jaisa thodi moti lekin bhaut pyari aankhe to esi thy ki doob jaane kaa dil kar rahaa thaa. Hum karib 3 ghante baate ki eis bich humne bhaut kisses ki but muje oos ke boobs press karne ki himmat nahi thy phir wo chali gai wahi milane kaa kal phir bol ke.

Doosare din phir hum mile uff oos din wo black saari mein kiaa lag rahi thy ab to mene soch liyaa thaa aaj kuch aage bhadnaa chiyeah phir hum ek shaant place khojane lage whaa jaa ke beth gaye thodi der baate ki saayed wo bhi aaj kuch aage karne ke mood mein thy oos ne dhire se meraa haath leke apane pet par rakh diyaa bas muje signal mil gayaa mein oos ke piche

Jaa ke beth gayaa aur saari ke andar haath daal ke blouse ke upper se oos ke boobs dabaane lagaa aur gale mein piche se kiss karne lagaa meraa lund dhire dhire hard hone lagaa aur oos ki gaand mein touch hone lagaa oos ko feel huaa to oosne haath piche le jaa ke meraa lund ko pent ke upper se hi dabaane lagi muje badaa majaa aane lagaa wo bhaut hot ho chuki thy to

Mene bolaa blouse kholo naa muje chusanaa hai to wo thodi darr gai boli yeah public area hai koi ajayegaa to mene bolaa dophar kaa time hai koi nahi aayegaa vese bhi oos time park lagbhag khaali thy june ki garmi ke kaaran aur jo thy wo bhi hum jese jode thy jo mauka kaa fayeda le rahe thy to wo maan gai to ek boobs ko nikal diyaa uff deakh kar lund aur tann gayaa

Kiaa gore gore ras bhat bade boobs thy oos par ekdam halkaa brown colour ka nipple to mene bolaa chalo ein ke naam de dete hai wo right walaa ka mene munnu aur left waale kaa tunnu naam rakh diyaa wo bhaut husi boli tum to ekdam bacche ho mene bolaa haan to aaj mein bachaa hi to hoon ein dono munnu tunnu ko pyar jo karungaa jam ke ein kaa raspaan jo karungaa

Aur mene munnu jo oosne blouse se bhaar kiaa thaa jam ke dabaane lagaa aur phir aage aake oos ki godi mein sarr rakh kar chusane lagaa to oos ne meraa lund pant mein haath daal ke dabaane lagi wo bhaut hot ho chuki thy lagbhag chudaai ke liye ekdam ready to oosne bolaa ab sahan nahi hota kuch karo to mene whaa se aate time paas mein ek hotel dekhaa thaa to

Mene oos ko wahi chalne kaa bolaa to phale manaa ki lekin phir mene jor dene par maan gai aur bolaa ki tum phale jaao room book kar ke muje phone par room number bataa denaa mein chupchaap ajaungi to mene vese hi kiyaa jese hi wo room mein aai mene oos ko godi mein uthaa liyaa aur bed par patak kar door lock kar diaa phir mein oos ke upper chadd kar jam

Ke oos rasile jucie se bhare lip ko choosane lagaa whaa kiaa maje aarahe thy such wo bhaut hi pyari thy.wo phir se hot hone lagi to meri shirt back se upper kar ke meri back ko masalane lagi to mene ek saath se oos ki saari upper kar ke oos ke tigh aur back ko masalane lagaa thodi der aisa hi chaltaa rahaa phir mene uth kar apane kabpde nikaale aur itane der mein

Oos ne bhi apani saari aur blouse nikaal di ab wo only saaya aur bra mein thy uff ekdam kayamt lag rahi thy aisa lag rahaa thaa aaj wo apane husn se meri jaan leke rahengi mene oos se bolaa mein bathroom se abhi ayaa meraa lund ekdam tight thaa to mein bathroom jaa ke mooth maar ke maal giraa diyaa kyu ki muje pataa thaa hum dono itane exited thy ki meraa lund

Oos ke choot mein jaate hi paani chorr degaa aur mein oos par apana friend impression jaldi paani chorr ke kharab nahi karnaa chataa thaa mooth maar ke aane ke baad mene oos ki bra nikaal ke oos ke boobs ko chusane lagaa aur dabaane lagaa taaki time mile aur lund phir se kadak ho jaaye phir dhire dhire mein kiss karte huy oos ke petticoat ko upper kar ke oos ki panty ko

Nikaal diyaa oos ki choot ke to kiaa khane ekdam clean save aisa lagtaa thaa ki jese kabhi oos par baal aaye hi nahi thy ekdam choti bacchi jesi kunwari choot thy choti si ekdam phir mein apani jubaan kaa use kar ke oos ki choot mein poore andar tak jubaan daal di aur ek finger bhi saath mein daal thy wo mere baalo ko sehlaane lagi karib 10 min tak mene oos ki choot

Ko finger aur tongue se choda itane der mein meraa lund phir ekdam kadak ho gayaa to mene apanaa lund oos ke face ke paas leke gayaa to oosne choosane se manaa kar diyaa boli ki oos ko pasand nahi yeah sab karnaa mene bhaut manayaa lekin wo nahi maani phir mein oos ke pairo ke bich jaa ke beth gayaa aur dono taango ko felaa ke apana lund oos ke chut mein

Halke se daalane lagaa to chatpataane lagi jese ekdam kunwari choot ho lekin wo phale se bhaut baar chuddi hui thy yeah muje baad mein pataa chalaa ab sab ki trah nahi bolungaa ki meraa lund 7inch yaa 9inch badaa hai bas itanaa badaa hai ki koi bhi ladki setisfy aur diwani ho sakti hai to mene dhire dhire oos ki choot mein lund ko push karne lagaa lekin

Mera lund ekdam dry hone ke kaaran anadr nahi jaa paa rahaa thaa to mene oos ki choot mein 2 finger daal ke oos ke whole ko badaa karne ki koshish ki phir dubaraa try kiaa to kuch andar tak chalaa gayaa to mene wahi se jhatke denaa shuru kar diyaa wo bhi meraa saath dene lagi thoda try karne ke baad lagbhar poora andar chalaa gayaa aisa lag rahaa thaa jese oos ke

Bacchedaani tak meraa lund takaraa rahaa hai wo phir hum dono ki chudaai kaa daur start ho gayaa wo bhaut jayeda hot ho chuki thy wo jam ke gaand uthaa uthaa ke lund andar le rahi thy karib 5 min chudaai ke baad wo boli muje upper aane do muje upper mein jayeda achaa aur majaa ataa hai tab muje samj ayaa ki wo allready bhaut baar lund le chuki hai aur mene oos ko

Apane upper aane diyaa such bolu dosto muje bhi yeahi pasand hai ki ladki mere upper ho aur mein oos ke face ke expression dekahtaa huaa oos ke boobs ko dabaataa rahu upper se oos ke bade aur bhaari boobs hur jhatke se saath oochal rahe thy muje badaa majaa aa rahaa thaa karib 5 min ki chudaai ke baad wo muj par let gai mein samj gayaa wo paani chorr chuki

Hai phir mene oos doggy style mein layaa aur oos ki gaand mein thappad maar maar ke chudaai kar rahaa thaa aur karib 10 min oosi position mein chudaai chalti rahi aur mere thappad se oos ki gaand ekdam laal ho chuki thy AC room hone ke baad bhi hum dono ekdam pasine pasine ho chuke thy 20 min se upper ki chudaai ho chuki thy lekin meraa paani aane kaa naam

Nahi le rahaa thaa aur mein aur jayeda oos ki choot ki dhulaai ke mood mein thaa to oos ko phir letaa diyaa aur upper chadd ke jam ke chudaai chalu rakhi aur eis baar speed bhi bhaut tez kar di wo bhi maje le le ke gaand hilaa rahi thy eis bich oos ne phir paani chodd diaa aur meraa lund bhaut asaani se andar bhaar hone lagaa 15 min oosi position mein chudaai kartaa

Rahaa aur mein ab thak gayaa thaa paani aane kaa naam nahi le rahaa thaa wo bhi thak chuki thy to wo boli ab rhane do dono thak gaye hai to mene bolaa ese kese chorr doon meraa maal kahaa nikalaa to wo boli mein haath se nikaal deti hoon to mene bolaa aisa nahi hota aur mene bolaa chalo ek whole se paani nahi nikaal payaa to doosara to hai wo darr gai kyu ki mein

Oos ki gaand marane kaa soch rahaa thaa oosne manaa kar diyaa mene bhaut samjyaa but wo nahi maani to mene phir oos ko letaa ke oos ki choot marane kaa hi program jaari rakhaa eis baar aur jam ke speed badaa di aur karib 20 min ki chudaai ke baad meraa paani aane walaa thaa to mene bolaa meraa nikalne walaa hai to oosne bolaa andar nahi nikalanaa to mein jese

Last stage mein ayaa jhatke se lund oos ki choot se nikaal kar sab paani oos ke pet mein nikaal diaa kuch boond oos ke face tak chalaa gayaa tab jaa ke mein thoda relax feel kiaa. Thodi der hum ek doosare se chipak kar lete rahe kiss karte rahe wo boli ab der ho gai hai muje janaa padegaa mene bolaa ek aur round karlene do to oosne manaa kar diyaa boli allready bhaut late ho

Gai hai phir bathroom mein jaa ke clean huy aur oos ke jaane ke time humne phir karib 5 min kiss kiaa aur mene oos ko bolaa ki aaj raat ki meri train hai mein waapis jaa rahaa hoon wo thodi udaas ho gai aur boli kab phir aaoge milane to mene bolaa jab tum bulaao phir wo chali gai but oos ke baad hum dono kaa milanaa nahi huaa aaj tak aur naa ab hum dono ke bich baate ho paa rahi hai ab mein ekdam akelaa hoon muje ek achi aur suchi aur pyari dost ki talaas hai kiaa aap wo meri dost banogi?

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Bathroom Me Choda

Hi Friends, this is Raj from Noida. I read all the stories posted on this site. Some I found real some are fake. I am writing a true incident of my life.So let’s start a joy of ride with sexy salaam.

I am from Noida, and you all know ki Noida Delhi se laga hua hai, or delhi hai metro city. So noida bhi delhi ki tarah kuch jyada hi mehnga hai. Baat un dino ki hai jab me 3rd year B.E. mein tha, or mere bhaiya ek M.B.A. professional the. To unke liye bahut rishte aane lage. Humare yaha se sab logo ne sab dekh kar ek ladki delhi ki hi pasand karke bhaiya ki engagement kara di.

Jis ladki se engagement karai thi unka naam Savita. kyunki mujhme aur bhaiya me 3 saal ka antar tha to bhabhi lagbhag mere hi umar ki thi. To mein unhe sunita hi kehta tha. Bhaiya ki engagement k baad mein aur bhaiya bahut baar bhabhi se kahi na kahi delhi me milte the. Kai meetings to unki maine hi karai hai. Kuch 6 mahine baad bhaiya ki Shaadi ho gayi or savita hamare ghar aa gayi.

Pehale Kabhi maine ye nahi socha ki Savita kaisi dikhti hai, us par kabhi dhyan nahi gaya, ha jab wo shadi ho kar hamare yaha aayi tab maine use hamesha saari me hi dekha aur tab samajh me aaya ki Savita to ekdum item lagti hai. Ek do baar to maine uske baare me soch kar Muuth maarli, fir meri kaam wasna itni badh gayi ki maine use paane ki poori koshish karna shuru kar di.

Ab mein hamesha is firak me rehta ki kab mere bhaiya apne business meeting se bahar jaaye ya fir itna drink karke aaye ki ghar aate hi so jaye. mai bhagwan se minnate karne laga. or roj raat ko unke kamre mein jhaak kar dekhta ki wo kya kar rahe hai, mai dekhta ki bhaiya ne apna 6.5? ka lund poora savita ki chut me daal rakha hai to mera dil jal jaata kyunki usko to mai chodna chahta tha. magar kabhi mauka na mila. Mere bhaiya Chodne k baad side me khisak kar so jaate the or bhabhi jab tak nangi padi rehati jab tak unki kaam wasna shaant na ho jaye. me hamesha sochta ki Bhaiya ko chodna bhi nhi atta.

Ek din mai college se ghar aaaya to bhabhi ne bataya ki tumhare bhaiya kucvh 10 din ki trip per USA gaye hai, to tum ghar jaldi aaya karo. Kyunki unhe ghar me akele rehane mai dar legta tha. Maine agle din se unhe chodne ka plan bana shuru kar diya. or unko chup chup kar dekhne laga. Ek din maine unke kamre me jhaank kar dekha to mujhe bhabhi kahi nahi dikhi mujhe laga kitchen me hogi to me unke kamare me computer per apna project likhne baith gaya.

Tabhi mujhe bathroom se kuch umh… aah… uuuhh.. ki aawaze aane lagi maine socha ki bhaiya to bahar hai phir aisi aawazw kaise aa rahi hai. maine socha ki mai darwaza khol ker dekhu per darwaaza kaun khol k nahata hai. Mai apni kismat pewr rone laga. Tabhi mujhe darwaja khulne ki awaz aayi to maine dekha bhaabhi kewal peticoat mei thi,

Wo bahar kewal computer table se bold marker ka pen lene aayi thi, magar unhone dekha ki computer ON hai to samajh gayi ki mai unke kamare mai aaya tha to woh romantic hokar gaana gaane lagi or 1 Blue Film ki CD computer mai play kar di. Or video dekh kar khud us video ki tarah apne boobs dabane lagi phir thodi der baad marker apne paticoat me daal kar siharne lagi.

Maine kabhi aisi kaam ki devi ko kabhi nhi dekha tha, mera lund to mera underwear phaad k bahar aane ko machal raha tha, to maine socha ki aaj kyun na apni pyas bujhau. mai jhat se bathroom mai ghus gaya or apne kapde utar kar darwaje k peeche se ander jhaankh kar dekhne laga, maine dekha ki wo CD khatam hui to bhabhi uti unhone marker bahar nikala or cd ko chupa kar waapis bathroom me aa gayi, unhe laga tha ki shyad me aaunga to unki kuch sex ki khwahish poori ho jayegi magar mai aata kaha se mai to wahi tha.

Wo jaise hi bathroom me aayi aakr jaise hi darwaaja lagane ko hui mujhe dekh kar dar gayi. maine jhat se apna haath unke muh per rakh diya or unke boobs press karne laga. Wo machalne lagi or dhire dhire mere kaboo mai aa gai. Ab kya tha maine unka patticoat khol diya or ye kya mere sapno ki rani mere saamne poori nangi khadi thi.

Ye dekh kar mera land jor jor d=se hilne laga. Wo mere land ko dekh kar sharma gaayi,Phir usne dhire se apna haath mere land per rakha or kaha tera tere bhai se chotta hai maine kaha mai bhai se 3 saal chota bhi to hu. to wo hasne lagi. me uske boobs daba daba ker maje le raha tha, wo mera land hila rahi thi.

Maine use kaha maine aaj tak kisi aurat ko nahate hue nahi dekha, to kya tum mere saamne nahaogi, to usne kaha ki tumko iski kimat chukani hogi maine kaha thik hai. woh mere saamne nahane lagi or jaan kar apni chut k andar tak shampoo karne lagi, mera land to bochar karne ko tayyar tha, jaise hi wo paani ki balti se paani lene jhuki maine apne garm lund uski gaand me daal diya wo jor se chilllayi aayi maaaaaa phaaaad di gaaaaaaaaaand bana diyaaaaaaaaa raaaaaaand, maine kaha bhosdiki madarchod kabse pyasa rakha tha itni jawani lekar kaha jayegi apne ghar ki izzat ghar me hi rahe to achcha. Ab tujhe kabhi mera chahiye ho tokehna.

To wo boli bhosdike hamesha tu kya ulti thali me khaana khata hai, le thaali seedhi karke chamcha to hila de, Maine usse sidha kiya, apne land k aas pass maine shampoo lagaya or daal diya poora land ek baar me andar, wo boli mujhe maa banna hai maine kaha to bhai k bachche ki ban raaand abhi to mai phadunga teri gaand. or maine char panch jhatke dekar saara paani uske upar gira diya. Wo paaglo ki tarah mere lund ko chatne lagi phir thodi der baad woh bhi jhaad gayi is prakar maine apni bhabhi ko bathroom me choda.

Phir kya tha jab bhi bhabhi apne ghar delhi jaati waha phone karke mujhe bula leti or waha hum dono khub enjoy karte. Maine bhabhi ki kai saheliyon ko bhi choda, aaj meri shaadi ko 3 saal ho gaye hai or aaj bhi mai bhabhi ko chodta hoon. Hamara rishta itna gehra hai ki bhabhi ki god me mera bachcha khel raha hai. Agar koi ladki, koi aunty ya koi bhi aurat jo apne pati se naa khush hai yaa fir apne gham bhulane k liye chudna chahti hai wo mujhe mere mail ID per sampark kare. mail ID:

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Savita chachi ki chut

I’m Viraj from Maharashtra and I come back with another horny chachi story. This story will like u more. Send
me your reply on for the new readers I will tell you about my cahchi. My chachi is
so sexy looking lady. She is of 32 and she have daughter of 5 years she always use to ware saree and backless
blouse she always wares her saree below her navel and she look so sexy in that tum sab sochjre hoge ki muze
meri chachi itni pasand kyo hai par meri kahaniya jo pehlese padhte aa rahe ahi unko pata hai ki meri chacvhi
kitni horny hai.chachi ki gand our bobbe bahot bade hai aur unka stats 38-30-38 hai. Chachi ko abhi takmai
darzi se aur doodhwale se chudte dekh chuka tha aur ab mai apne chachi ko doctor se chudte dekhne wala
tha.chacha hamesha ki taraha bahar kaam se gaye hue the mai chuttiyo me hamesha chachi ke paas rehta tha
chachi muze boli, “muze doctor ke pas jana hai to tumhe mere saath chalna hai?” mai pc pe game khel raha tha
par majburan muze chachi ke saath jana pada. Chachi aaj hamesha se jada sexy lag rahi thi.chachi ne aaj red
ciolor ki saree pehani hui thi lekin aaj blouse backless nahi tha balki sleecless tha,chachi ke aarmpits ke
thode thode baal dikh rahe the, lekin us gori baho me wo kuch sexy lag rahe the chachi gaadike piche baithi
aur ham jaane lage break marte waqt chachi ke naram bubbe sidese muze touch horahe the aur mera khada kar
rahe the ham hospital me pahuche hume reseption me thoda rukan pada.waha sabki nigahe hmeri chachi ke bubbo
gand aur nangi gori baho pe thi.

Hum doctor ke consalting room me gaye doctor dikhne thoda kala tha par bahot takda aur petu tha.doctorne
andar jatesehi chachi aur muze smile ki aur hame chair pe bithaya chachi jab chal rahi thi tab doctor chachi
ke bely aur bubbo ke taraf dekh raha tha.docor ne chachi ko pucha kya problem hai, to chachi thoda
hichkichate hue boloi ki, “yoni ke jagah par khujli hoti hai” doctor bola koi baat nahi,bed par let jao bass
thoda chek karna hai,thoda hi dard hoga chachiu chair pese uthi aur andar jakar letgai doctor ka nam aakash
tha. Akash andar gaya aur chachi ki saree upar karli use chachi ki gori tange dikh rahi thi, wo dekh kar uska
land khada hogaya.chachibhi akash ke land ke paas hi dekh rahi thi akash ab chachi ke panty taka pahuch aur
use nikalne laga.chachi ne white color ki panty pehan rakhi hui thi akash chachi ki panty nikalne laga, to
use ab chachi ke ghane balo wali chut dikhne lagi akash bola tume to bahot baal hai isliye shayad khujli aati
hoi chachi ne kaha bahar nahi andar aati hai akash chai ke chut me ungli dalne laga uar use age piche kar ne
laga chachi ahhahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh karne lagi aur kehne lagi tum muze thik kar rahe ho ya mera masa le
rahe ho.

Akash bola dono kar raha hu.chachi boli jop karna hai karo lekin jaldi karo, muze jana hai akash abhi tak
chachi ke chut me ungliya dal raha tha.aur chachi bhi bahot masa le rahi thi.akash ne chachi ko khada kiya
aur bola tumare mamme bahot bade hai bilkul pregnent aurat ki taraha aur ye kehkar wo chachi ke bubbo ko
uparse chatne laga aur chusne laga chachi ne kaha ruko pehle ye blouse to niukal lo phir chusna akash chachi
ka sleeveless blouse nilakane laga uar ab chachi ke bra dikh rahi thi unone white color ki bra pehani thi
akash ne wo bhi nikal li aur wo chachi armpits our bubboi ko maje lekar chat raha tha.chachi bhi
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh aa uuuuuuuuuhhhhh karkar maje le rahi thi. Akash jaldi me tha usne apne kapde nikale aur
chachi ke chut me apne lund ghusa dal.chjachi jor jor se aaahhhhh usn ssssssssss kar rahi thiakash ka land
akrib 8inch ka tha aur bahot dino bad chachi itne bade land se chud rahi thi.chachiu ne jald hi apna cum
nikal dala aur saath hi akash ne bhi.lekin aakash ki pyas abhi buziu nahi thi.usne apna lund jorse gand me
ghusa dala,phirse chachi ahhhhhhh ahuuuuuahuuu karne lagi. Akash ne chachi ke gand me hi apnna cum nikal
dala, chachi apne kapde jaldi pehne lagi take muze shaq na aaye. Chachi ne aur doctor ne phirse aane ki baat
hui aur hum nikal diye. I hope this story will like you so much, any girls ladies, guys can contact me on

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Savita ki jawani

Mera naam hai raahul, main, aaj aap logon ko apni kahaani bataane jaa raha hu. Yun to mein ek sidha ladkaa
hu..mein sex ke liye bahut aakarshit bhi hu.. Mere ghar mein mein , mere paapa, mummi aur meri maushi ki
ladki (savita) bhi rehti thi.savita 17 saal ki thi aur mujse 1 saal badi thi, uske maa -pita nahi the..iss
liye meri mummi ne usko apne yahan hi rakh liya tha.. Savita dikhne mein bahut hi sundar thi..par mein us par
dhayan nahi deta tha.

Ye baat tab ki hai jab mein 12 vi mein padta tha, ek din mein school jaane ke liye apna bag taiyaar kar raha
tha, meine apna bag mein khitabein rakh liya, aur mein nahaane ke liye uutha , jaise hi meine baathroom ka
darwaza khola to meine dekha savita bina kapde ke hi naha rahi thai, meine uskii chut bhi dekhi bilkul saaf
tha.. Savita ne bhi mujhe dekh liya tha, mein kuch bol nahi saka , mein wahan se chala gaya..kuch der baar
jab savita bathroom se nikli to mein jaa kar nahaya..wahan meine savita ki panty dekhi..mujse raha nahi gaya
meine apne ek haath mein savita ki panty le aur dusre haat mein apna lauda nikaala aur kuch der mein mere
land se kuch safed – safed sa nikalne laga..mujhe bahut maja aaya..zindagi mein ye mera pehle baar mere land
se birya nikla tha.. Bathroom se niklne ke baat mein dress pehna aur breakfast ke liye dining room mein
gaya..wahan par meri mummi aur savita the..meine dekha savita mujhe dekh kar sarma rahi thi..scool gaya to
bus savita ke chut yaad aa rahi thi…meine school mein apne aap ko to sambhala..par ghar gaane ke baad meine 3
baar muth maara..agle din sunday tha..mummi bazar gaye thi..ghar par kewal savita hi thi.. Mujse raha nahi
jaa raha tha.. To meine ek plan banaya savita ko pelne ki ..meine aapne aalmari se apna half paint nikali,
aur meine us paint mein land ke jagah par ched kar diya taaki mera land bahar dikh sake…meine turand apna
paind aur underbeer nikali, aur vo phata hua half paint pahen liya..phir kya tha mein turant apne bistaar par
let gaya epne school ke khitaab lekar..mein aise leta hua tha ki mera pura lauda bahar dikh sake…kuch der
baat savita mere kamre mein aaye safai karne ke liye..jaise hi savita mere bed ke paas aaye usne mera khada
lauda dekha…aur vo mast ho gaye…kuch der bad usne kamra saaf kiya..fir chali gaye.. Thodi dr baad vo phir
mere kamre mein aaye aur kaha khana khane ko..meine usse kaha mera khana mere kamre me hi laa do, usne khana
la diya, aur mein pair par pair rakh kar baith gaya, ab mera land aur saaf dikh raha tha usko..vo phir chali
gaye aur apna khana bhi mere kamre mein le kar aa gaye..aur khane lagi.. Meine uski nazroon ko dekha vo mere
land ko hi dekhi jaa rahi thi..thodi der mein meine khana khatam kar liya..usne bhi apna khana khatam kar
liya tha.. Mein khana khake phir let gaya..savita abhi kitchen mein thi..meine aaway diya savita please mere
sir par vicks laga do…

Savita turant aa gaye vicks ske saath..usne vicks lagana chalu kiya..mein uski saanse mehsoos kar sar raha
tha..bahut hi garm thi.. Meine aise hi keh diya savita kya hum mere sir ke maalish kar dogi please…?? Voh
kitchen mein gaye aur tel llge aur mere sir par rakh malish kar ne lagi..meine ussse kaha tumhare haantho
mein to jaadu sa hai…tum bahut aacha malish karti ho… Vo muskaarane lagi.. Meine usse kaha ki kya tum mere
pair ki phi maalish kar dogi?? Usne kaha thik hai..aur vo mere pair ke paas baith gaye..aur tel se dhere
dhere malish karne lagi..mein garm ho raha tha…thbhi usne kaha ki rahul tumhara pant to phata hai…meina kaha
mujhe nahi malum tha..vo hasne lagi..meine kaha ki jaang par bhi maalish karo please…vo dhere dhere mere land
ke kareek malish kar rahi thi..vo tabhi boli ki tum apna paint – shirt utaaro mein sabhi jagahon ki maalish
kar dungi..meine apna shirt utaara ..phir mein sochne laga..vo boli sarmoo mat paint bhi utaaro meine apna
paint bhi utar diya…mera pura land khada tha…vo mere land ko dekhte hi bol uthi baab re baab ye gadhe jaise
bada tumhare paas kaise aa gaya…mein kuch nahi bol saka..phir usne apne hathon par tel lagaya aur sidhe hi
mere land par haath rakh diya…………

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Savita ki coot chati

Hi friends, i am Santhosh jain . This is my true kahani. Savita meri pyri padosan he .jo ki 9th ki exam de
rahi he age karib 14 – 15 sal hogi ,hight karib 4fit 4” hogi lambe bal joki uske pichwade tak latkte rahte he
me use bachapane se hi dekhata araha hu .uska mere ghar par bachapan se hi ana jana chalu tha uski age jab
8sal hogi uske sharir par bobe aye nahi the . Tab vo frok phana karti thi me use dekha kar gudguda utha tha
mera land khada ho jata tha me khabhi kabhi uske sharir ko touch karta kabi uski jangh par hath rakhata kabhi
me ushke pichavade par hath ghumata kabhi kbhi me uske bobe jo abhi nahi aye the nipple vali jaghah daba deta
use bhi acha lagta tha vah kuch nahi kahti ti bas gudgudi ke karan has deti thi .kabhi mene socha bhi ki isko
pyar kru ise chumu ise chatu chodane ke hishab ki nahi hui thi par use chusna chatna use meri jib se chodna
chahta tha .vo hamare ghar ke as-pas hamesa bacho ke sath khela karti he .me usko pura nanga karke dekhna
chahta tha .akdin sare bache sham ke vakt chupachai game khel rahe the mere ghar me us vakt koi nahi tha
.mene savita ko apne pas bulaya use choklet lakar di .mene use kaha savita thodi si madad kardo sabji katne
me ,vo ghar me agai ,usne pucha aunti kaha he mene kaha bahar gaye he , savita ne sabji mangi mene use sabji
dedi , vaha frok pahne thi frok ke under baniyan jesi samij lagrahi thi uska rang saf tha gori dudha ki tarah
thi , usne sabji lekar niche chatai par beth kar saf karne lagi mene dhekha ki uski janghe gori gori saf
dikhai de rahi he sabji saf karte karte uski jangho ke undruni jagah jaha choot sorry bur hoti he vaha vo ak
chotisi green clour ki chadi pahne he .mera land us samay khada hogaya me use dhekh dekh kar kapdo ke uparse
hi apne land ko sahlane laga ,usne mujhe asa karte dekha liya .vo sarmake dusari aur dekhane lagi . Me vahase
hat gaya aur dusare room me jakar land ko hilaya ,sayd use shak ho gaya ki me kamre me kucha kar raha hu vo
kamre ki khidki ke pass.

Akar dekhne lagi tab meri najar us par padi usko pata nahi chala tha mene apna muh khidki taraf karke apne
land ko jor jor se hilane laga mere virya nikal gaya mene use kapde se saf kiya kapde thik kye bahar aya vo
sabji saf kar chuki dhi vo mujhe tirchi najro se dekh rahi dhi uski najar mere land vale hise par thi.mene
savita se kaha savita tum aaj badi sunder dikh rahi ho vo boli kya bhai app bhi na me uske karib agaya uska
hath pakda aur us se kahne laga savita aaj mujhe kuch ajeeb sa lag raha he savita tum bahut sunder ho vo
sharma gai mene use kha mere room me bed par ak book rakhi he vo le avo vo uth kar room ki aur chali gai me
uske piche room ki aur gay vo book dhundh rahi dhi mene dhire se room ka darvaj band kardiya me uske pas
pahucha vo chok gai kahne lagi bhai konsi book mene kaha book nahi mujhe bhuk lagi he ice cream khani he vo
nahi samji mene uska hath pakda vo kuchanahi boli mene use apni baho me leliye vokasmasane lagi bhai chodo
please chod do mene kaha mujhe chupke se kyo dekh rahi dhi vo boli kab ki bat kar rahe he mene kaha jab me
apnna land hila raha tha vo sharm se lal ho gai mene use kisse kiya voboli please chod do bhai koi ajaye ga
mene kaha me darvaja band karke aya hu ma use froke ke uparse uske bina nikle bobo (sapat chati) ki jagah ko
sahlane laga ak hath se uski bur ko sahlaya . Vo mana karti rahi nahi bhai palease ——-asa mat karo . Mene
kaha mujhe ice cream khana he.vo boli ice cream mere pas kaha he. Mene uski chadi par hath rakh kar kaha yaha
he.savita nahi bhai yah koi ice cream he .main kaha savita please me sirf ak bar tumahri bur chatna chahta
use kiss karma chahta hu use chatna chahta hu . Nahhi bhai mujhe dar lagta he please chod do .mene kaha
please savita manjavo ase kah kar mene uski frok uthadi me uski janghe dekh kar be kabu ho gaya mera land bhi
be kabu hone laga tha use ghode ko lagam ki jarurat thi .me uski jangho par hath gumane laga.savita ke muhse
ahe nikal rahi thi vo boli bhai ak bar kiss kar ke chod doge mene kaha ha chod dunga ,uski aur isara milte hi
mene uski panty utar di uski panti gili ho chuki thi mene dekha ki uski bur pal bahut barik mulayam koi koi
jagah bal the balo ka rang sunhari tha uski bur sir ak patli si lakir jesi thi , mene use nanga kar diya aur
khud bhi nanga ho gaya mera land dekha kar vo thoda gabra gai mene uske mulayam najuk hath me upna ghode ki
lagam pakda di vo darte hua use sahlane lagi uske jadui hatho ka spars mujhe madose kar raha dha mera rah rah
kar dhyan uski unchoodi bur par jar aha tha mene use bister par leta diya uski gand ke niche ak takiya rakha
mene uski bur par kise kiya usko bola lo mer land ko kise karo mene uske muh ke pas gya vo boli bhai isme to
badi achchi khusbu arahi he usne pahle upar se kise kiya phir thoda muh khola use apane muh me bharne ki
kosis ki uske muh me nahi ja raha tha to vo siskte hua land ko upar se hi chatne lagi chatne me vo thoda
niche ke ando ko bhi chatne lagi kabhi vo ak ande ko pura muh me bhar leti thi uske muh kathuk mere land par
hota hua ando par jar aha tha undo se hota hua gand par chala gaya use sex bahut jayada agya tha vo uska muh
meri gand ke pastak agya usne gand par kise kiya use chatne lagi uski jiv meri gand me mahsus karne laga
mujhe bhahut tej utejna hui mere muh se aha sisssssaha aha ahah nikalne laga me akdam se uske muh ke pas se
hat gaya uski bur ke pas akar uske pero ki kise kiya jangho ko kise kiya bur ko kise kiya uske pero ko phela
kar apani nak uski bur par rakh kar kusboo leta raha phr hath se uski bur ki lakir ko fehla kar mene chatna
suru kiya mere chatne ka tarika bilkul kute ki tarah tha uski bur ke ras ko chat raha tha uske muhse pl ese
nahi karoooooooo naaaaa ooooohhkya kar rehe hhoo pllllllllel maaatttttt kroonaaaa.ahhhh dard karta hai dhere
dhere chato – uski bur se sapard saard ki avaj arhi thi me use aaj sirf upni jiv se chodna chata tha. Tabhi
mene use kaha savita mera land upne muh me lelo ham 69 ho gaye me uski choot chat raha tha vo kabhi mera land
kabhi unde aur kabhi gand vo meri gand ko chatne ka anand khub lene lagi uski bur se jo avaj nakal rahi thi
us se thodi kamjor meri gand se bhi ane lagi thi .kabi kabi vo muh hatati thi to uski avaj main ahhhhhhmere
merreeeeee bhaiiiiiiiii ahah ahhhhhh ese hi chooso bahut maja aaraha hai. Kya choosoon meri jan. Aur kaha
savita tumhari choot bahoot majedar hai.

Bhai ohhhhhhh ah aaaaaaa ese he chosso.vo mera land chosne me mast ho gai mene kaha wha kya choosti.ho oh
darling isitarha ahhhhhh ohhhhhh karta raha ..

Tahbhi mere lund ko moonh se nikal kar boli hai mere bhai dekho na meri choot main pata nshi kya kya ho raha
hai. Aha bhai mujhe peshab araha he me samaj gaya ki use utejna charam sima par pahuch chuki he . Mene kaha
tum mere land ko chusti raho mujhe bhi peshab arahi he .mene kaha savita tumhari choot ko ab meri jib ki
jaroorat he vo boli bhai apni jib chalvo , dal do jib iske under . Aur mene uski dono tango ko apne kandhe
par rakh choot ko phaila dekhne laga vo jhag ugal rahi thi vaha par safed gadi gadi malai agai thi mene kha
me tumari choot ko mathu ga usmese nikalne vali malai chatuga aur phir achank juk kar me choot ko chatne
laga. Aurr vo ahhhh ohhhhh ese hie hi karo. Oh bhai bahoot maja aaaa raha hai. Me jib uske bur me under bahar
karne laga . Vo phir boli jib chodan mainta maja ata hai to tum pahle mere ko ye maja kyon nahi. Diya . Yahi
sub bolti rahi. Me malai kane laga aur thabhi usne moohn mere land ki our karne ka bola ham phir 69 ho gaye .
Main puchi kya hua . Usne kaha abb tunhari jib se meri choot ko uski choot chatne me mast hogaya kya
choot thi malai dar vo mera laund chusne me mahir hogai ham karib 10 mini tak chuste rahe phir boli bhai
mujhe aba jor se pesab lagi he mene kaha kardo mere muhame please bhai ahah ahah ahah ahah ahah ahah ahah
ahah chodo bhai me danadan choot ke under apni jib kar raha tha tabhi uske sharir ne jor ka jhatka khaya uski
choot pani chod gai me use bhi pi gaya .me uske muha me lund under bhar kar raha tha tbhi mere land se jor
dar virya ki phuvar nikli joki sidhi uke muh me hoti hui uske pet me chali gai vo boli bhai yah kyat ha mene
kaha pi javo tumhare bobe jald nikal ayege . Phir hamne ak bar our ak dusre ke aung chat kar saf kiye aur
kapde pahne mene us se pucha kesa raha phir maja logi bvo boli bhai aap kahe to abhi aur mene kaha kal teri
bur ko choot banauga tujhe land se choduga , hi friend’s yeh meri tisari kahani he fir milege nai utasa nai
umang aur nai chudai ke sath priy mitro me Santhosh jain aap ko holi ki subha kamnaa deta hu is holi par aap
ko bhi nai kuvari choot ke darshan ho .meri kahani achi lage to please mujhe mail kare Santhoshjain1977

Uploaded By: Santhosh Jan,4 2015
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My Savita Bhabhi

My name is Karan I am 22 years old engineering student. I have an athletic body and my strength my dick is
almost 7 inches Dad worked in a local manufacturing plant, and mom stayed home. The story is about me and my
neighbourhood aunt when I was 18 years old a new family moved into the neighbourhood. The family consists of
a man, woman and small boy of two years old. The Mr Mehta, 40 yrs old worked at the local university.

Overall, he was an average looking guy, but was not too friendly or talkative. His wife, Shalini, was just
the opposite. She was a good-looking woman about 5 feet 5 inches tall and is truly a bombsell. She had brown
hair, and blue eyes and she had a very good figure, and needless to say, as a teenager, I was driven with
this 25 year-old beauty. Shalini and mom became good friends. Shalini would visit mom almost every morning,
and they would have coffee and talk.

The little boy Amit, would play or sleep in the living room. Shalini soon became pregnant when I had my
summer vacation from school, Shalini was getting pretty big. One day I was in the living room of aunty, there
Amit and I was watching TV. Suddenly I hear the two women talking. Shalini was complaining her friend that
her husband did not like to have sex while she was pregnant. One day I heard Shalini say she was so horny
that she could have sex with a cucumber.

Her friend laughed and told her that probably it would not be a good idea needless to say, they did not know
I was listening after listening to them talk I go to my room and jack-off, fantasizing that I was fucking
Shalini about half way through summer, Shalini’s legs and back began to hurt every day she complained a
little. Mom told her it was the extra weight of the baby. Shalini came to the house one day and she told Mom
that Anita, her sister, had told her about having oral sex with her boyfriend.

She should ask her husband to at least do that and he refused, saying it was a filthy idea, and he was
shocked that she would even consider it after a while Shalini calmed down and early in the afternoon she told
Mom she had to go home and rest her legs as they were hurting. Mom said why not let Karan rub your legs. I’m
sure he would not mind, and he is just watching TV in fact, you can sit on the sofa and he can rub your legs
and still watch TV.

Shalini protested that she could not ask me to do that. Mom came in the living room and asked if I would
object to rubbing Shalini’s legs? I told her it would not be a problem. Reluctantly Shalini came into the
living room, sat on the sofa, and then swung her legs up on the sofa and on my lap as I looked at her legs I
was pleased to see that I could see her panties as I gently massaged her legs Shalini closed her eyes and
told me how good it felt as she dozed off her legs spread even more.

I could even see some pussy hair coming out of the edge of her panties. I was nervous, but I massaged her
inner thigh to within four inches of her cunt after a while, Shalini awoke and thanked me, saying it really
helped. I told her I would be happy to massage her legs anytime. Over the next week I rubbed Shalini’s legs
every day, and every day I got a great hard-on looking at her panties as she was now spreading her legs very

She continued to complain about her husband to Mom, and indicated that she really was lonely and unhappy.
Shalini came to the house Monday morning in tears. Her husband had a union organizing trip out of town and he
did not want her to accompany him. “I am so afraid being alone and pregnant” she told Mom. Mom told her she
could stay with us, but Shalini declined then Mom said, “why not let Karan spend the night? You have an
extra bedroom.

She hesitated, then asked Mom to ask me if I would mind. Shalini then called her husband to ask him, and he
thought it was a good idea. I agreed, and when Shalini went home that afternoon, I walked with her to her
house and her house was designed much like ours, three bedrooms at one end of the house, kitchen, dining, and
living room at the other end. Shalini told me I could sleep in the room adjacent to hers, and showed me Amits
room, which also shared a wall with her room.

That evening we talked a while, then watched TV while I massaged her legs. She said Anand (her husband)
rarely rubs my legs in fact, he rarely touches me since I got pregnant. I told her that I could not see why
he was like that and that I thought she was the most beautiful girl in town. She laughed, and called me a
darling. I told her “no, I really mean that. In fact, I get mad at Anand for being mean to you. I do not
understand him at all.

She smiled and told me I was a good boy at 11 o’clock we went to bed. Sometime soon after midnight I heard
Shalini crying. I jumped up and went to her door. Shalini, are you ok? She said, Karan, my legs are hurting
again and I cannot sleep. Do you want me to rub them, or get you something” I asked. She said, “its late, and
I can’t bother you. Go back to sleep.” “

It’s ok, I will rub your legs as I sat on the side of the bed, Shalini said you are going to make some woman
a fine husband, Karan. You are so sweet and kind. I noticed that Shalini was not wearing pajamas, just a
loose top and panties. My cock hardened as I touched her lower legs when I rubbed her legs a few minutes
Shalini jumped and said the baby moved. I asked if I could I see if I could feel it. She told me to go ahead.
I put my hand on her stomach and felt the baby kick.

I removed my hand from her stomach and began to rub her legs again, I bent over and kissed Shalini’s belly.
Ohhh, that feels good and I kissed all over her belly, than down to her navel. I could tell she was breathing
faster. Remembering how she had told that Anand would not do oral sex, I moved my lips to the top of her
panties, and Shalini said nothing then I moved my head lower and began to kiss on her pussy as I had seen
done in a porn movie.

Now Shalini was moving her legs apart more, which I took that she approved of what I was doing. That
encouraged me to go to the next step–I pulled the side of her panties aside and licked the side of her pussy.
Take them down, Shalini said in a husky voice, and hurry. I pulled her panties down, and began to move my
tongue over her pussy lips when I touched her clit, I thought Shalini was going to jump out of bed. Oh God,
that feels so good in a trembling voice, she told me to lie beside her.

I put my legs on the bed, and continued to suck and lick Shalinis’ cunt. My hardened cock was just inches
from her face when I felt her hands tugging at my briefs. She got them off, and surrounded my cock with her
lips. She licked the pre-cum on the tip, then began to go deeper on my shaft, until finally she had the whole
seven inches in her mouth. Never had I felt anything so great at the same time, I was furiously licking and
sucking her clit.

I put one my fingers to her asshole and began to push it in. Then I shot my wad into Shalini’s throat. She
swallowed. I continued to push my finger into her ass, and now Shalini was moving with rapid thrusts. Karan,
I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh oh oh oh,” and she was shooting pussy juice out of her cunt hole. I was afraid
she would wake Amit with her moans of pleasure then I could feel my cock getting hard again, and Shalini was
once again kissing it.

Then she told me she wanted to fuck me and told me to lie on my back. She crawled on top and began to kiss
me, mixing my cum with her juices that were still in my mouth. She positioned herself over my cock, then
lowered herself onto me. The feeling of my cock entering her pussy hole was even better than the blow job. We
began to move in unison, the bed creaking with our movements. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh
filled the room.

Fuck, my dreams are being answered. I am fucking Shalini. My cock was getting a workout. Then I put my hand
on her pussy and lubricated my finger, then put my hand on her ass as I rammed my finger deep into Shalini’s
ass, she began to moan again that she was cuming. So was I. I shot my seed deep into her belly and she
showered my cock with her pussy juice.

Spent, we lay side by side, kissing and talking. She told me she was sorry to have taken advantage of me,
that I was too young. I told her to recall that she was at my 18th birthday party just last week and that she
was only seven years older than I. She talked about how Anand would only fuck her a few times a month and how
he was so caught up in his teaching at the university. I told her I could fuck her any time she wanted to.

She said no, after this, we cannot do this again. I am married, and your mother is my best friend. I’m afraid
she would hurt me if she knew I had seduced her boy. I protested that it was ok and that Mom and Anand never
needed to know. Shalini agreed that whlle Anand was gone this week, we would continue our “fun”, as she
called it, but then it was over.

Then Shalini aded, “Karan that was so wrong of me. You are so young. Also, I have never done that before,
nor had anyone do me the way you did me. It felt so good, and so right, but I know it is wrong as we lay
there in her husband’s bed, totally naked, we began to French kiss, and once again I was hard. Karan, you
are amazing–ready again are you? But we really should not.” I turned on my back and pulled her on top of me.

Shortly she had positioned her cunt over my cock, then she lowered herself onto me. Shalini was now moaning
again, and moving up and down on my shaft. I kissed tits, and then we French again, and finally after a few
sweat-filled minutes Shalini began to really moan “Karan, oh damn and I am cuming and her orgasm excited me
and I began to cum into her belly. We got out of bed and showered together. I rubbed her down good and she
did the same for me

Then she pushed her butt against my hard again cock. We stepped out of the shower, and I came up behind her
and guided my cock to her ass. Shalini told me she had never been fucked in the ass, but would love to try
it. My precum had lubricated her anal area some, but she reached into the vanity and got a jar of Vaseline.
She took a generous amount and rubbed it on her ass. She then bent over as far as she could go, and I guided
my cock into her asshole.

It was so tight, and she was squirming from the pain, but finally I was in two inches, then pushed some more,
and then Shalini shoved hard against my cock and it was buried in her ass to my balls. Then I began to pound
her, and once again the sound of flesh slapping on flesh filled the room. I began to shoot cum into her
bowels once again we go into the shower as we got out, Anand junior began to whimper, and Shalini said it is
time to feed him.

She went to his room, naked, took him out of his crib, and began to breast feed him. The baby sucked on one
tit, and I sucked on the other. I could feel my cock harden, and Shalini saw it too. “Sit on the chair and I
will straddle you,” she told me. I sat on the chair as she told me, and then she came over and her pussy went
straight onto my cock. I thrust up into her, and fucked her as she let Amit eat her tit. Damn, this is great,
I thought.

This time I lasted a long time, as the previous four fucks had just about drained me but Shalini was ok and
she had one orgasm, than a few minutes later another as I emptied my sperm into her, we both fell asleep. The
next morning we awakened, still holding tight to each other. Shalini told me she was so sore, and my cock,
although hard again, was tender to the touch. We got up, dressed, and I went home. Mom asked if everything
went o.k. I told her yes and she told me I looked tired. I don’t know if she suspected that Shalini and I had
been fucking all night. Later that morning Shalini and Anand, jr came over.

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Savita’s Wedding

It was a night out for Savita and Ashok. They were on their way to Savita’s friend, Mamta’s wedding
reception. Ashok was on the wheel and Savita was checking her makeup in the rearview mirror.

“I hope we aren’t late for Mamta’s wedding reception” said Savita after looking at her watch for the third

“Don’t worry Savita; we’ll be there on time”

Savita and Ashok soon arrived at the reception and they made their way towards the newlywed couple.

“Congratulations Mamta!” said Savita as she handed the bouquet to her friend.

“Thanks Savvi, glad you could come. Please enjoy the party.”

As Savita and Ashok walked around the party Ashok spotted some friends of his chatting in a corner.

“Ah, Savvi…I’m going to talk to my friends, why don’t you look around?” said Ashok and left Savita irritated
and alone at the party.

“Hmmph, he always leaves me alone at these parties.”

As Savita looked around for someone familiar her eyes fell on the handsome young man talking to the groom.

“Hmm… the groom’s friend is really handsome. It reminds me of my own wedding…Oh, I wish Prem was here. He
really knew how to show a girl a good time”

Savita’s Wedding – 2 Years Ago

Savita was in her room with her friends who were helping her get ready for her wedding. Savita was putting on
her makeup in front of the mirror while her friends chatted away behind her.

“I can’t believe you’re getting married Savvi!”

“Yeah, it’s hard to imagine that our Savvi, who gave all the guys in college hardons, is going to settle

“Do you remember when she gave Mudit a blow-job during class?”

“Really!!! I didn’t hear about this story…Tell me what happened.”

“Well you remember how Mudit and Savita used to sit all alone in the back of Mr. Verma’s class every time.
Well it turns out that they fooled around all the time in the back during class.”

“Wow, but what about the blowjob?”

“Well it all started with Savita needing someone to do her homework in Mr. Verma’s class and Mudit was the
lucky guy she chose to seduce. So one day when she and Mudit were sitting alone in the back she unzipped his
pants and bent low so the teacher couldn’t see her and gave him a blowjob in exchange for him to do her notes
and homework.”

“Wow, I thought I’d heard all of Savita’s stories but there always a few that we’ve not heard of!”

“Well then do you know the one about the college picnic? She and Ravi disappeared for an hour in the forest
while we all weren’t looking. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what must have gone on in there!”

“Yes I heard they almost got caught that time!”

“Ha…ha… Savvi, how will you ever manage with one man only?”

Savita who was getting irritated all this while hearing her friends’ gossip decided that she could get ready
without them. Savita rolled her eyes in frustration and stood up to tell off her friends.

“You girls are annoying me…Get out…I will get ready myself”

As the girls moved out of the room Savita thought about what the girls had said and about her upcoming
married life.

“Hearing their stories has got me wet, and from the look of my hubby, doesn’t look like he will be of much
help in that department.”

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and Savita expecting that her friends had returned opened the door
with an annoyed look on her face while still wearing just her blouse and petticoat.

“I told you girls to…Oh! …Sorry, who are you?”

Savita was surprised to see a handsome man in front of her who was staring at her. The guy couldn’t help but
stare at the deep cleavage that was showing in Savita’s blouse.

“Oh, I’m Prem, Ashok’s friend. You’re friends said you were not feeling well so I came here to check.”

“Oh, so you’re Prem, his best friend, come in!”

“Ashok mentioned that you would be arriving from abroad for the wedding.” said Savita as she sat down on the
bed in front of Prem.

“Wow, her breasts are really big. Ashok is one lucky guy. I can’t believe that a shy and quiet guy such as
him ended up with such a beautiful wife.” thought Prem while still ogling at Savita.

“Uh… Prem! Are you listening to me?” said Savita to Prem who was still staring intently at her cleavage.

“Uh…What… Oh, yes I arrived just yesterday. I’ve been helping out in the preparations and thought that I’d
see if you needed anything. I’ll leave if I’m disturbing you?”

Savita had seen the looks Prem had been giving her while talking to her and an idea started to take form in
her mind.

“He just can’t keep his eyes off my breasts; hmm…I have just the plan to make him help me with my problem”

“Oh No. Please don’t leave. I was getting nervous about the wedding and needed someone understanding to talk
to.” said Savita in a coy voice while pushing out her chest a little more towards Prem.

“What is the problem Savita, maybe I can help you?”

“Oh Prem Bhaiya, it’s a little personal so I’m embarrassed to tell you!”

“Don’t worry Savita, you can talk to me.” said Prem as he took a seat beside Savita and took her hand in his
hand to reassure her.

“I…I am nervous about tonight. I want to please Ashok but…I have no experience.”

“Wow, a VIRGIN. I can’t believe it. And she’s asking me for advice.Hmm… Maybe I can help her out!” Prem’s
mind was racing with thoughts.

He then placed his hand on Savita’s thigh and moved a bit closer.

“Don’t worry Bhabhi, you have such a beautiful body, I’m sure you will please Ashok.” said Prem; whose hand
was now on Savita’s waist and gently rubbing her skin.

Savita who was watching Prem’s hand move closer and closer to her breasts realized what Prem had in mind and
decided to move things along faster.

“Oh bhaiya, don’t lie to me! I know that’s not really true. I’ve always felt that my breasts are too big.
Can’t you feel them and tell me if they’re too big?” she took his hand and placed it on her breast.

“I can’t believe how innocent she is…” thought Prem who couldn’t believe what Savita was asking him to do.

“Err… Yes I’d better properly feel them.” said Prem with a smile and placed his other hand on Savita’s other
breast and began massaging them.

“Mmmm bhaiya…this feels good. Is this the right way to check their size?”

“Yes Savita, I can’t tell properly with the blouse in the way. It would be better if you show me their size
directly…” said Prem with a smile while massaging Savita’s breast with his hands and playing with her nipples
through her blouse.

“Directly…But I’ve never shown them to a man.”

“Don’t worry Savita; It is a devar’s duty to help his bhabhi.” said Prem

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Tuition Teacher Savita

It was a normal day at Ashok Patel’s house. Savita was preparing dinner for him, and Manoj the servant boy
was helping Savita out with her work. However Ashok didn’t know that Manoj did not just cater to Savita’s
household chores but to her other needs as well.

“Umm…Manoj!! When I asked for help in cooking, this is not what I meant!!” Savita said as Manoj suddenly
grabbed her from behind and started fondling his bhabhi’s breasts. He started kissing Savita’s neck and his
one hand was soon inside Savita’s blouse and massaging her boobs.

“Mmmm Bhabhi… we haven’t done this for some time. I think you could use a ‘special’ massage right now!”

Savita started moaning as Manoj played with her nipples and her hand soon found its way to Manoj’s hard cock
inside his shorts.

“Ahh…Manoj! You’re right! Ashok can have dinner a little late tonight!”

But before Savita and Manoj could move their special massage to the bedroom they were interrupted by the
sound of the doorbell. Savita was feeling annoyed now.

“Umm…who is it now!!” she said with a frown and went to open the front door.

“Oh Shweta! What a surprise! Come In.”

“Hi Savvi, this is my brother Suraj.” said Shweta as she introduced Savita and her brother.

“So, what brings you here, Shweta” asked Savita once they had settled down in the living room.

“I need a favor. You’ve always been good in maths and Suraj has a college exam next month. Could you tutor
him? I remember you used to get a A’s in Maths during college!”

Shweta did not know that her friend’s grades in college were more due her superior cock-sucking skills than
her maths skill. However Savita was already checking out the cute boy her friend had brought along and an
idea seemed to form in her mind.

“No problem. I have 1 month’s office leave so he can come every afternoon”

“Thanks Savvi, he is also very shy of girls…so maybe this will help him be bolder around women”

“Oh don’t worry! When I’m done with him, he’ll see girls in a whole new light” said Savita with a smirk on
her face.

The next day Savita got an old blackboard setup in the guest bed-room and cleared the space for her lesson
with Suraj.

“Ok Suraj, let’s start”.

“Damn, what a hot bhabhi!!” thought Suraj while he stared at Savita’s hot body. “I don’t think I can
concentrate very well in this class if she continues wearing such low-cut blouses everyday”

After the lesson Savita sat near Suraj and slowly stroked his face.

“Shweta asked me to help you become bolder” Savita said with a suggestive smile. “So should I give you a
lesson on that too?”

However Suraj was too timid and backed off immediately.

“Sorry bhabhi, it is time so I will be leaving”

“Oh, he really is too shy” – “But I have an idea that will make him make him bold in a week.” Savita said
while thinking of a plan to get Suraj into bed with her.

Savita’s Plan – MONDAY

The next day Suraj arrived early and saw that bhabhi’s dress today was even showier than the last one. Savita
was not wearing a bra and the low neckline of her kameez could hardly hide her ample bosom from his eyes.

“Come on in Suraj! Let’s start the lesson!” Savita invited him into the house.

As the lesson progressed Savita found out new ways to seduce Suraj with her body.

“Bhabhi, I have a doubt”

“Oh ok let me see!”

Savita came close to Suraj and bent forward to see his copy. As she bent forward Savita made sure to stand in
a way that Suraj could not help but stare at the pair of milky white breasts that were so close to his face
and imagine what it would feel to have his face buried in that deep cleavage.

“Looks like he likes the view” thought Savita while she took extra long to solve the problem and teased Suraj
with her tits.

Savita couldn’t help but notice that Suraj soon started having a lot more doubts than before and she was more
than happy to bend over to help him. When Suraj left that day Savita was sure that her breasts would be what
Suraj would be imagining that night when he jacked off at his home.


The next day Savita sat on Suraj’s lap while she helped solve his problems and made sure to squeeze her body
against him so that he could feel her breasts against his body all through the lesson.

“Why don’t you stay tonight for some revision?” whispered Savita into Suraj’s ear after the lesson and
lightly bit his earlobe to entice him to stay.

“N…nn… No bhabhi, I will go home”

“Hmm he’s harder to crack than I thought… maybe I’ll have to turn up the heat even more”


As Savita reached up to write on the blackboard; her short nightie rode up her ass to expose her bare ass to
Suraj’s eyes. As Savita wrote on the board she was sure Suraj’s eyes were glued to her ass which was just
barely covered by the really short nightie she was wearing; and the thong she was wearing underneath hardly
helped in covering her up.

“Oops!” She purposefully dropped the chalk on the floor.

As Savita bent over to pick up the chalk Suraj fidgeted in his seat trying to adjust his cock that was hard
since the beginning of the lesson.

“Oh I think I lost the chalk. We’ll have to get another chalk from the loft. Could you hold me on the stool?”

“I can’t believe what she comes up with everyday” thought Suraj as he wrapped his hands around her waist.

“Hold me properly Suraj! I could fall!”

Suraj realized what Savita wanted him to do and his hands soon dropped down from her waist onto her ass. It
was the first time he was touching a woman like this and his cock was hard and poking from his pants and
Savita smiled on seeing it.

“Looks like Suraj is starting to like my lessons!”


As Savita bent over Suraj’s shoulders to look at his answer her breasts touched his face and Suraj could see
from up close that bhabhi’s nipples were hard and poking through her blouse.

“Oh, my pen!” said Savita and dropped her pen in Suraj’s lap.

“Umm…ah…b…bhabhi that’s n…not the pen” said Suraj in surprise as Savita’s had grabbed his erect cock through
his pants and gently brushed against it.

“Oops, glad I didn’t put the wrong thing in my mouth at least!” said Savita as she took the pen and nibbled
on it.


Savita opened the door for Suraj wearing just a short towel around her waist.

“Oh God, what is she planning today” said Suraj imagining what Savita was doing dressed like this.

“Ah, I was just in the shower Suraj” said Savita and led him to his room. “You’re already here so let’s not
waste time & start studying. I’ll change after the class”

Halfway through the class Savita’s towel came loose and Savita made a clumsy and fake attempt to cover
herself up.

“Ah…Suraj beta close your eyes”

“My dick is so hard right now.” thought Suraj “Looks like I’ll have to go home and jack off for the fifth
straight day today”


As Suraj entered the class-room on Saturday he was surprised to see many shopping bags lying around the room.

“Bhabhi; what’s all this?”

“Suraj, no studies today” Savita said pointing towards the bags “I just did a lot of shopping. I want you to
tell me if you think my husband will like what I bought”

“No peeking” said Savita as she picked up a bag and headed into her bedroom.

“You can come in now Suraj” shouted Savita out from the bedroom.

Suraj walked into the room to see Savita dressed in an expensive evening gown.

“What do you think?

“You look stunning, bhabhi”

“Thank you, and now I need your opinion on some special lingerie I bought. I need a man’s opinion on whether
it’s sexy or not! Close your eyes”

“So, what do you think?” asked Savita as she posed in front of Suraj in a see-through baby doll.

“It… it looks amazing.” stuttered Suraj whose cock was visibly poking through his pants.

“But I was thinking I should maybe only wear the nightie without the bra and panty” – “It’s not too
transparent, is it?”

“No B…Bhabhi. You should take off the bra”.

Savita slowly pulled the lace lining of the dress open.

“Hmm, then will you help me take it off?”…

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Kavita aur Savita Ki Chudai

Hamare city me bahut se Educational institutions hain jahan door door se log padhai ke liye ate hain. Inme
bahut si Ladkiyan bhi hoti hain. Hum logo ko bhi apne naye makan ka ek portion rent par dena tha to kai logo
ke bad do ladkiyan aye jinko humne apne room ko rent par diya. Ek to ladkiyon se raunak rehti hai doosra
gunda gardi ka chance nahi hota.

To raat ko mai chup-chup kar unke bedroom ke andar ka nazara leta aur mauj karta. Din bhar unke sath ghumta
bhi aur unke kam bhi karta par asal baat to mai unka kaam karna cha raha tha. Ki kab in dono kunwari, kachi
kaliyon ko masal paunga. Dono hi ladkiyan bade hi gadraye badan ki thi. Jaise koi sangmarmar ki murat, sanche
me dhala badan tha. Phuli hui badi-badi gol Chuchiyan aur Kamar bhi mast gol gehri Nabhi aur mast bhari puri
Gand jo admi ko deewana bana de. Ek din maine dekha ki Kavita ne sabzi wale se lumbe wale baigan khareede.
Mere matha thanka ki baigan ka kya hoga jab ye khana humare sath khati hain?

Yahi soch kar din bhar kata. Raat ko jab Savita laut kar aaye to maine room me apne secret hole se jhank kar
andar dekha ki kya chal raha hai. Chaliye aapko bhi sair karva lata hun ki jab do jawan ladkiyan room me raat
katti hain to kya hota hai.

Andar ki bat cheet aur nazara sunata hun aapko. Savita boli-“Hai, meri jaan zara malish kar de, kab se sara
badan dukh raha hai.” Yeh keh wo bed par ja leti. Kavita ne uski T shirt ko upar kar utara jisse uska bra
dikhai pada aur usme band badi-badi Chuchiyan hilti nazar aaye.

Kavita boli-“Aj baut dard ho raha hai kya?” Ha yaar jaldi se tel dal kar malish kar de. Kavita tel garam kar
ek katori me le aayee. Savita ki Salwar bhi usne nikal di. Phir bra aur panty me leti Savita ki wo tel se
malish karne lagi. Kavita Savita ke Stan ke upar hath le jati aur upar ke uthav par tel ka hath lagati.
Savita ko bada maza a raha tha, wo boli is Bra ko bhi to nikal aur thoda tel neeche bhi laga zalim. Yeh
sunkar Kavita ne neeche panty utar di aur uski Chut ko phaila kar us par do boond tel tapka dala aur ungliyon
se massage karna shuru kiya.

Kavita ne kaha-Savita teri Jhante bhi to kitni badh aaye hain, inko bhi saf kar do?” Kar de yaar. Yeh keh
maine dekha ki Kavita shaving cream, brush aur razor le kar Chut ke upar Jhanto ko saf karne uski Jangho par
chadh kar baith gaye. Phir usne Chut ke upar cream lagaye aur brush se ragad kar jhag utha dale. Phir ek hath
se Chut ko tight kar razor se Jhanto ko saf kar diya. Khar-khar ki halki awaz ke sath razor ne Savita ki Chut
ke as pas uga Jhanto ka bada jungle saf kar chikna maidan bana diya jiske beech me uski patli Chut ek cricket
pitch ki tarah nazar a rahi thi. Kavita boli –“Jaan, stadium taiyar hai, pitch bhi ready hai, match khelne
wala khiladi kahan hai?” Uske mazak se savita kheej uthi. Yaar tujhe to bus mazak sujhta hai. Kavita boli-Aj
lumbe wale baigan khareede hain maine rani, pyas bujhane ko theek rahenge.

Savita boli pehle yahan massage to kar. Kavita phir se Savita ki Chut ko sehlane lagi jisse usko bada aram
ane laga. Phir maine dekha Kavita ne upar dono Chuchiyon me apne hatho ko kas kar gol pakad banayee aur use
daba kar bada kar dala. Jab Savita aahhhh… yeah..uuuuuuu……maza a raha hai….oooooo… aise hi
karo pyar, to Kavita ne Savita ke Nipples ko peena shuru kiya. Phir kavita Savita ki jangho ko phaila kar
apni dono hathon ki ungliyon se uski Chut ko phaila let gaye aur apni zaban dal kar Savita ki Bur ka raspan
karne lagi. Wo uske Singhare ko apne muh me le kar choose rahi thi aur uski ek ungli savita ke Chut ke ched
me andar-bahar a ja rahi thi.

Garam hone par Savita ne Kavita ko apni bahon me kheencha aur phir uske upar sawar ho gaye. Savita ne Kavita
ki chikni, anne-french cream se saf ki hui Jhanto rahit saf Chut ko uske pyjame se bahar nikala aur apni
thook ka lep laga kar uski Chut me apni zaban ki entry shuru ki. Savita Kavita ki rasmalai jaisi Bur ko khub
zaban se khurdura kar chat rahi thi. Savita Kavita ki Gand me bhi bar-bar apni thook lagati aur apni zaban se
uski Gand me chat rahi thi. Savita phir uth kar fridge tak gaye aur Pepsi nikal laye. Savita ne Kavita ki
Chut phaila kar usme Pepsi girai aur thandi pepsi ko Chut me bharkar apne zaban se chatna shuru kiya. Wo uske
Nipples ko bhi Pepsi se wet kar chuki thi aur Nipples se cold drink ko pee kar usne bahut maza liya.

Kavita ko jhad kar andar ja kar fridge me rakhi doodh par jami malai nikal kar lani padi jise Kavita ne
Savita ki Chut par lep saman mal diya aur phir us malai ko apni zaban se kha liya. Malai chatne se Chut aur
nikhar gaye thi. Chut ka gulabi bhag bar-bar dono ladkiyon ka mujhko dikhta jisse mera Lund khada ho tight ho
chukka tha. Kavita Savita ki Chut ko do phanko me cheer kar apni zaban se usme andar-bahar malai ka lep ghuma
rahi thi aur Chut ke chode hue pani ko lap lap kar malai ke sath pe rahi thi.

Ab Kavita aur Savita dono nangi ho ek doosre ke sath leti thi aur dono ek doosre pe ulta ho leti thi aur dono
hi ek doosre ki Chut me zaban dal rahi thin. Kavita neeche thi peeth ke bal aur apni dono tango ke mere
secret hole ki taraf kiye thi jisse uski Chut ke darshan mujhe bhi ho rahe they jabki Savita meri taraf apna
Sir kiye thi aur dono tange us Kavita ke sir ki taraf thi jisse Savita upar se Kavita ki Chut ko apni zaban
se upar se neeche ki taraf chat rahi thi aur Kavita dono gori-gori jangho ko door east-west kiye Chut ko
dharamshala ki gate ki tarah khole thi jisme Savita bahut ache se zaban dal kar chat rahi thi aur uske Clit
ko apne honto me dabakar choose rahi thi.

Kavita ne ab uthkar baigan la kar savita ko bhi diya aur dono sath seedhe let kar meri taraf wale direction
me Chut ko phaila kar lumba, mota Baigan andar dal rahi thi jo unko Lund ki tarah maza de raha tha. Baigan se
Chut ko chod kar sath sath wo ek doosre ke boobs bhi dabati aur nipples ko bhi peena nahin bhulti. Mujhko
unki bebasi par bada taras aya par kya karta yeh to unka roz ka programme tha. Wo sher nahi suna apne:–

“Aurat na mange Taj aur takht, Wo to chahe bus Lauda sakht.”

(Please write how u liked the story, and Interested broadminded housewives, Indian aunties, working female
executives can contact me. Secracy assured and identity to be kept close. Do u want me to accompany u for
weekend to Nainital or Mussoorie?) Forward ur contact number and other relevant details to:

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Savita ki hot chudai

Jab main high school mein tha yeh us waqt ki baat hai humlog lucknow mein rehte the. Hamare ghar mein ek naukrani thi jiska naam savita thaaur uski umra 33 thifigure 38-36-40. Woh bahut sexy thei par uska raang sanwla tha aur choonchiyaan to aisi theen ki donohaanthoon mein ek bhi naa aye aur hamesha aisa lagta tha jaise kehti ho aao mujhe chooso pyare.aur uski do shaadi ho chooki thi par uske koi baccha nahin tha. Main bahut nasamajh aur sharmila tha. Ek din main school doston ke saath jaraha tha toh doston ne kaha ki ek picture lagihai dekhoge maine kaha nahi to woh bole chal yaar kisi ko pata nahi chalega aur woh mujhe teri bahon mein dikhaane le gaye. Joki blue lagoon par banithi. Picture mujhe achhi lagi aur mujhe kuck kuch hone laga aur main aurton ki taraf khichne laga. Meri makanmailk k ek beti thi naam kiran tha aur woh mujhe acchi lagne lagijo ki inter mein padhti thi. Aur main unke boobs(doodo) ki taraf hi dekhta tha.iske baare mein aagli kahani mein likhunga abhi sirf savitri. Main hamesha savitri ki taraf nazar bacha ke dekhta tha par ek din savitri ne mujhepakad liya aur kaha kaya dekh rahe ho mintu to main bola kuch nahin. Woh hansi aur apna kaam karne lagi. Phir main dar gaya aur uski taraf bhi nahin dekhta tha.

Ek baar woh gahr mein do din taak nahin ayi to mumm ne mujhe uske ghar bhejapata karne ke liye.main ghar pahuncha aur ghanti dabayi to dekhi to savitri ne darwaja khola aur samne main khada tha. Dekhta kaya hoon ki woh srf peticott aur blouse meinthi. Ek toh woh garib bai thi aur sexy bhaut thi .uska peticott samne se phata tha jisme se uski jhaante saaf dukh rahi thi. Use turant apna petticott upar khonsa aur mujhe andar aane ko kaha. Main andar gaya aur poocha tum aa kyon nahin rahi ho , woh boli kuch nahin uska pati aaya tha ur chala gaya hai kal se aoongi.tabhi uska peticott phir gir gaya aur woh sharma gayi kyonki lagataar meri nazar usi doodo par thi kyonki woh kafi bade the aur usme se uski nipple dikh rahe thee kyonki woh bra nahin pehne thi usne mujhe bithaya aur andaar chaligayi aur saaree pehan aayi. Main abhi bhi uski choochi dekh aha tha tabhi woh boli koi baat hai kya mere moonh se nikla tumhare taangon ke beech itne baal kyon hain , woh hadbadyee aur mujhe ghoorne lagi. Main ghabra gaya aur bahar nkal aaya . Dar bhi gaya kahin woh mummy se naa keh de.main shaam mein uske ghar mein gaya aur bell bajayi usne darwaza khola mujhe dekh andaar bulaya, boli kya hai maine bola maine jo poocha tha use mummy se nahin kehna toh woh boli kahoongi main daar gaya aur rone laaga woh hasne lagi boli daaro nahin nahin bolongi.usne mujhe bulaya aur boli tum pictue dehne gaye thee to kaha kya. Main usey dekhta raha aur usne mere dono galon ko chooma aur boli kaisi lagi thi picture, to mainekuch nahi kaha, to muskura kar boli koi baat nahin bata to do, phir mere gaal ko nocha. Maine kaha”achhi thi par kuch samajh nahin aayi kyonki kuch bhi dika nahin aur dost keh rahe the ki blue film hai.” Usne mere chootar par thapki di aur nocha aur kaha “abhi bhi nahin jaante ho ki us picture mein kya tha.”

Maine uski taraf dekha aur bahar aa gya phir ghar chala aaya. Aagle din mummy subah taiyaar ho kar mausi ke yahaan jaane lagi, to mujhse boli ki saavitri jab aaye to baartan saaf kara lena aur khana khaa lena. Choti behan school chali gaayee thi aur bhaiya kanpur they.maine school ki kitaab nikali aur padhne laga. Hamare ghar mein bahar chota salawn tha aur usme maine phoolon ke poodhey lagaye the aur bakriyaan use char jaati thi. Tabhi saavitri ki awaz aayi” mintu jaldi aao maine bakri pakdi hai, gate baand karo”. Main tezi se aaya aur gate baand kiya to dehka bakri ke thaan kaaphi neechey latke they, aur saaavitri bakri ko pakde thi. Woh bakri ko pakad kar andar le aayi aur uske muh par kapda bandh diya taki woh chillaye nahin aur mujhse boli mintu yahan aao aur mujhse boli jara bartan saaf kar loon. Phir main uske pass gaya aur poochne laga ki bakri kyon pakri hai to meri aur muskura kar boli ek kaam ke liye aur meri nazar uski choochi par padi aur thehar gayi usne meri ar dekha aur saree khiska di taaki mujhe aur saaf dikh sake main khara raha kyonki uska blouse bagal se phata tha aur usmein se uska badan dikh raha tha. Use jaldi se kaam khatam kiya aur mujhe dekh kar boli aao aur pakar kar andar kamre mein le aayi. Phir neeche baith gayee aur bakri ke thaan sehlane lagi ,aur boli lo doodh piyoge, maine kaha bakri ka boli nahi to kya mera, phir bakri ke thaan choosne lagi aur boli lo aab tum piyo aur mujhe god mein bitha doodh pilane lagi, aur mere gaal choomne lagi. Mere ko laga jaise mera lund toot jayega, kyonki mujhe aacha lag raha tha.

Usne mujhse poocha maja aaya maine kaha haan. Phir woh boli aao aandar chalein bed par wahan usne aapne saree utar dee aur blouse aur peticoat mein aa gayee.mera lund taan gaya aur main use dabaane laga, usne kaha kya hai laao main dekhoon, usne meri paint utar dee aur underwear mein se lund ko nikal dekhne lagi, dheere dheere sehlane lagi mere to hosh ud gaye, phir usne mere lund ko mooh mein le liya aur choosne lagi,main hairan tha aur bola kya kar rahi ho woh boli tumhein picture samjha rahi hoon.aur usne mere lund ko kas kar dabaya aur boli mere raja bahut ghoorte ho ladies ko aaj tumharee har icchha poori kar doongi. Aur usne mera haanthapni bahut bdee badee choonchiyon par rakh liya aur mera lund jhatka kha gaya . Maine pehli baar kisi choochi ko chua tha. Maine kas kar uski choochi pakar li aur dabata chala gaya woh chilla pari bas karo nahin to toot jayengi, maine uski choochi ko blouse ke upar che choosna shuroo kiya to boli blouse to utaro. Maine ek ek kar ke button khole aur jaise mere samne dono doodo khul main usse chipak gaya mera lund uske phate huye peticoat ke under tha aur uski bur choo raha tha. Usne mera haanthapni dono choonchi par rakha aur boli lo mera doodh piyo, aur main chaloo ho gaya ek ek kar ke dono ko choone lagaaadhe ghante choosne chaatne ke bad woh boli bas karo kya kha hi jaooge main rooka , usne apna peticoat utara aur mujhe apni bur dikhayi aur boli kabhi dekhi hai , maine kaha nahin to boli lo isko chato maine turant us par apni jaban rakhi aur chatne laga to uske jhante mere moonh mein jane lagi t maine kaha ise saaf to karo usne papa kae razor se saare baal saaf kar diye aur boli lo ab thee haitab tak min uske choochi hi choosta rahaa, mujhe maza aaraha tha aur maine pehli baar esa kiya tha.

Mainuski bur ko chatta raha usne uje 69 position mein liya aur mera lund choosne lagi 15 minute mein mera juice nikalne laga to maine kaha savitri mujhe kuch ho raha hai to boli mere muh mein hone de too apna kaam karta reh. Tabhi maine kaha mujhe dooddh peena hai to usne phir se bakri ka than mere moonh mein lgaga diya maine kaha iska nahin tumhara woh boli aaj se jab man chae doodh piyo main nahin rokoongi.maine ushe doodh par daant gada diye woh chilla pari mat karo lagta hai. Phir boli kya mujhe chodna chahte ho maine kaha yeh kaise hota hai boli jab itna sikha diya hai aur bh sikh doongi, mere raja, aur usne mujhe kaha jab main kahoon to apna laudaa meri bur mein daal dena aur dana dan dhakka lagana, bas phir kya tha yeh to koi mushkil nahin tha aur maine uske hoton ko choosna shuroo kiya 15 minute hum ek doosre ko pyaar karte rahe phir usne mujhe khincha aur mere lund ko bur par rakha aur ishra a kiya maine jaise hi dhakka mara woh chilla pari maine usjke hoton par kabjaa kiya aur dhakke par dhakka marta raha, savitri apne chootad uchhal uchhal kar shti rahi aur goooooooooo, gaaaaaaaaaaaaa, uuuuuuuuuuuu, aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, mer raja , mere yaar merepyare aur chodo mujhe meri bu phad dalo mujhe maabana do apne bachhey ki mujhe ret dalo mujhe choos dalo, mujhe chood dalo, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh lag raha haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii., aur karo na…

Randi bana do meri gaand marlo mera moonh kala kardo meri izzat loot lo aur najane kya kya chillati rahi 15 minute baad mera lund jhad gaya aur maine uski bur mein hi sab nikal diya woh thak gyeethi aur bol maza aa gya raza, is chudai ko yaad rahkoongi, tumne to meri jawani khila di, bahut bada lund rakhe ho kahan chupa rakha tha, maine kaha savitri kya yahi chodai hai boli han raja tumne aapni savitri janem,an ko chod diya. Aab tum jahan bolo jab bolo main chudoongi. Aur phir ek baar maine uske choochi ko choosa phir mera kahada tha aur main phir savitri par chadh gaya aur use pelne laga woh mana kar rahi thi par mai nahin mana aur uska rape karne laga jab main phir jhada to woh boli raja tum to bade woh ho mere mana karne par bhi chod diya.main to tumhein baccha samajh rahi thi tum to bade nikle aur woh mere lund ko chaatne lagi maine kaha mujhe peshab aayi hai woh boli chalo kara doon. Wahan usne mera sara peshab moonh mein lekar pee liya aur boli chalo aaj hi tumhein chodna sika diya aab tum meri gaand mar lo maine kaha yeh kya hai usne apna chootad mujhe diya aur boli yeh chota sa ched ise gaand kehte hain magar ise marne mein dard hoga. Maine uski gand par haanth mara lo mar di, woh hasne lagi aur mere hoton ko chooste huye boli raja ji ismein apna lund to daliye jaise meri bur mien dala tha.

Maine jhat se apna lund uski gaand par rakha ur dhakka mara woh chillayi raja pehle tel to lagaop nahin to darad hoga aur jayega nahin. Woh uti aur nani hi tel lene gayi uske mote chootar aise hil rahe the ki mra dimag hil gaya maine daud kar use peeche se pakad liya aur aangan mein hi use kutiya bana kar apne lundpar tel lagaya aur uski gaand par rakh diya woh boi andar chalo par main nahin mana aur dhakka mar diya jara sa andaar gaya thaaki woh rone lagi nahin dalo dard ho raha hai maine poocha kya pehli baar hai boli haan deedi mrawaati to maine socha min bhi par pati se himmat nahin padtiis liye tumse kaha. Par dard ho raha hai mat karo to maine kaha ho sakta hai abhi ho baad mein nahin. Boli theek hai jo chaahe karo maro mei gaand raja ji. Aapki hi cheez hai jaise chahe istemaal karo , maine doosra dhakka lagaya woh chillayi phir teetsa aur poora l7inch lund phachaak ke saath andar, ar maine mara dhakke pe dhaaka woh chillati rahi bas karo phat gayimadarchod behanchod betichod mar dala ab rehne do mat karo maar daloge aur na jaane kya kya par main nahin mana aur 15 minute mein woh maza lene lagi kutiya jaise ucchalne lagi gana gane lagi aur ajb main jhad gaya to boli raja ji aaj to main jawan ho gayi maza aa gaya hai dilkhush ho gaya. Maine bhi kaha mujhe bhi. Aur ushi choochi choosne laga jo mere hathon mein nahin aa rahi thi uske nipple lagataar chaba raha tha aur woh mere mbalon ko sehla rahi hi. Aur aise maine 15 saal ki umar mein pehli chudai ki jo meri sexy savitri hi jise maine 2 saal tak choda aur use aaj baccha bhi hai jo mera hai.aur woh bahut khush hai maine use uske ghar mein bi choda uski behan ke saamne bhi choda aur uski behan maje leti rahi. Jaldi bulana..bye… bye kisi bhi lady ko aisa masti ki chudai ka injectionn lena ho to contact over my email; full secrecy will be maintained by both. Bye bye bye.

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Savita ka pyar-3

Aakhir us dhai akkhsar ke sabd ne apna kamal dekha hi diya.orye sabkuch itni jaldi hua ki hame kuch samay ka or nahi duniya ka pata chala.. Karib15to20 minit yun hi kab bit me khud muje sahara detehue lejana pada savita ko. Darwaja band karte hue boli apne yahan ake muje or mere pyar ko kabul kiya uske liye vo mere pav pakad li or uske sabd ne asru o ka sath leliya.kuch der rone ke bad mene use utha ke apne sine se lagaliya or mene aesa mahsus kiya jaise do premi judai ke bad jab milte hain jaise hum ekdusre ko kayee janmo se jante ho ,jaise ekdusre ke liye hi bane ho.kuch khmosi ke bad mene savita tum kahan thi or vo meri bahome chipki rahi jese vo kabhi alag honahi na chahti ho boli aphiko dhundh rahi thi aaj aap milgae bas ab or muje kuch nahi chahiye.dhire se mene uske mathe ko chumaor ahista2 use apne sine se hatate hue

Kaha achcha ab tum aram se betho me tumhe apne hatho se khana khilata hu to vo badi mushkil se alag hoti hui boli nahi aisa nahi he abhi aap office jae me nahi chahti ki meri vajah aap ko koi kuch kahe.thik he me bahar jate2 firse use apne bahon me bhar liya or honto ko ek jordar kiss tumhe sham ko milta hu. Sham ko purvi ne muje ravi( my son) ke liye kuch books lane bhej diya.khanne ke bad me tv on ki.lekin man kabhi ka savita ke paas pahunch gaya ho vo mera besabri se intezar kar rahi thi.aaj vo vakai khubsurat lag ra?hi thi.asmani colour ki nighty me vo apna jisma chupae darwaje pe khadi thi.aaj muje pyar se sachcha pyar mila tha or me use kisibhi kimat per khona nahi chahta tha.ander jate hi lipat gai ormuje kiss karti rahi.bhola so gaya me pucha.vo to kabhka so gaya.ap fresh ho jae fir muje apse bahut si bate karni he.bathroom se nikalte vakt mene pentshirt vahi nikal ke sirf tovel me hi baher aya is roop me dekha or dekhti rahi fir use apni god me uthake bed pe lejate vakt kya pahle kabhi koi admi nahi dekha kya?Dekha magar unme aap nahi part

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Cousin Savita ki chudai

Saam ko hum sab ek sath dinner kar rahe the. Meri nazar baar baar savita ki choochi par thi jo ki uske night
shuit se bahar aane ko betab thi. Doston uski figure 34-28-34 hain. Uske choochi apni maa ki hi tarah sabhi
ko bahut tarpati hongi. Khana khane ke baad nisha (choti beti) aur nitin (chota larka) bole ki bhaiya chalo
upper room main chalkar khuch khelte hain. Par mera mood to kuch aur hi tha. Maine mausi se kaha ki mausi aap
aur mausaji in dono ke sath upper jakar khelo main abhi tv dekh kar aa jaoonga. Unhone kaha theek hai. Aur wo
upper chale gaye aur sath hi savita ko mera dyan rakhne ko bol gaye. Mausaji kahne lage ki –savita, bhaiya ko
apni sabhi new cd’s dekha dena. Savita boli ki-ok papa. Hum dono ab tv ke samne diwan par sath baithe the. Wo
boli ke bhaiye aapko kaun si movie dekhni hai. Maine kaha ki koi bhi bade bacho wali laga do to wo boli kya
matlab. Main uski tarf aankh maarkar bola ki wahi jo log shadi ke baad dekhte hain. Itna sunkar wo boli –
dhatt-tum bade gande ho aur hasne lagi. Main samaj gaya ki wo taiyar hai. Aur thodi si taiyari ke baad aasani
se kam ban jayega. Wo boli ki bhaiya aise to koi cd nahi hai mere paas. Main bola ki koi baat nahi main abhi
market se le aata hoon. Itna kahkar main bahar jaane laga. Mujhe uske chehre par ek alag muskan dikh rahi
thi. Market main bahut muskil se mujhe ek blue film ki cd mili. Jo ki hindi main thi. Main ab wapas aakar
savita se bola- ‘ lo cd. Start karo main apni dress change karta hoon. Wo boli theek hai. Usne mujhe mausa ji
ka ek payjama aur kurta lakar diya.Maine apni pant kholi to uski nazar mujhe hi ghoor rahi thi. Main
muskurane laga. Kapre change karne ke baad movie start ho gayee to hum fir saath divan par baith gaye. Movie
ke first seen main larkee naha rahi thi. Tabhi ek larka bhi bathroom main aakar uske sath chedchad karne
lagta hai. Maine dekha ki savita ka chehra ekdum laal ho raha tha. Mine tabhi uska haath pakar liya. Usk
poora badan kaanp raha tha. Mai samajh gaya ke ye sab bechani movie ki hai par main anjan bankar usse poochne
laga ki arre tumhe kya hua, lagta hai tumhari tabiyat kharab hai, dekho tumhara poora badan kaanp raha hai.
Lao main tumhari heart beats check karta hoon. Itna kahte hi maine aapna haath uske night suit main ghussa
diya aur uski choochi dabane laga, savita ekdam chownk kar boli- puneet ye kya kar rahe ho. Main aapki bahan
hoon aur koi aa gaya to bahut bura hoga.

Main usko emotional karte hue bola – savita , tum meri bahan ho ye meri mazboori hai nahi to main tumhen
bachpan se jaan se jyada pyaar karta hoon aur tumhare bina rah nahi sakta. Itna sunkar wo emotional hokar
mujhse chipat gayee aur bolni lagi- I love u puneet, tumne pahle mujhse ye sab kyoon nahi kaha. Main bola- ki
hum saadi to nahi kar sakte par thodi se masti to le hi sakte hain. Wo boli agar main pregnant ho gayee to.
Main bola- tum mujhpar vishwas karo main aise kuch nahi hone doonga. Wo boli- tab theek hai. Ab hamare bich
kisi tarah ki koi doori nahi rah gayee thi. Isliye maine pahle jakar tv off kar diya jisse poora dyan savita
ki chudai par laga sakoon. Diwan par aakar maine usse lita diya aur uske bagal main letkar uske hooton ko
chusne laga. Wo bhi mere poora saath dete hue apne jeebh mere mooh main ander bahar kar rahi thi. Is sab main
itna maza aa raha tha ki main bata nahi sakta. Maine apna kurta utaar diya. Aur baiyan bhi. Ab main kewel
payjame aur uske under underwear main tha. Maine savita ke night suit ke button kholne suru kar diya. Wo
shrama kar simti ja rahi thi. Pahli baar koi uske jawan badan ko touch kar raha tha. Uska night suit hathte
hi uski chuchi bra main quaid hokar bhi aadhi se jayada dikh rahi thi. Maine bra ke upper se hi unhe chumna
suru kar diya, mera haath uske trouser ko kholne main laga tha. Aur uska trouser nikalne ki liya maine usse
isara kiya to usne apne chuttar thoda upper kar diya aur maine usse tangon se bahar nikal diya. Uffff uski
gori aur moti jaanghe

Dekh kar mera loda payjama pahdne ko taiyar ho gaya. Mujhse ab raha nahi gaya. Maine apna payjama aur
underwear nikalkar phenk diya. Wo mere khada lund dekhkar boli- puneet ye lund meri chut main kaise jayega,
maine to aajtak isme ek finger bhi nahi daali. Main bola-meri jaan dekhti jao tumhara diwana kya karta hai.
Main uski bra ka hook kholne laga to wo mujhse chipat gayee. Maine uski bra ka hook khool diya aur uski peeth
ko sahlane laga. Mere lund baar baar jor maar raha tha aur uski jaangho par touch ho raha tha. Aaaaahhhh ek
alag maza tha. Meri chati aur uski choochi ke bich bus uski bra thi jo maine ek taraf khinch kar nikal di.
Uffffffff uski doodh jaise gori choochi dekhkar maan kar raha tha ki usko kaat loon. Uske pink nipple ko main
moon main lekar chusne laga. Wo ekdum tight ho gaye thi. Uske hath mere baloon main ghum rahe the. Aur main
bahut bachaini ke sath uski choochi ko suck kar raha tha. Thodi der ke baad main uske pair ki taraf aa gaya
aur uski panty apne daatoon se khichne laga. Usko bahar nikalkar main apna haath uske pairon ko choote hue
janghoo par gumane laga. Mere mooh uske chut par tha. Uspar bahut ghane baal the. Main savita se bola- tum
kabhi apni chut shave nahi karti. Wo boli – kabhi is taraf dyan hi nahi diya. Main bolo- koi baat nahi fir
kabhi main saaf kar doonga. Maine apni jeebh uski chut par ghumani suru kar di. Usko bada azeeb lag raha tha.
Wo boli- puneet ye kya kar rahe ho. Maine poocha- kyoon maza nahi aa raha kya. Wo boli-maza to bahut aa raha
hai. Uski siskari sare room main sunai de rahi thi aaaaaaa.hhhhhhh. Punnnneett bus karo aaahhh main mar
jaoooongiaaaahhh . Main aur bhi josh main aane laga aur uski chut main apni jeebh ghusane laaga. Mere maan
tha ki wo bhi mere lund chuse par abhi main usse jhijhak ke mare kah nahi paa raha tha. Usne ek hath se mera
lund zor se pakra hua tha aaur apni aankhe band karke aaaaahh oooohh kar rahi thi. Uski chut ekdum gili ho
rahi thi. Main samaj gaya ki ek baar uski chut paani chod chuki hai. Ab main usse chodne ki taiyari karne

Maine uski gaand ke niche ek takiya laga diya. Uski chut ab bahut ubhar gayee thi. Maine uski dono tangon ko
khool kar bich main aa gaya. Apne lund maine jaise hi uski choot par rakha to mujhe laga ki jaise mere lode
main aag lag gayee ho. Uski choot ekdum garam ho rahi thi. Maine apna lund uski choot main ghusana suru kiya
to wo dard se tarap kar ekdum hatkar baith gayee. Savita boli- puneet. Itna dard mujhse sahan nahi hoga.
Tumhara lund meri chut main nahi jayega. Main mar jaoongi. Tum chahe jo kar lo par main choot main loda nahi
loongi. Main bola- jaan, pahle to sabhi ko dard hota hai par baad main maza aata hai. Jara socho agar tumhri
mammi chudne ke liye maana kar deti to tum kahan se paida hoti. Baat uski samaj main aane lagi. Wo boli-
theek hai puneet tumhare liye main ye dard sah loongi par tum thoda sa tail apne lode par laga lo. Maine kaha
theek hai. Humne tail doondna suru kiya to us room main tail to nahi mila par fridge main se malai nikalkar
maine usse apne lode par aur uski chooot main laga di. Ab maine position lekar loda dalna suru kiya. Lode ka
supara uski choot main jate hi uski cheekh nikal gayee, maine apne honton se uske mooh ko seal kiya aur
dheere dheere dhakke marne laga.Thodi der baad usko bhi maza aane laga aur usne apne chuttar uchalne suru kar
diye. Poora room main ek sangeet sa bajne laga. Uske hath lagatar mere chutar par ghum rahe the ur wo kabhi
kabhi apni fingers meri gaand main dalne ki kosis kar rahi thi jisse mera josh aur badh jaata tha aur main
aur zor se dhakke marne lagta. Mere poora lund jad tak uski choot main tha aur mere aand uski gaand se takra
rahe the. Lagatar dhakke marne ke wajah se main jhadne wala tha. Isliye maine lund uski choot se nikalkar

Uske pet par jhad diya. Maine dekha uski choot se blood nikala hua tha. Mera lund bhi lal ho raha tha. Ye
dekhte hi savita boli- tumne aaj meri seal todkar larkee se aurat bana diya hai. I love u. Wo mere lund ko
sahlate hue boli- mujhe kabhi bhul to nahi jaoge puneet. Maine kaha-nahi jaan, main to tumhari shadi hone ke
baad bhi tumhe chodna chahta hoon. Bahut der tak aise hi ek doosre ho chumte sahlte aur bate karte hue hi
lete rahe. Fir savita boli-chalo ab upper room main chalte hain nahi to mammi papa shaq karnge. Usse kya pata
tha ki usko chodne ka program uski mammi ne hi banaya hai. Main mann hi mann mausi ko dhanyawad kar raha tha.

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Savita Getting Trapped

Hi Shilpa this is Savita just mailing what happened to me so you can understand what happens to a women when is taken in to a different world. I married Manohar who was small time worker in MIDC Pune and we come from a very poor family. I never used to wear bra too even after my wedding so my breasts are smooth and big after I had my first daughter. But that doesn’t mean I am so beautiful. I am 5.4 brownish complex and normal looking girl.

The second stuff is that I too worked in a net café as my husbands earning is not that much so to help him I started working at a nearby net café keeping our daughter at one of my husbands cousin’s place.

The owner Paresh had other business he has tourist cars and use to sells computers and printers and mobile lot of stuff. He had also agencies of internet connection and he has almost 7 offices in the same building. He had his flat on the second floor where he use to sit most of the time.

There were few other females working but everyone knew he was bastard. He never disrespected any of the office women and hardly talked to them but we came to know from other male staff that he was womanizer and use to spend lot of money on call girls.

It was almost after a year of working gaining his confidence and he gave me more responsibilities and also increased my work load along with the salary. He use to keep money with me telling to give to his drivers or his other engineers. I was very loyal to him with respect to him and I made sure not a single paisa is less of what he gave.

Once he gave me Rs. 50, 000/- and told me to make three payments as he was going to Bombay for some work. I kept in the drawer where I usually keep it and the next day in the morning when I checked it was gone. I also didn’t know what to do and out of the blue my father in law was very ill so my husband too was not there as he had taken our one and half year old daughter so I won’t have any problem while working. I was shit scared and didn’t know what to do.

I called Paresh sir and told him what happened and he was really bad mouthed and cursed me with all the bad words without bothering I am women. He came back that day very late in the evening and I was with him alone in his office where he told this is bad and he has to give police complaint and let them do what they want to do. (For a girl of my background Police means trouble shame and all that stuff. In fact my husband had a complaint of rash driving and the case was still on at that time with all the trouble. It wasn’t major accident but two people were injured and the case went for a long time and I knew how he was troubled though it was not his fault)

I was scared as the keys were with me and somebody stole from my desk without my knowledge so the blame could obviously come to me. I pleaded him and he told that where will the 50000 come from and he told if I hadn’t taken then why I am afraid of the same. But still I told him the police will question me and so on. I was on his knees to help me with the situation. But in doing so my sari had come down and my breast were on his legs.

Paresh sir told 50000 is a big amount for me but if I want can repay it with letting him do what he wants and telling the same his hands came on my shoulder lifting me up seeing my sari phallu down I tried to pick it up to which let it be and his hands came on my left breast. I was shocked with the same.

I had my crying telling how he can think about the same and all that stuff and he was adamant telling me its give and take relationship as I made a loss to him I have to repay it. I still remember our argument started around 7:45 pm and at 9 pm sharp with lot of ifs buts no and yes lot of bad words from Paresh sir and all that arguments I agreed with no other options left with me.

His hands came on my shoulders and took me inside. I had seen it but today I felt it was like quicksand or something like that it was his bedroom and once inside he closed the door and he pushed me on the big bed and removed his shirt and his trousers along with his underwear. I couldn’t believe seeing the same and eyes were fixed on his cock. He said what are you looking at he said stroking his proud cock. I was shocked at seeing his prick. It was almost much bigger and fatter then what my husband had. Paresh sir brought his hand on my face and was slowly moving the same showing his prick in all its glory. I felt frightened thinking what it could do to my poor body and me. Paresh sir smiled while massaging my cheeks said take it in your hand. I didn’t say anything, as I knew I am gone. He won’t stop without fucking me and brought my hand and held his throbbing prick.

“Ab apne moo mein chooso isse” Sir said gripping my hairs. I didn’t respond to the same, as I had never done the same before. Paresh sir held his cock and started hitting on my cheeks I pleaded him, to which he hit his cock hard on my nose, which really hurt me “jo bolta huw vo karneka, samzi kay”.

I had no option other then taking his huge cock in my mouth. The moment it was near my mouth I had split my mouth wide open to take his cock. My mouth was totally dry he pulled his cock back and spitted inside my mouth twice, “abh choos rand chal jaldi, mera lund dekhe tere muh ka pani kay sukh gaya kay.”

His cock started sliding in and out of my mouth smoothly as he spitted another 2-3 times in my mouth and a strange new cock in my mouth didn’t made me resist but wanted more of it. I was eagerly sucking his cock, and Paresh sir was groaning and was using all his slang words, which I never heard before. “Yes!” he groaned. “Choos, rundi Jorse choos Choos mere lavde ko hanh uhhh hanh. uhhh hanh uhhh aise chul rundi jorse!”

He grabbed my neck and pushed his cock further in. “Kaisaa lag raha hai mera lund, ” Sir asked, and it really choked my throat almost vomiting a lot of spit and sir applied the same to his cock and started rubbing it on my face. He withdrew his prick and asked me to lick his balls telling me, “Mera lund itna accha chusa hai tune ab use hi achi teri chudai mast karunga rand.Aaj teri chut ko chodke uspe mera laude ka thappa laga dunga aur tujhe meri randi banuga”.

“Apne kapde nikal, mujhe tere nang jism dekhne hain”. I was still holding his cock and sucking his balls and he made me stand hastily removed my sari petticoat blouse and seeing my breast he immediately pushing me back on the bed latched onto them and sucked and bit vigorously.

He proceeded to rip my soaked panties. Roughly pushing my legs apart kneeling down he licked my cunt “mmmhhhhh kay garam choot hai”. I was shocked to see what he did, never thought that anyone could lick out there. Paresh sir pushed me again he parted my legs and sank his cock in my cunt in a jerk with a strong push. I wailed at the assault “aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh oooooooiiiiiii maaaaaaaaaaaaa”.

“Oohhhhhhhhhhhhh”, I moaned, warily looking at him, as Paresh sir entered his full prick deep in my cunt with one stroke. I too was wet, and my cunt lips were stretched fully in a moment, that pained me a lot. Paresh removed his whole prick outside fully and started to hit his cock in my cunt lips and again with one shove he again pushed his dick-head in. “aaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii uunnnnnnnnnggggggghhhhhhhhh”, I moaned feeling the pleasure of my cunt being stretched by his cock. “Bahut tight hai teri chhoot, tere ko chodne mein bahut maja ayega”, Paresh sir began moving his prick in and out of my cunt. I was lifting my buttocks to meet his powerful thrusts. “Meri jan, teri chhoott to bahut giliye auur tiigghttt haii, majjja ayega roj terko chodne mein”.

I was just moaning in pleasure with his nice hard fuck and coming to know the same he was laughing and telling me, ” mujhhee maluum hai teriii chooti taras rahii hai, yehh ley jjor sse, yyee auur joorr seeaa”. He now was fucking me furiously, his balls slapping against my buttocks. “Hhaaiiiii uuunngggghhhh”, I wailed in pleasure as Paresh sir rammed me powerfully.

I held his arms tightly and all my nails were dugged in his arms as I wailed in pleasurably to a shattering orgasm. To be very frank it was just second or third time in my whole life I had a huge orgasm. Paresh sir immediately said “Nikal gaiye tere pani Kaisa laga, Maazzaa aayyaa”, he asked.

“Uunngghhhh hhhaaiinn”, I moaned softly. I was in throes of orgasm and continuously wailing, ” Aahh ooohhnn uunngghh uunnhhggg aarrrgg uunnn oohhhhhhhhhhh”. His balls were slapping my ass with each stroke. Paresh sir was about to explode, he did not withdraw, and instead he held my neck pulling me more towards him and inserted deep in and ejaculated deep inside me. For the first time I could feel hot cum splashing deep in her cunt.

Paresh sir and got up and sat in his chair nude and lighted a cigarette and telling me, that I was one hell of a fuck. I took my clothes and rushed out inside the bathroom.

I didn’t know standing in the small bathroom, to be very frank I loved it like anything but unable to understand how I could like it. The bathroom was wet so came out to wear my clothes. I saw Paresh sir waiting out there just in his pants bare chest and came near to me and pulled me back in his bed telling me, “Kay mast jism diya hai bagwan ne terko dil karta hai terko chodte raho, waise mere sath chudwae terko kaisa laga ”. I didn’t answer and wrapping my clothes on my body was trying to move the other side.

He told me to stay back as he knew my husband is not there and he fucked me twice in the night and again in the early morning before he let me go. Its seven years now that I am with Paresh sir and also have another daughter because of Paresh sir. After I had my daughter he tells me that the 50000 Rs he had stolen with his duplicate key so that I can have sex with him.

That’s my story.

Well I know Shilpa why I kept going because the sex I had with Paresh sir was so different and I felt that what I got from my husband wasn’t even 10% and Paresh sir was like a horse or sex god demon whatever. I love the way he fucks me I know its not traditional style the office fuck the quick stuff everything I love it. After a month or so he showed me all this porn sites and I got addicted to it what to do and made me addict to sex. But he always respected me in front of others never he made others feel that there is something between us.

That’s all Shilpa from me

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Unforgettable Savita Bhabhi

Mahesh is married to Savita. Savita is a typical Gujju beautiful lady. They have got a KG going kid, Vikki. Savita is elder to me, may be 27. I always kept a Bhabhi respect to her. I never, thought of having any other sort of relationship with Savita for the first year of stay, which I regret now. Savita is a real beauty, with fair complexion. Her hairs were not so big but curly like. She may be around 5’ 3”, with terrific body shape. During the year of stay in neighboring flats we became very close friends. Used to exchange books, cassettes, share jokes. No one, including me, find any thing wrong with our relationship because we were relatives. I use to visit their house frequently.

They used to invite me for breakfast and lunch on holidays. Mahesh being a busy man with lot of business tours, I have less interaction with him. Since I am a shift worker I will be at home most of the day time. One day I was invited to their place for a break fast, and aunty was preparing dosa for me. Mahesh was out of Mumbai. After hearing my voice, Savita came to the hall to say hello to me. She was getting ready for a bath, applied coconut oil all over hair and face. She was wearing yellow nightie, which was almost see through. She came to the balcony; with the sunlight from her back I could see her body very clearly. She was wearing a black bra and pink panty. Rest of the body, her knees, thighs and naval etc are visible through her nightie. She started applying oil on Vikki standing there and all the while I could watch her from many angles.

I had dosa and came back to my flat but that scenes were not going out from my mind. Slowly, in my mind another sort of relationship with Savita raised. She became the dream girl of my fantasy. I am very poor in seducing girls and had to wait a lot for the real thing to happen. Moreover, Savita is a housewife, decent lady, related too. One should be very careful in such cases. I know that Aunty regularly visit one of the temple, and will be away from home in the evenings. I use to wait for that time. As soon as she goes out, I will knock the door of Savita. Some day aunty takes Vikki also with her, adding more freedom to me. Savita also must have noticed my punctuality but didn’t mention any thing. When we were alone I use to talk about Films, she likes Rajesh Khanna very much. That time Aradhana picture was in town.

One day I made my tone very sweet and asked her, shall we go and watch Aradhana together. She looked at me shockingly, and flatly rejected my proposal. I asked why, you don’t love to watch? She showed no interest. So my first move went totally wrong. My second move was even worse. Mahesh was away for almost a month and I thought this is the time to catch her as she is deprived of men’s touch for a long. I was on night shift and waited for the evening, my own time to come. Before lunch I had some beer. After some booze had a wish to see Savita. I visited their place. Aunty opened the door and asked me to sit. Savita was taking bath. Aunty asked me to wait, as she wanted to go out. She was going to her friend in Andheri and will come back only in the afternoon.

I decided to stay there only. Aunty told Savita in the bathroom that she is going but forget to tell her that I am waiting in the hall. After aunty left, I tried to peep in to the bathroom, but the doors were really secured. So I waited in the main hall only. In their house the TV is placed in such angle that I could see her bedroom’s image sitting on that sofa. After bath Savita came completely nude thinking that she is alone at home. I could see her through the reflection on TV screen. She was completely nude and wiping out all wetness with a dry towel.

Honestly, I couldn’t just resist that scene, and I was in booze too. I took out my hard Lund out of my lungi and slowly started caressing it. By the time Savita got into a panty and bra and was looking for a dress in the cupboard. I walked to the doors of her bedroom and called her by name. She frightened seeing me there and covered herself with the bed sheet and asked me how I get in. Told her I was waiting for her before aunty left. I said sorry to her for peeping in to her bedroom and came back and sat on the sofa. Savita after dressing up came and sat on another sofa. She was nervous thinking that I must have seen her in only panty. After few minutes, she became normal and asked whether to have tea or coffee. I was still trapped in those scenes and my Lund was still fully erect.

As I was not wearing a undie the bulge was visible in my lungi. I intentionally spread my legs little apart so that the Lund will peep out its own through the lungi. And it did. Savita was sitting just opposite to me and I know that she couldn’t miss it. I sat as if I don’t know that my junior is now visible to her. Meanwhile, I started watching TV, and she started staring at my tool. I asked a glass of water. As she went inside to bring water, I took my Lund little more outside. Few honey drops were trying to drip from the tip. I pulled the skin from the top and applied those drops all over the Lund head. Now my Lund is standing up right like a red mushroom just enough to attract any one of the opposite sex. With my lungi I covered it half, so that no body can blame me for exhibiting also.

Savita came in and noticed the position. Handed over the water, sat on another sofa, this time at an angle and started watching TV trying to ignore me. I also looked at the TV. I knew, if I am not looking at her, she will enjoy watching my Lund head. After few minutes, I slowly started stroking my shaft. More and more love drops came out, and I lubricated my fingers and run all over the Lund head. She was enjoying the show but pretended not looking at me. By that time, some body rang the calling bell and it was their servant. I mentally cursed the servant and returned to my flat. I had another bottle of beer. Before servant left their place aunty was in so I again waited for the evening. But this evening, unlike my calculation, I saw Savita also going with aunty. In fact, they knocked my door and said today all of them are going to the temple.

I was shocked, thoroughly desperate. The whole day I was waiting for this evening to spend with Savita, to take the advantage of long separation from her husband and try to seduce her. Unlike other days she is also going to the temple today, probably just to avoid me. I realized that she didn’t like all that show in the morning. I was really shocked thinking that she won’t be friendly any more. After 10 min, I heard the calling bell. I opened the door, and I can’t believe it was Savita. She entered in to my house and sat on the sofa. Even though it is their house, after renting to me, Savita normally doesn’t come inside my house. She said “only at the bus-stop I realized that I am on the ninth day of monthly period, so aunty advised not to come to temple. Vikki has gone with her” she continued “and I forget to collect the key from aunty, so I have no choice but to wait here till they come back”.

She apologized for the inconvenience, and added that today there is a special day at temple and aunty will take more than four hours to come back. I said no problem, inside I was so happy, but didn’t show up. I was all the while worried how she will react to the morning show. I was reading a pornographic book and it was lying on the sofa. I went to the kitchen to make a tea for both of us. She took that book and started looking at those pictures. When I came with the tea she kept the book down. There is only one sofa and no choice but to share with her. I kept a good distance. But after washing the tea cups Savita came and sat very close to me, but not touching. “Pabby switch on the TV”. I took the remote and kept changing the channels.

She held my hand and stopped when one Hindi movie channel came. That was the first touch between us during the one year of friendship. She didn’t took her hand back, instead crossed her fingers with me. She with a moan took the TV remote in her mouth and licked the remote from bottom to top. Then she with her tender lips kissed the head of the remote. That was the first signal to me. But I was still afraid of destroying friendship with her, determined not to take any initiative unless she give a clear green signal. Savita then kept the TV remote on her lap and started pressing on the triangle portion over her salwar.

Hen she slowly raised the top so that her naval region is just visible to me. And started massaging her naval and abdomen with the remote head. Once she also put the remote deep inside the salwar and told “Pabby, where is your remote, can you find out?” Like children playing hide and seek! “Pull it out” she asked. I with great difficulty of not touching her much tried to pull it out from her salwar. My fingers felt her pubic region. My Lund was fully erect because of the whole scene. Still I stood where I was. Not making any move. She was very upset by this. I also decided to tease her like this; she was teasing me more than a month now. After a minute Savita wanted to go to toilet. I went with her and helped in switching on the light and came and sat back on the sofa. Savita came out of the bath room.

She was now wearing only the top. “Water spilled from tap, the bottom became wet, I will leave it for a while” She then handed over the salwar to me “Pabby will you put this in the balcony, let it get dry” I took it to the bedroom side balcony, I noticed not only bottom but her panties and bra were also removed. There is no water at all. I came to know she is just lying to remove the dress. Her panties were wet from her love juices, I enjoyed the smell and dropped her dresses in the balcony and came back. Savita was sitting on the dining opposite to the sofa where I was sitting. Savita, pretending watching TV, slowly pulled her top up. I could see her knee very clearly now. She raised one leg and kept on the other knee, so that I can see her beautiful thighs now.

I tried avoiding her but couldn’t resist. The much awaited matter is slowly getting exposed in front of me. Till now her thighs were together, which she slowly started parting. At the same time pulled her top a little more. Finally she parted her thighs and her pubic area is completely visible. Her sweet hairy triangle, she has very little hair triangle just above the pussy. She slowly run her fingers all over her pubic area. Savita then slowly raised her one leg and kept on the chair she is sitting. Her choot lips are visible now. Her choot is pressing my lucky chair. She kept the other leg also on the table. Savita is sitting now half naked, showing her choot lips visible in front of me. I couldn’t resist and I went near her. She shouted at me and asked me to sit where I was.

Savita took the remote again and started licking and sucking it, with her left hand slowly rubbing the choot lips. Then with both hands she slowly parted her choot lips. Her beautiful tender clitoris come out from the lips. She with her one finger slowly caressed it. She dripped her finger inside the choot. Now I just can’t resist, I came out of my lungi and I also become half naked. My erect Lund is there ready for any thing. I started jerking it slowly. I was standing on the floor few feet away from her, jerking. She finally came to me and knelt in front directly and planted a kiss on top of my Lund. She separated my hands from my tool, and said “now you stop fiddling with it, its mine.” Savita with her left hand held my Lund head. As she lowered her hand till the base of my Lund all extra skin is removed from the top and stood clean erect. There were few drops of my lubricating liquid.

She put her tongue out and with her tip of the tongue touched the tip of Lund. Slowly tongued the small hole at the tip of my Lund. I shivered, requested her “I can not stand like this, can I sit or lay down?” She laughed and made me sit on the edge of the sofa. Parted my leg, and placed herself comfortable between my thighs, all the while not releasing my Lund from hand. My Lund skin is still back with her left hand. She kept the right hand on my balls and squeezed.

Slowly she again touched the tip of my Lund with her sweet tongue tip. Then slowly she moved the tongue tip all over my Lund head. I already reached heaven, much more to go. Savita now moving her tongue tip all over the base of my shaft, bottom of the mushroom head. I ran my hand all over her head and hair. Now her tongue is more out and she is licking all over the Lund head. Her saliva and my lubrication together made an excellent mix and I was enjoying all the touching. She with her tender lips kissed the head. Her lips covered all the head now. She moved head up and down so that a good friction is generated with her lips and my Lund head. With her tip of lips she caught the base of my Lund head, at the same time made a tickle at the top of my Lund head, which was inside her lips. Savita kissed all over the shaft and finally took all my length inside. While she was moving her head up and down, held the lips and mouth tight and both of us enjoyed the friction.

Tongue all the while playing beautifully inside. As the blows continue, I pulled her top and removed it till the shoulder. As expected she was not wearing any thing inside. Her beautiful tits are just like orange fruit, round and firm. The nipples look like grapes in color and shape. I was eager to chew and play with them. I pulled Savita up, and she sat on my lap facing me. Her tits just in front of me. I was confused which one to kiss and which one to squeeze. I squeezed and licked left and right. Savita decided some thing else. She completely removed her top and threw it away and pulled my t shirt also apart. Both of us are completely naked. I am on the edge of sofa; she is sitting on my lap facing me. My Lund is trying to touch her choot lips but could not reach; instead it made a contact with her pubic triangle. Few drops of my precum wetting her pubic hair. Savita has got very few hair in the pubic region; probably she shaved it at all. As I told before she has got different idea and knelt on sofa in front of me.

Since I was sitting, her pubic area came in-front of my face. No need to tell me what to do now. Much awaited, dreamt, Savita’s choot is rubbing my face. I slowly kissed her triangle. Kissed all over her pubic area, enjoying the aroma of her pussy. I massaged both her thighs. I relaxed back on the sofa and lowered my face. She also placed her choot so that we can have a good sucking on it. This part of her body is much awaited and I decided to see it first clearly. I slowly parted her choot lips. Her pinkish inner lips are visible to me now. It was wet with her love juice. I parted the upper part of her choot lips also and her beautiful tender nut is there. Just like a bud of flower. I touched it with my finger and she moaned “haa ha ha ho ho…” I allowed her to calm down and explored her choot lips and inner lips with my finger. More juices of Savita started flowing. One drop even fell on my lips. I licked it with tongue and enjoyed Savita’s taste. Savita’s choot smelled like a lotus.

It spreads like a lotus also. I touched her clit again but this time with my tip of tongue. I licked and she continued moaning. I massaged her thighs and bottom. With my lips sucked her clitoris and she shouted this time. Lot of Savita’s love juices oozing through the walls of her choot. Drops developing at my lips. I had to flip my tongue there otherwise it will again drip on face. She liked that flip across the opening of the outer lips. So I continued it and tasted all her oozing juice. It tasted like honey. Slowly my tongue reached her inner lips. With my both hands I was holding her buttocks, I know, other wise she will fly. She was making all sorts of gymnastics at the hips. I did not allow her to move away and started squeezing her buttocks. My tongue slowly passed the inner lips and moving further in. I kept my lips out as possible and erect and penetrated her choot walls.

I didn’t have to take any effort of moving it in and out because her hips movements made the effect of friction. With one hand I started massaging her inner buttock cheeks and once finger found her anus also. I planted one finger inside the anus while my erect tongue penetrated inside the choot. With other hand occasionally squeezing her buttocks adding pleasure to her. I took my right hand from her back and the same finger I inserted in side her choot now. I moved it up and down and put the second one also. All the while kissing and caressing and sucking her clit. It continued for several minutes and she exploded. I just can’t stay with her hip movements. She raised her buttocks up in the air then lowered till choot touched my nose and come sitting on my face. Her exploded juice oozed to my lips and I drank all that love honey drops. She rested on me and relaxed for minutes. That was only the Part-1 and I was still a virgin.

After eating her choot for an hour and giving her an orgasm of that sort for the first time she decided to return the favor by blowing me off. So she asked me to sit on the edge of the sofa. Savita then parted my legs and placed herself comfortably between my thighs. She pulled one sofa cushion on the floor and sat on that crossed legged in front of me. She then slowly caressed my already erect Lund. Savita with her both hands widened my legs and caressed my thighs and knees. My erection was almost reaching her face. She then slowly started playing with my balls. Gently squeezing it with one hand and with her right hand caught hold of my tool. She held my tool tip tightly and with that friction lowered her hand till it touches my pubic bone. My Lund is now throbbing like a banana after removing the skin. Holding that hand with like that, lowering all the extra skin, with other hand she touched the mushroom head.

With her thumb and forefinger she made circles on my Lund head. Lot of lubricating juices started oozing. She applied all those juices evenly all over my Lund. Now my Lund is fully wet and with her both hands she started massaging my Lund. Savita’s 10 fingers moving all over my lubricated Lund. It was in full form, throbbing out like a piston. Slowly Savita left my tool alone and started caressing my back of thighs and bottom. I was getting restless and about to jump out of sofa when her hands reached caressing by Ass cheeks. While her finger started exploring my ass, her face came closer and closer to my Lund. She then pulled her tongue out and started licking my balls. Her tongue slowly moved up to the Lund base. She started licking my Lund from its base till the beginning of the head. I was twisting my body in pleasure. She slowly run her tongue all over my Lund head.

More and more Lund juices started oozing she licked all over the head. Savita sharpened her tongue and played mesmerizing lick at the urine hole at the tip of my Lund. I shivered. At the same her hand which was exploring my ass has reached my ass hole. It was at the same time her fore finger penetrated my ass hole and her lips mounted my Lund head. Savita tightly sucked my Lund head and shook her head left and right. It was giving a good friction. She then slowly lowered her lips through the shaft. Her lips are at the base of my shaft. She was slowly chewing my tool which is completely inside her mouth now. She moved her tongue inside increasing the friction. My lubricating liquid her saliva mixed well and it was giving me the smoothness and her a good taste. I realized my orgasm building up.

Savita is sucking my Lund with its full length and with tight lips. I could feel the fire in balls and base of the shaft. I told her to stop because I was about to explode in her mouth. She didn’t mind and was ready to take it in her mouth. Then finally I exploded. I shot my cum heavily inside her throat. She had no choice but to take it. She again and again licked and sucked, seems she enjoyed the taste. So that was her return. That’s not enough the real game has not started yet. Both of us wanted a small break. So Savita decided to make a coffee. I invited her to our kitchen and showed her where the coffee powder and all. I handed over her dresses; she said “no it’s not yet time for dressing up. Aunty will come late.” I said that’s okay but u put this dress while u prepare coffee.

She said no need we will work in kitchen completely naked. I watched naked Savita picking up the teapot bending down, exposing her back to me. She started pumping the water can and I could see her tits dancing. My Lund is getting back to form after these scenes. While mixing the powder and sugar she with her other hand started fingering her choot. We sat next to each other. While drinking coffee also she was fingering her choot and choot lips. I also started caressing my balls and Lund. Then Savita brought an idea, instead of playing with our own tools, let’s exchange ours. That sound great for me too. I stared caressing her pubic area. With middle finger occasionally touching her lips. Then I parted her lips and started playing with her clit. She also gave my tool gentle strokes.

By the time we finished our coffee I was erect and she was also wet and ready. I don’t want to waste time. I invited her to my bed room. She laid down on the bed. I also laid down next to her. We hugged very gently. We started rubbing our body with each other in passion. She then placed a gentle lips to lips kiss. That kiss we maintained for 4 to 5 minutes, exchanging our tongue in each others mouth. In this process I came on top of her. My pubic area was rubbing against her. My chest was rubbing her tits. Then I lowered my face and started sucking her right tit. I continued sucking and licking her both tits and erected nipples. She was enjoying it with closed eyes. Savita’s moaning told me that she is enjoying a tit-orgasm. In this process, she parted her thighs and my belly was touching her choot. It was all wet and hot. I realized that she is ready for the big game. I paused and took a packet of condom, which was kept at the bottom of pillow. I kept a packet of condom always with me not knowing when to use. Savita later teased me saying this.

Savita however asked me to throw away the condom; she told me that she is in the safe period and not to worry. She added, moreover Pabby you are a virgin and this is your first sex, so enjoy it without any hindrance. But she didn’t knew that I have fucked so many girls so far. She also said caressing my Lund, I want this great player in me not any rubber. Savita helped me in taking the position. I kept my Lund head near her choot lips, both are wet in anticipation. It went smoothly in the first lips; I had to apply some pressure to get the head inside her choot. I pulled it out and played in, I repeated this pull and push and the opening of her choot, all the while rubbing her clit. She shivered and asked me to put it in. I thrust deep. My Lund went inside Savita choot and touched her end of choot. I kept it in this position and lowered my body and hugged her, kissed her cheeks and forehead. Then I slowly started pumping. Initially I moved slowly, at one stage Savita started moaning and asked me to increase the speed. I pumped her choot with increased pace.

We were kissing each other wildly. After 5 minutes of this pumping Savita started shivering and her moan became loader. Her hands were tight at my back. I knew that she is coming. She came and came wildly and she started cooling down now. I was also feeling my first fucking orgasm building up. I changed my pace and played it very fast. Savita started wetting by now and with a deep pumping came inside her choot. It was great orgasm of my lifetime. My juices were shot inside her deep. Some extra juices were flowing out through her lips wetting her ass cheeks and ass hole. Both of us were exhausted and kept lying in the same position for a while till my tool became short and moved out of her choot lips. We both laid on back for a while; Then Savita turned to me and asked, so Pabby how was your first fuck. I leaned towards her kissed her in thanks. She also convinced that it was one of the great orgasm.

She said she was never felt satisfied like this during their 5 years marriage life, even if they have a kid. After that we decided to dress up. Savita told me that normally I wash after sex, but today I will not; I want to be with wetness aroma of this. We dressed up and came to front room. I opened the front door and sat their watching TV, waiting for aunty and Vikki, as if nothing had happened there. After a while aunty came. Savita told aunty that she forget the key and had to bother me. They opened their flat and went inside. That night I couldn’t really sleep well.

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Hansimazak Hansimazak Hansimazak Hansimazak
My Teacher Savita

Hi mera naam Raj hai or main punjab se belong karta hu main ek simple or sharmila ladka hu meri umar aab 28 saal hai jayada same na lete hu story par aate hai meri email hai story acchi lagi to please mail jarur karna its my real story and my email-
Yeh baat un dino ki hai jab mai 8th me parta tha main parne me hosiaar tha par science me maar kha jaata tha means science me mere number kam aate the parents ke kehane par mene science teacher ke pas tuition rakhli meri teacher ka naam savita tha vo acchi or sundhar 27 year ki ek khubsurat lady thi mere school me bhi vo parati thi par another section ko or

Jo hamare section me parati thi us madam ka kuch samajh nahi aata tha so mene tuition Savita ji ke pas rakhli us same meri umar 15-16 saal ki thi ain unse parke khush tha or main unko passand bhi bhahut karta tha unka figure bhahut accha 36-26-38 tha, rang me dhud ki tarah gora kad 5 “7 tha main daily mam se baate karta kai tarah ke topic chhed lete ham or same ka

Pata bhi nahi chalata tha ek saal main unse parta raha or humare me kabi majak bhi ho jata tha par vo simple majak hi hota tha mujhe dinraat mam ke hi supane aate the shayad mujhe unse payar ho gaya tha par main yeh baat unko ek saal tak nahi bata saka mere final exam hua or main acche numbero se pas hua mam ko pata chala to unhone mujhe ghar bulaya

Main unke ghar gaya or unhe aapne numbers ke baare me bataya vo khush hi or mujhe gale lag lia yeh meri life ka sabse khubsurat din tha unke badan ki khusbu mere naak me ja rahi thi ve kafi accha perfume istamaal karti thi main to unhe hug karke kho gaya unhone mujhe alag kiya or smile di or has pari main bhi sharma ke reh gaya hum baate karne lage

Savita- tum betho main abhi aati hu
me- ji mam
mam cold drink leke aai or mujhe diya
me – thank u mam
mam- to aab aage ka kaya bichar hai

Me – bichar to koi khas nahi jab school suru hoege tab dekhege
mam – tum mere pass books le ke parne ke liye aa jana or aabhi ini dino se parai suru kardo
me – abhi se mam abhi to kuch din hill sation par ghum kar aane ka vichar hai
mam- koi baat nahi jab jaoge chale jana or main konsa tumse koi fee lee rahi hu
me- nahi mam fee ki to koi baat nahi chalo fir dekhata hu ji main abhi to kuch din mera ghumne ka vichar hi hai

Mam- jesa tumhe acha lage aate jate rehna
me-ji mam
main vaha par kuch same bath kar ghar aa gaya fir ghar jakar socha ki kaya mam mujhe passand karti hogi ya nahi vo mujhe free tution dena chati hai
chalo same aage bada meri nai class suru ho gai ek din main man ke ghar gaya

Mam- aao Raj kese ho
me- thik hu mam ji aap kese ho
mam- thik hu vi or nahi vi
me- kayu kaya hua
mam-chhodo kuch nahi

Me- fir bhi
mam- kuch khas nahi main bor ho jati hu ghar akele me
me-bas itani si baat bas yeh month hi hai fir garmio ki chhutia suru ho jaegi or main in chutio ka pura fayada uthana chataa hu
mam- kesa fayada
me -aapse parke or kaya

Mam-ok main to keh rahi hu tum abhi se aa jaea karo
me- ok mam main kal se aa jauga or kuch same baad me vaha se ghar aa gaya aab main rooj main ke pas parne jata kabhi kabhi hum game caram or ludo bhi khelate main roj mam se milata jisdin mam ko na dekhata mujhe nind nahi aati ek din main mam ke pas gaya us din holiday tha dopahar ko mam so rahi thi mene door bell bajai mam ne gate khola or payari si samail di ese lag raha tha ki mam so rahi thi

Me – mam agar so rahe the to main fir aata hu
mam- nahi Raj tum aao
main andhar gaya mam ne mujhe pani diya or fir tv on kia or mujse bate bhi karne lagi
mam-or sunao
me- bas thik hu ji mam kaya koi new movie hai

Mam- han kal hi lai thi godjila dekhani hai betho main on karti hu main mam ke badroom me bathgaya jaha ek kambal para tha jaha mam so rahi hi

Mam-bed par thik ho kar bethjao

Me- ok mam ek saal me humme acchi patane lagi thi or aab main itani sharam bhi nahi karta tha mam bed per letgai main unke piche leta tha or tv mam ki side par tha jiskaran mam ki gaand meri taraf thi or muh tv ki
Taraf or mam ne cooler on kiya hua tha or kambal bhi liya hua tha mene pucha cooler or kambal dono ek saath to mam ne kaha tumhe kuch same ke baad pata lag laega, mam sahi keh rahi thi unke bedroom me kuch same ke baad mujhe bhi thand mehsus hui mam ne meri taraf dekha or has padi or boli kambal le lo ek hi kambal tha main sharma raha tha par kuch same

Ke baad main sharam chhod kar kabbal me gus gay or mam ke back pe aapna agala hisa laga giya or mam ke kandho ke upar se tv dekhane lagakuch same baad mera kaada hone laga or mene mam ki gand pe thoda sa dabab badaya mam kuch na boli or unke najdik pare popcon mujhe pakrae, mene ek do uthae or kaha main kud utha luga aap aage rakh le or

Hum move dekhane lagejab bhi main popcon uthata main ki gand me mera land under ko dhus jata mam ne kuch partikriya nahi di, maine socha Raj aab bahut ho gaya try to karke dekh agar kuch bolegi to kaya hoga mujme ek saal me kafi confidence aa gaya tha jise main aaj use kar raha tha mene unke kande par haath rakha or movie dekhane laga or aapne land ka bhar

Unki gand par dene laga par vo ese react kar rahi thiki jese kuch nahi ho raha aab main aage bada or aapna haath unke kande se unki kamar par le gay or kamar shelane laga par koi rection nahi apne aapko dhire dhire age piche bhi karta rah par koi rection nahi movie khatam ho gai mam ne smile di or boli kuch loge main abhi aai same kafi ho chuka tha or mujhe ghar bhi

Jana tha so mene kaha nahi main jata hu par vo nahi mani or chaye bana ke le aai or bathroom bhi gai mene chai pi or ghar aa gaya ese hi ek do din chhod ke main kud mam ko keh deta ki mam movie dekhe to vo smile dete or ok bol deti ese hi vo mujase open ho gai baato me nahi movie dekhane me jab bhi vo movie dekhati main uske sarir ho sehlata uske mome bhi dhire dhire dabata vo kuch na kehati

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Hansimazak Hansimazak Hansimazak Hansimazak
Savita ka pyar

Mera naam Mohit Agrawal hai. Main Jaipur ka rehne wala hoon. Main ek peshewar chartered accountant hoon.
Chartered accountancy karne ke baad do saal tak main Jaipur mein hi ek firm mein naukri karta tha. Naukri to
thi magar mujhe us se behtar naukri ki talaash thi. Lihaja maine Delhi ki ek MNC mein naukri ke liye aavedan
diya. Mera CV company ne short-list kar liya aur mujhe interview ke liye bulawa aa gaya. Niyat samay mein
main interview ke liye company ke corporate office mein pahuch gaya. Mere alawa aur bhi kai ummeedwaar the.
Post ek hi khali tha aur saubhagya se woh naukri mujhe mil gayi. Main khushi-khushi Jaipur laut aya. Ab June
2012 ki pehli tareekh ko mujhe join karna tha. Main Delhi samay par pahuch gaya aur company ke director ko
apni joining report kar di. Salary achchhi thi. Ab mujhe ek aur cheez ki talaash thi aur woh tha kiraye ka
aisa makaan jo Karol Bagh ilaake ke nazdeek ho, kyoonki mera office karol Bagh mein hi hai.

Shuru ke 15 din to maine company ke guest house mein bitaye magar apna khud ka makaan jaroori tha. Lihaza
maine company mein hi apne ek hum-umra colleague se iske liye charcha ki. Hafta hote-hote usne mujhe 3-4
makaan dikhaye unmein se ek mujhe pasand aa gaya. Makaan mein saari suvidhaayein thien. Mujhe darassal ek
furnished makaan ki jaroorat thi, jis se ki furniture wagairah khareedane ki jaroorat na pade. Khair ek shaam
main apne colleague ke saath makaan malik se milne unke ghar pahuch gaya. Woh makaan ek government suppier ka
tha jo apni biwi ke saath rehte the. Unke do bachche the aur donon baahar kisi boarding school mein padhte
the. Khair jaise hi hum unke ghar pahuche makaan malik ki dharm-patni ne darwaza khola aur humien drawing
room mein bithaya. Ghar adhunik tha aur saari suvidhaayein thien wahaan. Mujhe makaan dekhte hi pasand aa
gaya. Mujhe ek 1 bhk flat numa accommodation dikhaya gaya jo well-furnished tha. Kiraya tay hua Rs 12,000 per
month. Mujhe meri car ki parking ke liye bhi jagah mil gayi thi warna Delhi mein adhikaansh gharon ke saamne
log sadak kinaare hi apni car park karte hain.

Maine mahine ke kiraye ki saari raqam makaan malkin ke haath mein rakh di aur unse kiraye ka agreement
banwaane ka anurodh kiya. Hum baat kar hi rahe the itne mein unke pati-dev bhi aa gaye. Hamara parichay hua.
Woh kaafi sajjan lage. Unhone mujhe bataya ki unhein paison ki khatir makaan kiraye pe lagaane ki jaroorat
nahin thi balki woh itne bade ghar mein bilqul akela mehsoos karte the is wajah se ek achchhe kiraye daar ki
unhein bhi talaash thi. Shart sirf ek thi aur woh thi maans-machhali aur sharaab us ghar mein nishiddh tha.
Woh Jain the aur main khud Marwadi Agrawal. Is wajah se main bhi vegetarian hi hoon. cigarette sharaab ya koi
bhi buri latt mujhe shuru se nahin rahi. 16 June ko main makaan mein shift kar gaya. Office mera ghar se 10
minute ki drive pe tha. Khair ab zindagi ki gaadi apni gati se chalne lagi. Mujhe kitchen ki suvidha thi aur
main ghar ka khana pasnad karne ki wajah se ek kaam wali bai ko rakh liya jo mere liye khana bhi banati thi
saath hi kapde aur ghar ki safai bhi karti thi. Makaan malik aksar shahar se daure pe rehte the apne business
ke silsile mein. makaan malkin ka sara samay ya to ghar mein bitata tha akele TV dekhte hue ya fir padosan ke
saath baatein karte hue. Ab zara main lage haathon apne baare mein apni pyaari Savita Bhabhi ke baare mein
bhi kuchh bata doon.
Meri umra us waqt 25 saal thi aur Savita Bhabhi rahi hongi koi 40 ke aas-paas. Main ek handsome aur gora-
chitta ladka hoon jiska mujhe ladkiyon aur shadi-shuda bhabhiyon ke beech fayda milta raha hai. savita bhabhi
dohre badan ki mahila thien iske baawjood unka pet andar tha. Haan bade bhari mumme the unke aur gaand bass
poochho matt jab chalti thein to dekhne wale ke lund tann jate the. Mera bhi kuchh aisa hi haal tha.
Cigarette, sharaab ka to khair shauk tha hi nahin par meri ek kamzori shuru se rahi aour woh hain shadi-shuda
bhabhiyan. Jabb makaan malik ghar pe hote to main apne-aap mein rehta tha. Samne padne pe sirf namaste
bhaiyya bolta tha bade adab se. Thode hi dinon mien maine apni is dikhawati sharafat se donon ke dilon pe
chha gaya. makaan malik ab meri taraf se nishchint ho chuke the. Unke samne main bhabhi se bhi baatein nahin
ke barabar karta aur kuchh poochhane pe sirf haan ya na mein jawaab deta tha. Aur jabb woh bahar hote to
savita bhabhi se jaroor poochhata tha unka haal-chaal aur jaroorat padne pe madad ki peshkash bhi karta tha.
savita bhabhi ne bhi ise jaroor mehsoos kiya hoga ki main chori-chhupe unmein interest leta tha, kyoonki yeh
sab kuchh main unke pati ki anupasthiti mein hi poochhata tha. Ab dheere-dheere maine yeh bhi mehsoos karna
shuru kiya ki jab unke pati dev ghar pe nahin hote the to unka mujhse baatein karne ka tareeka jyada apnapan
liye hota tha. Bhabhi mujhe hamesha akele mein kuchh na kuchh khilati rehti thi aur main badle mein unka kaam
karta tha kabhie bazar se samaan la deta tha. Ek Shaniwar ko main market ja raha tha. Unke pati shahar ke
baahar the. savita bhabhi ghar pe akeli thein aur Shaniwar hone ki wajah se meri chhutti thi.

Maine aadatan savita bhabhi se poochha kuchh mangana hai? unhone sakuchate hue kaha mangana to tha par chhod
do aap. maine poochha kyoon kya hua. Bhabhi bolein- ab aapse kaise boloon? pata nahin aap kya samjhenge?
Maine kaha kaisi baatein karti ho bhabhi aap bhi. Dewar to hamesha apni bhabhi ki sewa mein lage hote hain.
Aap ab batao bhi. Unhone kaha unhein sanitary napkin ki jaroorat hai. Maine hanste hue kaha to yeh baat
mujhse chhupayi ja rahi thi? Bhabhi hanste hue sharma gayein. Khair maine stayfree ka packet bhabhi ke liye
le aya. Unhone paise diye aur maine bhi bina kisi na-nukar ke le liye. Ab bhabhi mujhe kuchh-kuchh khulne
lagi thein. hum donon akele hote chhutti ke dionon mein to ek doosre se gappein padaya karte. Idhar-udhar ki
baatein hoti rehti thein. Mujhe ab poora yakeen tha ki main savita bhabhi ko fansa loonga. lekin main bahut
dheere-dheere aagey badhne mein yakeen rakhta hoon. So maine koi jaldbaazi nahin dikhayi. Ek Sunday main apne
kamre mein tha aur bhabhi apne ghar pe akeli thein. Maine derr se uthne ki wajah se dekha mere bathroom mein
pani nahin aa raha tha. Maine bhabhi se bataya to unhone mujhe kaha aap aaj hamare bathroom mein naha lo.
Lagta hai apke bathroom ka nall jaam ho gaya hai kisi plumber ko bulana padega.

Maine kaha theek hai. Bhabhi ne paha pehle woh naha lein fir main bathroom mein jaaoon. Main unke bathroom se
baahar aane ki prateeksha karne laga. Jabb woh aayein to main bathroom mein ghusa. Andar meinde dekha unki
kholi hui bra aur panty padi hui thi. Mere dimaag mein turat bijli kaundhi. laga bhabhi ne jaan-boojh kar
mujhe apne bathroom mein nahane ka mauka diya hai aur baaqi kapde to washing machine mien daal diye hain
nahane ke baad lekin bra-panty mere liye chhod rakhi hai. Unki kholi hui bra-panty ko dekhte hi mera 9inch
lamba aur 5inch mota lund tann kar khada ho gaya. maine dhadkate dil se unki panty uthayi aur use soongha.
panty se unki mast choot (boor) ki bhini-bhini aromatic khushbu aa rahi thi. Soonghte hi main madhosh ho
utha. maine unki bra aur panty donon ko baari-baari apne tanne hue lund pe lapeta aur mooth marna shuru kar
diya. Maine iradatan unki bra aur panty donon pe apne lund ka sadka gira use sarabor kar diya. Ab mujhe pakka
yakeen tha ki bhabhi mere bathroom se nikalte hi apni bra-panty check karengi aur use geela aapne par mera
irada bhaap jayengi. wajah saaf thi. Bhabhi ne bra-panty bilqul sookhi chhodi thi jo ab mere lund ke sadke se
buri tarah se geeli ho chuki thi jis se bhabhi ki choot ki pyari mehak ke saath-saath mere lund ke sadke ki
mahak bhi aa rahi thi. Halaanki main unki taraf se nishchint tha fir bhi mann ka chor mujhe dara raha tha ki
kahin woh bura na maan jaayein.

Fir maine apne mann ke chor ko samjhaya ki agar woh bura manti bhi hain to kisi se kuchh kehne ki awastha
mein nahin hongi, so maidaan saaf tha. Khair ab tak bra-panty donon geeli ho chuki thein. Bathroom se nikalte
waqt maine bra-panty jahaan se uthayi thi use jaan boojh kar doosri jagah rakh diya jise dekhte hi woh samajh
jayein ki unke kapdon ke saath chhed-chhaad hui hai. nahakar main apne kamre main aa gaya. Ab ek cheez mujhe
aur pata karni thi ki kya sahi mein mere bathroom ka nall kharaab ho gaya hai ya bhabhi ne mujhse jooth kaha
hai. Main ye check karne ke liye terrace pe gaya aur nall check kiya to dekha mere bathroom ka nall band tha.
Ab mujhe pakka yakeen ho gaya ki loha garam hai aur ek chhoti se pehel mujhe jannat ki sair kara sakti hai.
Ab main bilqul nishchint tha ki mere lund ka sadka bhabhi ko jaroor pasand ayega aur woh bhi betaabi mein
garam ho jayengi. Dopahar ko main khana kha kar apne kamre main aise hi leta hua tha aur bhabhi ne achnak
mere darwaze pe dastak di.

Maine uth kar darwaza khola. savita bhabhi darwaaze pe khadi thein. Unhone sharmate hue poochha mein disturb
to nahin kar diya? Aap aram kar rahe the. Maine unka haath pakadte hue unhein andar bula liya. savita bhabhi
ne kaha ki woh akeli bore ho rahi thein so socha mujhe baatein karein. maine kaha bhabhi mujhe bhi aapse
baatein karna achchha lagta hai. Hum donon aaju-baaju sofe pe baithe the. savita bhabhi ne nabhi darshana
saree pehen rakhi thi aur gehre kate gale ka blouse jis se unke donon boobs deep cleavage nazar aa rahe the.
maine baatein karte-karte unke boobs ki taraf nazarein dalna shuru kar diya. Bhabhi ne ise bhaap liya lekin
idhar-udhar ki baatein karti rahein. baaton hi baaton mein unhone mujhse meri shadi ke baare mein poochha.
maine bataya baatein chal rahi hain lekin abhi tak koi ladki pasand nahin aayi hai. Unhone poochha ki meri
kaisi pasand hai to maine jaan-boojh kar kaha bhabhi aapki tarah hanste hue. Fir maine girlfriends ke baare
mein bataya ki meri jaipur mein do-do bhabhiyan hain. Bhabhi ne poochha unke baare mein to maine jaan-boojh
kar unhein saari baatein bata dein.
Ab savita bhabhi ko meri baaton mein interest aane laga aur woh mujhse khulne lagein. Unhone mujhe meri
virginity ke baare mein poochha to maine hanste hue kaha ki aap jaisi sexy bhabhi ke hote hue koi kab tak
kawara reh sakta hai. Fir hum donon sex pe baatein karne lage aur maine unhein bataya ki main pe
gandi filmein dekhta hoon. maine poochha bhabhi aap nahin dekhtein. savita bhabhi ne kaha ki unhien darr
lagta hai ki kahin unke bed room mein kisi ke haath na lag jaye. Ab baatein karte-karte hamare sur badalne
lage the aur hum donon ki awaaz fusfusaahat mein badal gayi thi theek waise hi jaise choda-chodi ke samay
ladka aur ladki donon ki awaaz badal jati hai. maine teer nishane pe chala hi diya tha ab thodi aur kassar
baqi reh gayi thi jise main poora kar dena chahta tha. main dheere se apni jagah se utha aur unke bilqul
nazdeek satt kar baith gaya. Unhone koi na-nukar nahin ki aur na hi apni jagah se hatein. Green signal
dekhkar maine unka haath pakda aur aur fir unke kandhon pe baahein dalte hue unhein apni taraf kheecha aur ek
gehra chumban unke larajte hothon pe le liya. Woh kasmasayein aur dheere se kaha yeh kya kar rahe hain.

Maine chhotate hi kaha bhabhi I love you. Unhone ghabra kar uthne ka natak karte hue meri giraft se chhootane
ki nakaam koshish ki. Mujhe auraton ke chochale pata hain. main yeh avsar haath se jane nahin dena chahta
tha. maine unki naqli na-na mein haan ko soongh liya tha. Ab woh uthane ki koshish karne lagein to maine
unhein chhod diya. Unhein iski kalpana nahin thi ki main itni asani se unhein apni giraft se chhod doonga.
Woh jaise hi uth khadi huin maine unhein dobara peechhe se pani baahon mein bhar liya aur apna lund unki mast
gudaaj gaand ki darar zor se daba diya. Woh is achanak hamle ke liye shayad tayyar nahin thien. par shayad
unhein bhi achchha laga aur woh fir meri giraft se chhootane ka natak karne lagein. Ab tak mere haath unke
pet aur nabhi ko buri tarah se sehla rahe the aur amein unki mast gehri nabhi mein ungi daale unhein aur
garam kar raha tha. Ab amine unke boobs dabane shuru kar diye aur unhein diwaar ke sahare khada kar unka
chehra apne saamne lete hue fir se paagalon ki tarah choomne laga. Kuchh pall tak to unhone apna muh nahin
khola lekin fir dheere se muh khol kar kaha aap bade paaji ho. lagte to sharif ho par ho bahut gande. Yeh
mere liye maun sweekriti lakshnam tha.
Maine doone utsaah se unke earlobes pe halke se daant kata aur unke muh se ek sexy siskari nikal aayi. Is se
pehle ki main kuchh aur kar pata itne mein baahar collapsible gate pe kisi padosan ki awaaz sunayi di arre
savita tu kidhar hai? savita bhabhi ne jaldi se tadap kar khud ko meri giraft se chhudaya aur apne kapde
sambhalte hue gate ki taraf bhaagi. maine bhi unhein jane diya aur us padosan ko dil hi dil khoob kosa. Ab
main betaab tha aur mujhe pata tha ki aag donon taraf barabar lagi hai. lekin main apni is pahal se poori
tarah santusht nahin tha. Mujhe pata tha ki jaldi hi agar maine savita bhabhi ko nahin choda to woh fir mere
haath se nikal sakti hain. padosan ne bhabhi se market chalne ke liye kaha jise unhone yeh keh kar taal diya
ki unke patidev usi din shaam ko flight se do din ke liye Chennai jaa rahe the business ke silsile mein so
woh nahin ja saktein. Khair donon kuchh derr yun hi khade-khade baat karti rahein. main idhar kamre mein
besabri se padosan ke waapis jane ki raah dekh raha tha. Mujhe laga padosan ke jate hi bhabhhi fir mere paas
aayngi par main galat tha. savita bhabhi apne bed room ien chali gayein. Unke bed room mein jate hi main bhi
peechhe se unke paas pahuch gaya.

Darwaza unhone bhidaya hua tha. darwaaz khol kar maine dekha bhabhi akeli bed pe baithi hain. maine haule se
awaaz lagayi aur anadar ghus gaya. savita bhabhi ne mujhe dekhte hi kaha aap jo kar rahe hain woh theek nahin
hai. Maine poochha aisa kya galat kiya hai maine? is par unhone kaha koi woh shadi-shuda hain aur agar kisi
ko is baare mein pata chal gaya to kisi ko muh dikhane layak nahin rahengi. Maine unhein yeh kehte hue
aashwast kiya ki mujhe bhi apni badnaami ka utna hi darr hai jitna unhein so hum donon ise secret rakhenge
harr haalat mein. Ab unke paas baith kar maine unhein fir se apni baahon mein liya aur pyaar karne laga.
Unhone kaha abhi rehne do aap. Aaj shaa aapke bhaiyya jab Chennai ke liye nikal jayenge to hum nishchint ho
kar karenge yeh sab. Maine ek shart pe unhein chhodana manjoor kiya ki woh mujhe apni raseeli pyaari choot
aur gaand abhi dikhayegi aur main unhein abhi nahin chodunga.

Darsaal main unhein apna lund bhi dikha kar patana chahta tha kyoonki mujhe pata tha woh lund ki diwani hain
aur mere mote-lambe tane hue lund ke darshan karne ke baad khud ko kaabu mein nahin rakh payengi. Maine ek
jhatke mein apna bermuda utar diya aur yeh kya mera tana hua lauda 9inch lamba ur 5inch mota unhein salaami
de raha tha. Mere lund ko dekhte hi unki aankhein aashcharya se fail gayein. Shayad zindagi mein unhone aaj
se pehle itna lamba aur mota lund nahin dekha tha. Ab maine unhein lagbhag bistar pe dhakka maarkar litate
hue unke oopar chadhh gaya aur unki saari aur petticoat utha di aur andar se panty jo buri tarah se geeli ho
chuki thi use ek halki zabardasti ke saath utar di. savita bhabhi ab tak apni taangon pe kamzor ho chuki
thien poori tarah aur virodh (jo ki shuru se hi sirf ek dikhawa tha) bhi chhod diya tha poori tarah. Maine
unhein us pall nahin choda par unki choot mein muh daal diya aur paagalon ki tarah chhone-chatne laga.
Beech-beech mein unhein daati bhi halke-halke kaat leta tha unki choot ke daane ko. Woh chudai ke liye paagal
ho chuki thein. Ab sirf lund dalne ki derr thi. Ab maine unhein pet ke bal lita kar unki gaand ko failaya aur
daraar ke beech unki gaand ki mast gulabi chhed ko apni ungaliyon se chheda aur fir use paagalon ki tarah
chatne laga. Yeh sab maine is liye kiya ki woh baad mein chudai ke liye mana na kar payein. Fir haule se main
utha aur unhein apni ek jaagh mein bitha kar apna lund unke haath mein dete hue poochha savita bhabhi apne
dewar ka lund pasand aya? Unhone sir hila kar kaha haan. Maine poochha savita bhabhi kya aap nahin janana
chahengi aapke dewar ko aapki choot aur gaand kaisi lagi? Unhone fusfusate hue poochha aur maine chudai ki
madhosh kar dene wale andaaz mein unki chudakkad choot aur gaand donon ki jam kar tareef ki.

Ab choonki unke husband kisi bhi samay aa sakte the main savita bhabhi ke bed room se baahar aa gaya aur raat
ka intezaar karne laga. Intezaar ki ghadiyan badi chubhan wali hoti hain. Lekin aaj hamari suhaagraat thi.
Niyat samay par makaan malik aaye aur kuchh derr mein apna samaan pack kar airport ke liye nikal gaye. Ab
bache sirf hum donon. Main idhar paagal ho raha tha aur savita bhabhi udhar.

Milan ki pyaas bhi badi ajeeb hoti hai. Raat 9 baje ke qareeb bhabhi mere kamre mein ayein aur mujhe chhedte
hue poochha kya baat tabiyat to theek hai na? Maine mukurate hue kaha ki jiski itni chudakkad bhabhi ho who
bhala theek kaise reh sakta hai. Unhone hanste hue mere gaalon pe chumban liya aur badi ada se kaha dewar jib
hi kya kamm chudakkad hain. Hum donon hans pade. Raat ki chudai ka maine kuchh alag plan kiya tha ki unhein
apne kamre mein hi chodunga. Kyoonki raat mein mere kamre mein office ke kaam se wiase bhi derr raat tak
light on rehti hai lekin agar derr raat bhabhi ke kamre ki light hamari prem kahani ki pole khol sakti thi.
Kisi ko bhi shaque ho sakta tha pados mein ki kya baat hai savita bhabhi derr raat kya kar rahi hain. Bhabhi
aaj mera khana bhi khud hi bana rahi thein so maine maid ko mana kar diya.
Bhabhi ke dobara kitchen mein jaate hi main teji se utha aur paas ke market se ek safety razor leta aya. Raat
10 baje ke qareeb maine bhabhi ko apne kamre main bulaya aur unhein apni baahon mein bhar kar choomne laga
aur hum donon gnadi baatein karne lage. Maine bhabhi se poochha ki bhaiyya ka lund kaisa hai? Unhone bataya
ki bhaiyya ka lund qareeb 5 inch lamba hai aur bhaiyya turat jhad jate hain. Maine apna moosal ki tarah tana
hua 9” lamba aur 5” mota lund bhabhi ko dikhate hue poochha iske saath suhaag raat manaogi. Bhabhi ne lund
haath mein lekar mera halka mooth mara. Ab maine bhabhi ko baahon mein lekar boobs dabaye aur dheere se
blouse khol diya uske baad saree aur petticoat khol kar unhein bra- panty mein nihaarne laga. Fir bhabhi ki
panty utar kar uske andar boor ke darshan kiye. Boor se mast mehak aa rahi thi. Maine dekha us par jhaantein
ugi hui thein. Maine safety razor se un jhaanton ko saaf kiya aur fir unke armpit ke bhi halke-halke ug aaye
baalon ko shave kiya.

savita bhabhi ki choot aur gaand donon main din mein chaat chukka tha ab bhabhi betaab thein mera lund
chhosne ke liye. Tana hua goral und us par se chamkta hua gulabi phoola hua supada gazab dha raha tha. Bhabhi
ki aankhon mein chudai ki khumari saaf nazar aa rahi thi. Bhabhi ne bade pyaar se lund ko apna garam saliva
lappet kar choosa lollypop ki tarah fir sara saliva pee gayein. Unke saliva mein maine bhi apna thook mila
kar bhabhi ko pyaar se chataya. Fir unko chumma liya aur apne lund ka swaad unke muh se mehsoos kiya. Ab fir
ek baar main bhabhi ki choot ke peechhe pad gaya use chatne ke liye aur poori boor mere saliva aur precum se
mast geeli ho gayi. Fir bhabhi ki chummy lekar unhein unki choot ka swaad chakhaya. Fir bra khol kar bhabhi
ko peeth ke bal bister pe litaya aur unki gaand ke neeche ek takiya laga diya. Takiya lagane se savita bhabhi
ki choot oopar ubhar aayi jo bahut hi pyari lag rahi thi. Gori gudaaj, moti jaanghon ke beech chikni gulabi
choot malpue ki tarah laajwaab lag rahi thi. Fir savita bhabhi ki donon jaanghon ko oppar utha kar unke
kandhe ki taraf late hue maine apne lund ka supada unki boor ke muh ane pe tikaya aur ek dhakka diya. Bhabhi
ki choot chudi hui hone ke bawjood tight thi. Karan unke pati ka lund chhota aur patla tha. Maine shuru mein
dheere dhakka lagaya to lund andar nahin ja paya apne bade aur mote size ki wajah se.

Tab maine unki mast gori kamar ko apni baahon mein lapeta aur apni donon jaanghon mein unke chuttar ko
fansaate hue unhein ek tareeke se lock kar liya ki who chaah kar bhi na chhoot paayein. For ek zordaar jhatka
diya aur savita bhabhi is achanak dhakke ke liye tayyar na hone ki wajah se ek dum ghabra gayein aur mujhe
unhone apne oopar se dhakel kar hatana chaha. Par uski yeh koshish bekaar gayi. Lund unki mast radar
chudakkad boor ke andar sakhti se daba hua tha aur uski garmi mein aur foolkar mota ho gaya tha. Bhabhi ne
haule se dard ki shikayat ki. Maine savita bhabhi ko apni baahon mein bhar kar pyaar kiya aur kuchh derr ruka
gaya lund andar dale hue. Jab unka dard kuchh shant hua to maine dheere-dheere kamar hila kar lund andar-
baahar kar unki raseeli choot ko apne chudaas lund se chodna shuru kiya. Mera lund buri tarah se unki boor ke
shahad aur khud ke precum se geela ho gaya tha. Choot aur lund ki mili juli chikanai ne kaam zara asaan kar
diya aur fir maine dheere-dheere gati badhate hue unhein tufani gati se kamar aagey peechhe karte hue lund
andar-baahar karte hue chodna shuru kiya. Ab savita bhabhi poore maje le-lekar lund pelwa rahi thi aur bole
ja rahi thi haay mere raja chodo apni chudakkad chhinaal savita bhabhi ko aur chod kar is nigodi choot ko
faad do.
Main ise sunte hi done utsaah ke saath unke agle 15 minute tak jam kar chudai ki aur sara lund ka garma-garam
sadka unki boor mein chhod diya. Usi raat maine savita bhabhi ko ky gel laga kar unki gaand bhi maari. Yeh
silsila aaj tak chalu hai. Dekhte hain kabb tak yeh aise hi chalta hai. Kehte hain ishque aur mushque
chhupaye nahin chhupate magar jab tak ehtiyat se sab Dhaka-chhupa chal raha hai ismein harz hi kya hai?

Uploaded By: Varun Jan,4 2015
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Nangi Savita Bhabhi

I am 18 year old guy and I am a fan of your web site. My padosan Savita bhabhi, who is 34 years old, is a
successful actress. She is a real sex bomb with a lovely figure and attractive boob size. She is very bold
and exposes a lot. Savita bhabhi filmo me khul ke angpradarshan karti hai.

One evening, Savita bhabhi was dressed in a sexy black saree and a low cut sleeveless blouse that revealed a
lot of her armpits and midriff. I could even see half of her sexy tits. She was looking at me and smiled. She
showed me the picture of a beautiful lady and said Beta yeh sex devi ki tasveer hai.

Jo sex devi ki is tasveer ke saamne khada hoke sex ke baaare me sab kucch sach bolta hai woh zindagi bhar sex
enjoy karta hai aur jo jhooth bolta hai woh kabhi enjoy nahin kar pata. Isliye beta tum sab kucch sach bolna
aur mere questions ke answer dena.

She had a naughty smile on her face then she said Bunty ab tum saare kapde utaar kar nange ho jaao. Sex devi
se kucch bhi nahin chhupana chahiye as I removed all my clothes, she smiled again and asked me Bunty kya tum
muth maarte ho. Do you masturbate?

Yes Savita bhabhi and I said nervously. Savita bhabhi replied with a sexy smile on her face there is no need
for you to be ashamed of masturbating; it is perfectly natural for a boy of 18 years to masturbate. Bunty you
should masturbate without feeling guilty and enjoy masturbating every day.

Then she asked me, kya tumhare dost mere angpradarshan ke baare me gandi baatein karte hain, Yes Savita
bhabhi, woh bahut gandi gandi batein karte hain. Itni gandi ke main bata bhi nahin sakta and I replied.
Savita bhabhi ne kaha dekho sex devi ke saamne kucch bhi nahin chhappate-tum sach sach bolo.

Savita bhabhi, mere dost kahte hain yaar bunty teri Savita bhabhi to sex bomb hai, maal hai, aur Savita
bhabhi mere dost kahte hain ki yaar Bunty teri Savita bhabhi ki naam ki muth maarne me bahut mazaa aata hai.
Bunty tum unko rokte nahin, Savita bhabhi said. I replied, Savita bhabhi main kis kis ko rokoon, sari duniya
aapke naam ki muth maarti hai, ab to main bhi.

Tum bhi kya Bunty khul ke sach sach kaho, yes Bunty say it for me, Savita bhabhi said with a sexy smile.
Bunty, kya tum bhi mere naam ki muth maarte ho, Savita bhabhi asked me and passed a sexy smile.

Hai Savita bhabhi, ye apne kya poochh liya, I said. Savita bhabhi passed another seductive smile and said,
bolo na yahan kucch bhi nahin chhupate, she said haan Savita bhabhi, main bhi aapke naam ki muth maarta hoon.
Savita bhabhi jab aapne film me bra panty pehan kar nahane ke scene kiye

Thei to mera lund khada ho gaya tha film dekh kar, Savita bhabhi maine bahut koshish ki rokne ki par main
nahin rok paya aur maine aapke naam ki muth maar li.

Tab se har roz aapke naam ki muth maarta hoon. Kyon Savita bhabhi aapko bura laga. Nahin Bunty, Savita bhabhi
said with a smile, main expose hi itna karti hoon, agar tum mere naam ki muth maarte ho to isme tumhari koi
galti nahin hai, yeh to bahut natural aur healthy baat hai.

Savita bhabhi said, Bunty you should not feel guilty that you think of me when you masturbate. If you enjoy
masturbating thinking of me, then do it as many times as you want, it is perfectly normal and healthy sexual
behaviour, in fact.

I am happy that you have been thinking of me when masturbating and having some real nice fun, it only shows
what a sexy entertainer I am. Bunty if you feel like masturbating seeing me in sexy dresses, there is no need
for you to rush to the bathroom to masturbate, you should masturbate right there in front of me so that you
can have a look at my curves and enjoy masturbating.

Bunty jab bhi tumhara muth maarne ka man kare mujhe bata dena, maen tumhare saaamne khul kar ang pradarshan
karoongi jisse tumhe muth maarne me mazaa aaye and Bunty you must also tell me what all you think about me
when you masturbate.

This will be enjoyable for both of us. Please tell me something that will make me go wet, kuchch aisa batao
jisse sunke maen geeli ho jaoon, Savita bhabhi said with a smile.

I was really getting excited Savita bhabhi, I liked your bath scenes in the last movie you did where you had
only the bra-panty on. Those are the scenes that give me erection and I have to masturbate thinking about you

Savita bhabhi, I said aur Savita bhabhi mere dost ajay aur sanjay aapke baare me jo gandi gandi baatein karte
hain–woh sab sunke bhi muth maarne me bahut mazaa aata hai.

Really, Savita bhabhi said and smiled and brought down the pallu of her saree. She unwrapped herself out of
her saree now her saree was now lying on the floor. She was not wearing any petticoat under her saree only a

She lifted her leg and exposed her sexy black panty. Savita bhabhi smiled again and took her skirt in her
hand and lifted her skirt. Bunty, batao kaun se rang ki hai meri panty, she said with a seductive smile.

Then she removed her skirt and threw it away. Savita bhabhi looked stunningly sexy in her sexy black panty
and black sleeveless blouse. Then she removed her blouse and threw it away sexily. She had only her bra and
panty on now.

Wow, Savita bhabhi you look like a sex goddess, I said Savita bhabhi smiled again and said tell me more of
your masturbation fantasies. Savita bhabhi asked me again, Bunty tell me all that your friends Ajay and Bunty
talk about me. Tell me all the dirty and sexy stuff. Dekho Bunty sex devi se kucch nahin chhupate, sab kucch
besharam hoke batao.

I said,Savita bhabhi, Ajay ne kaha tha Bunty teri Savita bhabhi teri Savita bhabhi bra panty me itni sexy
lagti hai to nangi kitni sexy lagegi. Man to karta hai ke teri Savita bhabhi ko bra-panty utaar ke nangi
tasveerein loon-jaisi playboy me hoti hain. Savita bhabhi us din Ajay ki baatein sun ke to mera lund ekdum
khada ho gaya tha aur maine aapke nam ki muth raat bhar maari thi.

Savita bhabhi, maen ek baat poochoon and I asked Savita bhabhi. Savita bhabhi sach sach batana sex devi se
kucch bhi nahin chhapate. Haan Bunty poochho. Savita bhabhi, kya aap ko blue film me kaam karne ka man karta
hai ya nahin. Hai, bunty ye tumne kya poochh liya, Savita bhabhi smiled and said.

Abhi meri picchli film ko hi lo, jab maine bra panty ke scene diye the to hero ne mujhe baaahon me bhar liya
tha maen ekdum garam ho gayi thee–man to kar raha tha ke set pe sab ke saamne bra panty utaar ke bilkul nangi
ho jaoon.

Par Bunty, tum ye sab kyon poochh rahe ho-kya bahut man karta hai mujhe nangi dekhne ka, Savita bhabhi asked
with a sexy smile. I said, Savita bhabhi mere saare dost aapko nangi dekhna chaahte hain. What about you
Bunty, kya tum bhi mujhe nangi dekhna chaahte ho, Savita bhabhi asked me with a naughty smile.

Haan Savita bhabhi, main bhi aapko nangi dekha chaahta hoon. Savita bhabhi please nangi ho jaao na–Savita
bhabhi please nangi ho jaao–Savita bhabhi main aapko bilkul nangi dekhna chaahta hoon.

Savita bhabhi said, Bunty, last year mere hubby ne meri nangi tasveerein lee thee, agar tum chaaho to muth
maarne ke liye le sakte ho, sari tasveerein muth maarne layak hain, Savita bhabhi said with a sexy smile.
Really Savita bhabhi, I could not believe it. But Bunty agar tum meri nangi tasveerein dekhna chaahte to
mujhe ye batao ke bunty mere baare me kya kya dirty baatein karta hai.

Savita bhabhi, ajay kahta yaar teri Savita bhabhi ko to nangi kar ke chodne me mazzaa ayega, man to karta hai
teri Savita bhabhi ko randi bana doon aur nangi kar ke raat bhar chodoon. Aur phir ajay ne kaha, agar main
film director hota to teri Savita bhabhi ko nangi karke blue film banata.

Hai, aisa kaha usne, Savita bhabhi said with a sexy smile. Haan Savita bhabhi, aur uski baatein sunke to mera
lund khada ho gaya tha–aur phir maine raat bhar aapke naam ki muth maari thi.

Savita bhabhi, ek baat sach sach kahoon, aap naraaz to nahin hogi, I asked Savita bhabhi. Savita bhabhi said,
nahin Bunty jo man me hai sab saaf saaf kah do sharmao nahin, besharam hokar kaho, vaise bhi sex devi se
kucch nahin chhuppate.

Savita bhabhi, sach to ye hai ki mera bhi man karta hai ki aapko apni randi bana doon aur nangi karke raat
bhar chodoon. Savita bhabhi, aapko nangi karke blue film to main bhi banana chaahta hooon. Savita bhabhi
aapko blue film me nangi dekhne be bahut mazzaa aayega.

Madarchod, Savita bhabhi said with a sexy smile, Bunty man to mera bhi karta hai ke tumhare saamne bilkul
nangi ho jaoon aur tumhari randi banke raat bhaar tumse chudwaoon. I could not believe it.

Savita bhabhi unhooked her bra and threw her bra on my face with a sexy smile. Savita bhabhi ke sexy
thunthune bra ke bahar aa gaye. Savita bhabhi had such big and sexy boobs. Savita bhabhi ke sexy thuntnune
dekh ke mazaa aa gaya. She brought her thighs to touch my thighs.

I got a sexy current. I ran my hand over her tits and began to feel her them. I began to kiss her nipples and
suck her lovely tits. Her nipples got big with lust. Then I turned my hand inside her panty and began to feel
her butts. She was wild with passion now.

She whispered into my ears Meri panty bhi utaro naa Apni Savita bhabhi ko nangi kardo Bunty please, Bunty
Mujhe nangi kar do , bunty Mujhe nangi kar do. Mujhe nangi karde madarchod. Savita bhabhi was moaning

I pulled her panty down to her knees and then to her feet. She stepped out of her panty and threw it away.
Savita bhabhi was completely naked now. Meri Savita bhabhi ab mere saamne bilkul nangi thi. Every inch of her
body oozed sex. I had never seen such lovely butts. Savita bhabhi ko bilkul nangi dekh kar mera lund rock
jaisa hard ho gaya.

I smiled at her and said Savita bhabhi aapko nangi dekh kar mazza aa gaya. Savita bhabhi aap to ekdum randi
lagti ho aapke nange thunthune, nangi gaand aur nangi choot, sab kucch bahut sexy hai. Savita bhabhi smiled
and took my lund in her hands and let her soft fingers run over it. I took her naked breasts in my mouth and
began to swallow them.

She was hot now. She whispered to me ab jaldi chod daal mujhe madarchod. I kissed her all over her belly and
laid her on the bed. Maine apna khada lund apni maa ki choot me daal diya. She was shouting now yes Bunty
fuck your Savita bhabhi Bunty, fuck your slut Savita bhabhi hard. I kept on pumping and began to say loudly
nangi nangi nangi nangi randinangi randi. I could not believe it main apni sexy Savita bhabhi ko nangi karke
chod raha tha. Haan madarchod, main nangi randi.

Savita bhabhi said, Bunty, cum inside Savita bhabhi, fill me with your cum Bunty, put your sperm inside
Savita bhabhi’s pussy, fuck me madarchod, she said and passed her trademark sexy smile. I ejaculated my semen
inside Savita bhabhi after 15 minutes and our naked bodies exploded in orgasms.

The whole night, we were completely naked and had sex in every position including the bathtub. We even
masturbated each other. Hum dono ne raat bhar nange hokar pyar kiya aur jum ke ek doosre ko choda. She stood
completely naked in front of me and masturbated her pussy for me to watch. I also masturbated while I watched
masturbate. Savita bhabhi muth maarti hui ek bahut hi sexy randi lagti hai.

She let me masturbate by rubbing my cock on her buttocks, thighs, back and even her boobs. I masturbated all
over her soft naked body.
When I got up at 6 in the morning, I was in for a surprise, I heard some noise in the bathroom when I went
there, maine dekha ke Savita bhabhi bilkul nangi naha rahi thi, bilkul nangi. This is a sexy scene I will
never forget. Savita bhabhi bheegi bheegi aur nangi bahut hi sexy lag rahi thee. Savita bhabhi looked at me
and smiled.

My Savita bhabhi confessed to me that her dream was to act in a blue film. Main camera ke saamne bilkul nangi
nahana chaahti hoon. I would love to get offers to pose naked for magazines she told me. I also admitted my
lust for my chemistry teacher at college. I told my Savita bhabhi would love to see my chemistry madam naked
and have sex with her. I masturbate a lot thinking about her.” Main apni chemistry madam ko bilkul nangi
karke chodna chaahta hoon.” And don’t you enjoy fucking me.

Savita bhabhi asked me with a naughty smile. My affair with my Savita bhabhi continues. I just love having
sex with Savita bhabhi. She is a real sexy bitch. Do you like this story? Does this story make you feel like

Uploaded By: Rajaan Dec,31 2014
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Meri Pyari Savita

Hi friends, I am nishant jain . This is my true kahani. Savita meri pyri padosan he .jo ki 9th ki exam de
rahi he age karib 14 – 15 sal hogi ,hight karib 4fit 4” hogi lambe bal joki uske pichwade tak latkte rahte he
Me use bachapane se hi dekhata araha hu .Uska mere ghar par bachapan se hi ana jana chalu tha uski age jab
8sal hogi uske sharir par bobe aye nahi the . Tab vo frok phana karti thi me use dekha kar gudguda utha tha
mera land khada ho jata tha me khabhi kabhi uske sharir ko touch karta kabi uski jangh par hath rakhata kabhi
me ushke pichavade par hath ghumata kabhi kbhi me uske bobe jo abhi nahi aye the nipple vali jaghah daba deta
use bhi acha lagta tha vah kuch nahi kahti ti bas gudgudi ke karan has deti thi .kabhi mene socha bhi ki isko
pyar kru ise chumu ise chatu chodane ke hishab ki nahi hui thi par use chusna chatna use meri jib se chodna
chahta tha .vo hamare ghar ke as-pas hamesa bacho ke sath khela karti he .me usko pura nanga karke dekhna
chahta tha .akdin sare bache sham ke vakt chupachai game khel rahe the mere ghar me us vakt koi nahi tha
.mene savita ko apne pas bulaya use choklet lakar di .mene use kaha savita thodi si madad kardo sabji katne
me ,vo ghar me agai ,usne pucha aunti kaha he mene kaha bahar gaye he , Savita ne sabji mangi mene use sabji
dedi , vaha frok pahne thi frok ke under baniyan jesi samij lagrahi thi uska rang saf tha gori dudha ki tarah
thi , usne sabji lekar niche chatai par beth kar saf karne lagi mene dhekha ki uski janghe gori gori saf
dikhai de rahi he sabji saf karte karte uski jangho ke undruni jagah jaha choot sorry bur hoti he vaha vo ak
Chotisi green clour ki chadi pahne he .mera land us samay khada hogaya me use dhekh dekh kar kapdo ke uparse
hi apne land ko sahlane laga ,usne mujhe asa karte dekha liya .vo sarmake dusari aur dekhane lagi . Me vahase
hat gaya aur dusare room me jakar land ko hilaya ,sayd use shak ho gaya ki me kamre me kucha kar raha hu vo
kamre ki khidki ke pass

Akar dekhne lagi tab meri najar us par padi usko pata nahi chala tha mene apna muh khidki taraf karke apne
land ko jor jor se hilane laga mere virya nikal gaya mene use kapde se saf kiya kapde thik kye bahar aya vo
sabji saf kar chuki dhi vo mujhe tirchi najro se dekh rahi dhi uski najar mere land vale hise par thi.mene
savita se kaha savita tum aaj badi sunder dikh rahi ho vo boli kya bhai app bhi na me uske karib agaya uska
hath pakda aur us se kahne laga savita aaj mujhe kuch ajeeb sa lag raha he savita tum bahut sunder ho vo
sharma gai mene use kha mere room me bed par ak book rakhi he vo le avo vo uth kar room ki aur chali gai me
uske piche room ki aur gay vo book dhundh rahi dhi mene dhire se room ka darvaj band kardiya me uske pas
pahucha vo chok gai kahne lagi bhai konsi book mene kaha book nahi mujhe bhuk lagi he ice cream khani he vo
nahi samji mene uska hath pakda vo kuchanahi boli mene use apni baho me leliye vokasmasane lagi bhai chodo
please chod do mene kaha mujhe chupke se kyo dekh rahi dhi vo boli kab ki bat kar rahe he mene kaha jab me
apnna land hila raha tha vo sharm se lal ho gai mene use kisse kiya voboli please chod do bhai koi ajaye ga
mene kaha me darvaja band karke aya hu ma use froke ke uparse uske bina nikle bobo (sapat chati) ki jagah ko
sahlane laga ak hath se uski bur ko sahlaya . Vo mana karti rahi nahi bhai palease ——-asa mat karo . Mene
kaha mujhe ice cream khana he.Vo boli ice cream mere pas kaha he. Mene uski chadi par hath rakh kar kaha yaha
he.savita nahi bhai yah koi ice cream he .Main kaha savita please me sirf ak bar tumahri bur chatna chahta
use kiss karma chahta hu use chatna chahta hu . Nahhi bhai mujhe dar lagta he please chod do .mene kaha
please savita manjavo ase kah kar mene uski frok uthadi me uski janghe dekh kar be kabu ho gaya mera land bhi
be kabu hone laga tha use ghode ko lagam ki jarurat thi .me uski jangho par hath gumane laga.Savita ke muhse
ahe nikal rahi thi vo boli bhai ak bar kiss kar ke chod doge mene kaha ha chod dunga ,uski aur isara milte hi
mene uski panty utar di uski panti gili ho chuki thi mene dekha ki uski bur pal bahut barik Mulayam koi koi
jagah bal the balo ka rang sunhari tha uski bur sir ak patli si lakir jesi thi , mene use nanga kar diya aur
khud bhi nanga ho gaya mera land dekha kar vo thoda gabra gai mene uske mulayam najuk hath me upna ghode ki
lagam pakda di vo darte hua use sahlane lagi uske jadui hatho ka spars mujhe madose kar raha dha mera rah rah
kar dhyan uski unchoodi bur par jar aha tha mene use bister par leta diya uski gand ke niche ak takiya rakha
mene uski bur par kise kiya usko bola lo mer land ko kise karo mene uske muh ke pas gya vo boli bhai isme to
badi achchi khusbu arahi he usne pahle upar se kise kiya phir thoda muh khola use apane muh me bharne ki
kosis ki uske muh me nahi ja raha tha to vo siskte hua land ko upar se hi chatne lagi chatne me vo thoda
niche ke ando ko bhi chatne lagi kabhi vo ak ande ko pura muh me bhar leti thi uske muh kathuk mere land par
hota hua ando par jar aha tha undo se hota hua gand par chala gaya use sex bahut jayada agya tha vo uska muh
meri gand ke pastak agya usne gand par kise kiya use chatne lagi uski jiv meri gand me mahsus karne laga
mujhe bhahut tej utejna hui mere muh se aha sisssssaha aha ahah nikalne laga me akdam se uske muh ke pas se
hat gaya uski bur ke pas akar uske pero ki kise kiya jangho ko kise kiya bur ko kise kiya uske pero ko phela
kar apani nak uski bur par rakh kar kusboo leta raha phr hath se uski bur ki lakir ko fehla kar mene chatna
suru kiya mere chatne ka tarika bilkul kute ki tarah tha uski bur ke ras ko chat raha tha uske muhse Pl ESE
nahi karoooooooo naaaaa ooooohhkya kar rehe hhoo pllllllllel maaatttttt kroonaaaa.ahhhh dard karta hai dhere
dhere chato – uski bur se sapard saard ki avaj arhi thi me use aaj sirf upni jiv se chodna chata tha. Tabhi
mene use kaha savita mera land upne muh me lelo ham 69 ho gaye me uski choot chat raha tha vo kabhi mera land
kabhi unde aur kabhi gand vo meri gand ko chatne ka anand khub lene lagi uski bur se jo avaj nakal rahi thi
us se thodi kamjor meri gand se bhi ane lagi thi .Kabi kabi vo muh hatati thi to uski avaj main ahhhhhhmere
merreeeeee bhaiiiiiiiii ahah ahhhhhh ese hi chooso bahut maja aaraha hai. Kya choosoon meri jan. Aur kaha
savita tumhari choot bahoot majedar hai.

Bhai ohhhhhhh ah aaaaaaa ese he chosso.vo mera land chosne me mast ho gai mene kaha Wha kya choosti.ho oh
darling isitarha ahhhhhh ohhhhhh karta raha .. Tahbhi mere lund ko moonh se nikal kar boli hai mere bhai
dekho na meri choot main pata nshi kya kya ho raha hai. Aha bhai mujhe peshab araha he me samaj gaya ki use
utejna charam sima par pahuch chuki he . Mene kaha tum mere land ko chusti raho mujhe bhi peshab arahi he
.mene kaha savita tumhari choot ko ab meri jib ki jaroorat he vo boli bhai apni jib chalvo , dal do jib iske
under . Aur mene uski dono tango ko apne kandhe par rakh choot ko phaila dekhne laga vo jhag ugal rahi thi
vaha par safed gadi gadi malai agai thi mene kha me tumari choot ko mathu ga usmese nikalne vali malai
chatuga aur phir achank juk kar me choot ko chatne laga. Aurr vo ahhhh ohhhhh ese hie hi karo. Oh bhai bahoot
maja aaaa raha hai. Me jib uske bur me under bahar karne laga . Vo phir boli jib chodan mainta maja ata hai
to tum pahle mere ko ye maja kyon nahi. Diya . Yahi sub bolti rahi. Me malai kane laga aur thabhi usne moohn
mere land ki our karne ka bola ham phir 69 ho gaye . Main puchi kya hua . Usne kaha abb tunhari jib se meri
choot ko codo.Me uski choot chatne me mast hogaya kya choot thi malai dar vo mera laund chusne me mahir hogai
ham karib 10 mini tak chuste rahe Phir boli bhai mujhe aba jor se pesab lagi he mene kaha kardo mere muhame
Please bhai ahah ahah ahah ahah ahah ahah ahah ahah chodo bhai Me danadan choot ke under apni jib kar raha
tha tabhi uske sharir ne jor ka jhatka khaya uski choot pani chod gai me use bhi pi gaya .Me uske muha me
lund under bhar kar raha tha tbhi mere land se jor dar virya ki phuvar nikli joki sidhi uke muh me hoti hui
uske pet me chali gai vo boli bhai yah kyat ha mene kaha pi javo tumhare bobe jald nikal ayege . Phir hamne
ak bar our ak dusre ke aung chat kar saf kiye aur kapde pahne mene Us se pucha kesa raha phir maja logi bvo
boli bhai aap kahe to abhi aur mene kaha kal teri bur ko choot banauga tujhe land se choduga , Hi friend’s
yeh meri tisari kahani he fir milege nai utasa nai umang aur nai chudai ke sath priy mitro me nishant jain
aap ko holi ki subha kamnaa deta hu is holi par aap ko bhi nai kuvari choot ke darshan ho .

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Sex With Savita In Lodge

Hi all this is Chirag again with a great experience with my girlfriend Savita while going to Goa I was going to Goa for some work so I requested Savita my girlfriend to join me so that we can have good fun for which she agreed at on shot and we booked the last row tickets and I informed her to come to Dadar at 9.00pm as bus was leaving at 10 I asked her to wear loose shirt and skirt so that I will be fun for which she blushed and said of and I was in a short shirt

And shorts we met at Dadar station and had some food I saw in her eyes and she laughed as it was winter cold breeze was there we sat in the bus and began to chat about different things soon the bus left at 10.15 and I allowed her to take window seat and bus started moving most of them were married couples in the bus we started chatting again and while chatting I kept one hand on her shoulders she saw in my eyes and I winked she laughed ,

Still lights were on and I asked her to come a bit closer she told that somebody will see I said ok and removed hand from her shoulder and kept quiet she saw in my eyes and laughed I was just watching TV in bus accidently I saw a newly married couple beside our seat and the guy was pressing her boobs and she had closed her eyes I showed it to my girlfriend and she laughed and told to wait for some time I agreed and my dick was troubling me and I was wearing shorts it was easily visible somehow

I managed and bus stopped for dinner as we had dinner I went outside had a smoke and for safety brought a packet of condoms and sat beside Savita as some old people were there in bus rest of them had gone to dinner I kept my hand on her shoulder this time she came near and slowly I kept my lips on her lips and kissed her she opened her mouth and we exchanged our saliva and we were playing with our tongue slowly I pressed her boob from the hand on shoulder she moaned but didn’t resist

I pressed it hardly she moaned and was breathing heavily we kissed each other for ten minutes and as sat as nothing had happened as people started to come and bus started as it was 11 the driver switched off the TV and most of the people were sleeping slowly again I saw the couple beside me the guy was pressing her boobs from one hand and rubbing her pussy from another hand and kissing her wildly she was rubbing his dick on pants it was clearly visible I kept my hand on Savita’s waist this time and inserted my hand inside her shirt from waist she saw me and smiles and gave some more space to access her boobs

I began to press the boobs hardly she was moaning and breathing heavily slowly from free hand started pressing another boob and asked her to open the buttons of shirt she asked me to get the shall from bag but my dick was seeing heaven I got up and my dick was near her face she saw it and laughed and blushed I took the shall and gave it to her and I sat back she covered herself and asked me to put my hand inside shall I kept my hand inside shall to my surprise she had opened all buttons of shirt and had unhooked the bra from behind I saw in her eyes she winked and I kissed her lips and she also responded well

I was playing with her naked boobs I told her that I want to lick her nipples she pushed back her seat and asked me to go ahead and covered me from her shall I licked her boobs like a small boy and she was moaning after some time she moaned and jumped from her seat I got up and asked what happened she whispered in my ears that she had a orgasm and closed her face I asked her so early she told me that she was wet when I kissed her and I told her I want to lick her nipples again she asked me to go ahead and told me to lick her navel also and blushed In the mean time I saw the couple beside the man had went down and licking her pussy and she was pressing his head I showed the same to Savita and winked she laughed and we covered each in one shawl and started to kiss her again and was pressing her naked boobs and she was also responding well as she was again getting hot

I pinched her nipple slowly and she moaned I asked her to put her hand around my waist as nothing was visible we both were covered from shall now most of our body was touching each other and we were kissing each other and pressing her naked boobs slowly she inserted the hand which was on my waist inside my shirt and started moving her hand on my bare back I went down and started licking her nipples and she was pressing her boobs inside my mouth slowly I went still down and circled her navel with my tongue she shivered and pressed my head

I began to lick it wildly and she was moaning suddenly again she jumped from her seat I think she had second orgasm I got up and saw in her eyes she had turned red and whispered in my ears that she had another orgasm and I have made her panties completely wet then driver stopped the bus for a Tea break it was 1 in the night so I went down had a smoke and went to toilet there I removed my underwear and kept it my pocket she also got down went to toilet and came back we both had tea she was looking sexy and

I told her the same she blushed my dick was fully erect somehow I covered it with my shirt we finished the tea went near bus while climbing up I pressed my dick to her ass and she saw behind and told me somebody will see I winked and she laughed we sat on our seats and bus started moving she covered both of us from shall again and kept one hand around my waist I moved the handle now we both were having full access to each other I asked her to remove her shirt she removed her shirt and unhooked her bra from behind

I kissed her lips for 5 minutes and then again went down and licked nipples she moaned chirag please press it hard I went still down and started licking her navel and made it completely wet slowly I pressed her pussy on skirt she moaned and spread her legs to give me full access to her pussy her panties was completely wet i pressed her pussy with my middle finger and she I was feeling that pussy was completely shaved I asked her about that she told that it was for me and smiled I told her that

I want to lick her pussy but she told it is completely wet I told its ok I love to drink your juices she agreed I asked her to remove her panty she told somebody will see I forced her she got up with shall immediately got the panties down and sat again now I was fingering her pussy and it was hot I started moving my finger fastly she hugged me tightly and whispered in my ears that she is again going to get orgasm so I sat between her legs and she covered me with shall and lifted her skirt and spread her legs

I kissed her pussy lips she moaned aaaahhhh please do it faster slowly I inserted my tongue in her pussy and started to lick it fastly she was pressing my head to her pussy finally she got up from the seat and press my head to her pussy and she had a orgasm I drank each drop of it it was a bit salty but good again I sat on my seat she was very satisfied and hugged me and told me to remove the buttons of my shirt I removed all buttons of my shirt and she started to lick my nipples heavily and made my nipples wet and went down to lick my navel I was getting good feeling I again from backside I lifted her skirt from behind and was pressing her pussy from behind she was again wet and was moaning slowly she kept her hand on my dick and pressed it and saw in my eyes and winked and again started to lick my nipples

I asked her to lick my dick she told me to wait and slowly put her hand inside my shorts and she was shocked as it was very hard she went down and started to lick my dick within in no time I cum in her mouth and she drank it but she wanted more she started stroking my dick again it was hard in no time she was playing with my balls and came up I kissed her and told her that I want to fuck u she told how it is possible in bus

I saw all of them were sleeping as it 3 in the morning I asked her to stretch the chair and she did slowly I touched her pussy with my dick she shivered I asked her to wait and took condom and put on my penis she laughed and whispered in my ears please do it fast as I cannot control I stood in between her legs and she covered both of us from shall with one shot my whole dick was inside her pussy and she moaned and told me do it fast but I was going slow as somebody may get up so

I started to give strokes after five minutes we both had a reached the climax and tired and we cleaned up ourselves she wear her panties and we slept for sometime at 4 the bus stopped for tea break and got down and cleaned ourselves fully and had a cup of tea asked how she was feeling she laughed and told that she was feeling relaxed and happy and winked me I told her that we both will stay in same room for 2 days for which she happily agreed we went and sat again still 2 hours was there to go again driver switched off the lights and bus started moving

I was just closing my eyes she told that she want to sleep on my lap I told ok and slept on my lap just by the touch of her face on my naked thighs my dick started to grow again but I didn’t want to disturb her after few minutes she kept her hand on my dick and she came to know it was rock hard again she saw my eyes and laughed slowly she pulled down my shorts and straight away to my dick in my mouth and started sucking it like a lollipop in 10 minutes I cummed the whole load and she came up and we hugged each other till

Goa we reached Panji till 7 and we booked a room and kept our bags and straight went to bed she told that she will have bath and come as whole night her panty was wet and it was stinking and laughed she went to bathroom I was remembering the night and again I was get hot my dick was again troubling me so I decided to fuck her again but as I was tired I just closed my eyes she came outside bathroom with a towel came out she wear her bra and panties and light color sleeveless nigh tie and was getting ready

I opened my eyes and saw she was in front of mirror slowly I went from behind and grabbed her from behind I pressed her ass with my dick and kissed her neck she turned and saw in my eyes I showed her the tent in my shorts she laughed and told me to have bath and come back but told her to help me in bath she told that she will get wet again in water I requested her and kissed her on lips and she opened her mouth and we kissed for 5 minutes and finally she agreed she told to start the bath so

I removed the short in front of her she saw my tool and laughed and again hugged her and pressed my tool to her pussy and kissed her she also responded well and went inside the bathroom and I was taking shower after some time she came with a towel wrapped and hugged me from behind and grabbed my tool in her hand I removed her towel and we both were nude and I kissed her for ten minute while kissing her I was pressing her boobs she told me to suck nipples and

I sucked it she was moaning and told me suck harder I told her that I want to suck her pussy she asked me to go ahead and I went down on my knees and she spread her legs and I started to lick pussy she was moaning aaaaaaa chiru please faster she was pressing my head and she also sat down on knees and we both slept in bathroom in 69 position and she was sucking my cock and I was sucking her pussy we both cum in some time she told me to finish and come outside but I wanted to fuck her but

I asked her to go and I finished my bath she was wearing the same nigh tie but without bra only panties I finished bath and cleaned myself and went naked my dick was again hard she was reading some magazine I can easily see her pussy slowly went near her pussy and kissed it she suddenly got up and how many times darling I am tired so I didn’t force her I just slept beside her and hugged her from behind and I asked her to remove panties and sleep she laughed and removed her panties and slept only on gown and was naked from inside

I hugged her from behind and kept hand on her boobs and pressed the dick to her pussy from back and slept we slept for some 2 hours and she got up first and made me wakeup we both sat for some time she went to toilet and came back and we started watching TV I started to kiss her she also responded well I think she was also in need I pressed her boobs and she started to moan she whispered in my ears to lick her boobs she opened her gown and we both were naked I asked her to sleep on top of me she my dick it was fully erect she stood up inserted

My dick in her pussy and slept on me and we both were kissing each other she told me that she wants to ride me I said ok and she started to move up and down and she was moaning and it went for 15 minutes and finally I told her that I am going to cum she suddenly got up and we both were in 69 position and I began to lick her pussy and she began to suck mu dick finally we both cum in each other mouth and we slept again. we had sex again 3 to 4 times for the rest of the day

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I First Met Savita

The Story Starts When I First Met Savita Age 23, Hight 5 5 , Stats 32- 27-36. in a Bus While Comming From Near by Town Sindhnur. Savita is Married To High School Teacher & Her Husband Lives in Sindhnur, Savita is a Working Women in Raichur. She has to goto Office everday at 9:45am to 4:30pm. So She Stays in Raichur With Her in-laws.

The Bus Was Packed With Passengers and Savita was Standing Due To Heavy Rush, I Offered Her My Seat & i Stand up near Her. This was the First Time When i Touched Savita. After Some Time a Passenger Sitting Next To Savita Gotdown & Savita Told Me to Have a Seat. while I Was Sitting next To Her, we started talking to each other & exchanged our cell no, after some time , i tried to Touch her Breast with my elbow, For Which She Resisted, I Thought She will Not allow any thing & After some time i once again tried to Touch Her Boobs, This time she did not do anything For which i got a chance to Touch to her Breast, Wow it was so smooth,

I was Praying That raichur should not come soon, But To Come near to her Breast Took so much of time, that Our Raichur Busstand Came & With Heavy Heart We Both Got Down. Savita was Searching For Auto. i asked her Lift For which Savita told no Thanks, But After Bargaining & Wating For Few Minutes, When She Didnot Got Any Autoricshaw, then i asked her once again, For which she Agreed, She sat on my bike & on Road, i applied Breaks for which her Breast was touching my Back, Finally i Left her Near her Home & said, i will be in touch. for which she smiled.

Later after Sometime i Sent her a Joke sms For which she replied with a joke sms, after some days we started chating on sms, i was watching her daily while she goes to Office & one day during our chat on sms, i sent her sms can i ask you something for which she didnot replied, for which i told sorry & chated on other topic. One Day She Asked OK, Tell me what you were asking, i told want to meet you, she replied No I Love my Family verymuch, I Told her Dont worry we will just have a good Time around and No one will come to know about it ever.

Savita told me to give some time to think. After Few Days Savita Told Where we can go. i Told her To One of my Friends Home his Parents Stays in Dubai & i will collect the Keys. Only Problem is we have to enter the home after 11am. So that Neighbours Cannot See us Entering the House. i have to Pick Savita From a Place near to her Office, so as per plan i took her at 9:45am as we were havng Lot of Time, we had a Breakfast & Packed Lunch & Some Cool Drinks, now it was around 11am. we went to my Friends Home.

I Opened the Door and Locked it From inside. Savita was Haveng Lot of Fear and She was very much Affraid. i made her relax by sayng No need for worry no one will ever come to Know & Hugged Her From Behind, Still She Was in Fear To Make her Relax, i Showed her entire house, Now She was Smileng & after some chat i started to Kiss her, She started Cooperating.

We Started Passionatly Smooching each other, my tounch was exploring her Mouth as she was also enjoying it verymuch. Now i Slowly Placed my hand on Her Boobs & started jentlly Pressng it. She Told She has to take care of Her Dress, as No one in her Home can come to know. For which i told yes and Removed her dress and kept it neatly on Tabel. My God She was Looking So Beautifull her Boobs were eagier to poop out from Black bra, I Started Smocching her once again and pressing her boobs. Wow what a feeling it was.

Now Slowly she started to move her hand & searching my Cock. i told do you want to have a look of My Cock. She Smiled, i Removed my Cloths & My 7inch in Lenghth & 3inch width Cock, was Out For Some Action, I Removed her Black Bra & Panty. in a Flash & Oooopsss Her jUICYE Boobs were hanging, i Pressed it very hard & Took it my Mouth, Licked like mad, Savita was enjoyng it.

After Some time i Told Her To Take My Cock in her Mouth For Which she Relectently agreed. man She Was Awsome Licking my cock & inbetween giveng me a gentel Jerck. after some time i told her Can we Start Savita Told What do you mean you didnt Started yet.

I Told Baby iam a test Batsmen Will not Give My Wicket So easilly. Savita Told Lets See, I Made Savita To Sleep & We Started in Missionary Position, I kept my cock head at her pussy entrance and started rubbing it. She was moaning and I deliberately started teasing her clit with my cock head, Savita said stop that, teasing as Savita Was not abel to controll & Told put your cock inside me.

I Pressed My Cock Deep inside Her, she screamed. I obliged her by ramming my cock Much deep inside her cunt. She was very tight. Her vaginal muscles were expanding to adjust to my huge size and thickness & after Few Strocks my Cock Enters, and started stroking her pussy with medium speed. She was lifting her butts to match my strokes and to accommodate my entire cock inside her and slowly, my speed started increasing Moans of pleasure came out of her throat She started to moan in a louder voice. I muted her with a passionate lip kiss & after few strokes she got the rhythm.

We Changed Our Position and i Told Savita to Come on Top Of Me, This time my cock enters deep into her vigena eaisely, Her bouncing boobs gave me more excitement at the time. Both of us were enjoying the intercourse I Told Savita Let My Cock be inside your Pussy. After few minutes we wanted to change the position. I wanted to do her in the Doggy-style pose. She agreed and was on her four.she was moaning.

The bed was creaking because of our hard fucking ohh fucking God! My thighs were slapping into hers. Now Savita was in uncontroleabel mood and we moved to deep inside position, while i pushed my cock deeper inside her vigena, with her legs facing the sky, after few strocks I am going to cum i Told To Savita But She was enjoyng Like any thing & Didnot Replyed & i Fully discharged my thick seminal fluid inside her pink hole. Suddenly Savita Screemed Oooh No. I asked her what happend i asked you before only she was Scared, I Told we will Take Some Pills Dont Worry Now Time was around 2pm.

Savita Told She Never Knew That Sex Can Be Done For So Long Time. I Told her another Innings of Play is Still Left. We Cleaned ourself and had Lunch & cool Drinks After Few Mins We Started Our Second Round. Savita Was Very Much Tired and Told That She cannot handel More For Which i told savita iam not eaiger now, and its just a begining of our Enjoyment. we will have much more days like this,

Savita Smiled & Told She never had sex For More then 20mins, With Her Husband & Today he Enjoyed Almost 3 Hours She Even Doest Remember How many time She Had Her Organism, After Some time we got relaxed and i dropped her near to her home.

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Sex With Savita

I am himanshu from delhi.i am 18 yrs hot guy. Mera lund 7inch lamba aur 5inch chauda hai.ya khani mara aor mare tution teacher savita ka bhich ki ha.savita mam ki age 30 ka as pas ki hongi.bhoat hi sexy ki kisi ka bhi lund unaha chodna ko kara . Mara college ka end semester start hona vala da uar mujha kuch nahi ata da isliya ma .savita mam ka pas chala gaya kyonki 12 ma bhi unhona hi mujha pass karvaya dha.jab ma mam ka ghar gaya to dekha mam kafi busy dhi kyonki mam ka pati kuch dino ka liya out of delhi ja raha da .mam na kha himanshu dhik ha tum kal morning sa a jana .agla din jab ma mam ka ghar gaya to mana dekha ki ghar ma koi nahi dha .tabhi mujha upar sa avaj ayi,ma upa gaya to dekha ki mam bathroom ma naha rahi ha .mana ki mam ko nahata hoa daekh ta han aur ma key hole sa andar dekhna laga .

Andar mam bilkol nude dhi or shower la rahi dhi magar mara ko mam ka boobs h dikhi da raha da tabhi mam na shower band kar diya mara ko laga mam bhar a rahi han to ma jaldi sa nicha sofa pa ja kar badh gaya .dhodi dar ma mam bhi nicha agayin mam gown ma dhi .mam na kha tum kab aya .mana kha mam bas abhi 2 min phela hi ayahoan mam . Mam na kha 2 min ruko ma abhi change kar ka ati hoan .itna mara purana dost a gaya jo vahin par padh ta dha .usna ka himanshu mara pas bhoat badiya bf ki cd ha chayia kya,mana kha da da. Mana vo cd apna bag ma dal di.

Uska bad mam hama padana lagi .padta samaya khi bar mari najar mam ka boobs ki tarafh chali jati jo mam na notice bhi kiya.or egnore kar diya .kuch dar bad sabhi student ghar chala gaya ,sirf ma raha gaya da kyonki mam na mara ko rukna ka liya kha da.dhodi dar ma mam na mar sa puch ki mana apna dost sa kya liya ha .ma ya sun kar ghabra gaya mana kuch nahi mam movie ki cd ha .mam na kha dikho mujha .jab mana dekha ki koi aur rasta nahi ha to mana cd da de.mam na apna comp khola aur cd start check lagi.mam na jab dekha ki us ma bf ha to mam hasna lagi.mana kha ap has kyon rahi han mam khati ya to bf ha .mana sharm ka mara gardan nicha kar li .mam na kha isma sharmanavali kya bat ha . Ya to sabh young log dekh ta hain .phir mam na kha chalo aj sath badh kar dektan hain .fhir ma uar mam sath badh kar dekna laga .scenes dekh kar mara lund khada hoa gaya uar mam bhi uncomfortable fell karna lagi.mam na kha himanshu tumhari koi girl frnd haa.mana kha nahi mam .mana kha tumna kabhi sex kiya ha mana kha yes ma gayin or phirmam.mam kati kiska sath .

To mana bata diya ki mana apni mami,padosan ma bhabhi or eak frnd ka sath kiya haa.vo undar room gayin. Tumhe kya pata ek shaadi shuda aurat itne din apne pati ke bagair kaise rah sakti hai. Sex to har ek ko chahiye aur aisa kah kar mujh se lipat kar rone lagi. Fir maine use sambhala. Fir usne mujhe yeh baat kisi se nahi kehne ko kaha, uske pati se bhi nahi. Mai razi ho gaya. Fir maine kaaha ki agar tumhe sex ki itni hi chahhat hai to main tumhari yeh chahat puri kar sakta hun. Aisa kehne par woh aur zor se mujhse lipat gai aur mujhe fir se ek chummi di aur kaaha “saach? Kya tum mujhe pyar karoge. Aur mere pati ko bhi nahi bataoge. Tum kitne aache ho”. Aisa keh kar woh mujhe chumne lagi aur main bhi use kas kar apni baahon me dabane laga. Aur kuch der tak hum waise hi rahe. Fir main jaane ki liye uthne laga to usne kaaha kahan ja rahe aur. Mujhe kab pyar karoge. Maine kaaha main shaam ko 8 baje aaunga. Aur fir chala gaya.main shaam ko uske ghar pahuncha aur andar gaya to dekha ki usne ek bahut hi sundar transparent saree pahen rakhi hai. Uski badi badi choochi uske blouse se bahar aane ko tarap rahi the.

Aur mujhe aisi hi aurat aachi lagti thi. Uski kamar badi badi thi aur gol bhi thi. Woh puri gori nahi thi par uska rang bahut hi mast tha. Woh bahut hi sundar aur garam aurat thi. Uska hooth bade bade aur aankh moti moti thi. Uski ungli lambi lambi thi. Woh sar se pair tak chodne layak thi. Use dekh kar aisa lagta tha jaise woh chudwane ke liye bilkul taiyar hai. Woh mujhe apne kamre me le gai aur apna bedroom lock kar liya. Uske baal khule the. Maine use kaha, ki aaj main use har tarah se khus aur uski sex ki garmi ko thanda kar dunga. Woh muskura kar boli chalo dekhte hain. Uske aisa kehne par mera land aur garam ho gaya. Aur maine use apni baahon me bhar liya aur uske hooton ko chumne laga. Fir maine use bed par bithaya aur uske pat par apna haanth ferne laga. Woh bhi fir josh me aane lagi aur mere sir ke baal ko sehlane lagi. Maine uski choonchiyon ko apne ek haanth se jor se pakar liya aur dabane lagi. Woh pehle to thora dard se karari fir shant ho gai and main unhe dabata raha aur aisa karte karte uske saree ke pallo ko upar se gira diya.

Aur dihre dhire uski saree khol di. Woh apne lehange me aur blouse me thi. Fir usne mere shirt , aur pant ko utar diya. Main sirf underpant me tha. Usne mujhe bed par leta diya aur mere upar so gayi aur meri chati ko chumne aur chatne lagi. Uske aisa karne par mujhe laga ki yeh puri experienced hai. Aur mujhe fir uske chut ki garmi ka bhi aandaza ho gaya. Woh mujhe kuch der tak chumti rahi aur kaaha ki tum meri choochi ka maza nahi lena chahte aur aisa kehta kehte usne apna blouse utar diya. Uski dono bari bari chonchi ko dekh kar main hairan rah gaya. Uski nipple brown rang ki thi aur uski chochi ka rang bilkul gora tha. Maine use ekbar me bed par leta diya aur uske upar char kar uski ek chochi ko chusne laga aur doosri ko dabane laga. Woh zor se aahain bharne lagi aur mujhe aur zor se dabane ko kaha.maine aisa hi kiya. Usne mere sir ko piche se pakad kar jor se apne chochi par ragarne lagi. Aisa lagta tha jaise woh apni puri choochi mere muh me bhar dena chahti hai. Kuch dar baad maine uske lehange ka nada khol diya aur use utar kar fed diya.

Woh ek sundar fulo wali pink rang ki panty pehani hui thi. Use dekh kar aisa lag raha tha ki aabhi apna garam land uske chut me ghusa du. Uski gori janghe moti moti aur achi shape me thi. Maine use pucha ki tum apne pati ke sath sex kaise karti ho. To usne kaha ki woh mujhe jyada maza nahi dete. Meri choochi ko kuch der chuste hain aur apna land mere chut me dal dete hain aur kuch hi der me jhad jate hain. Mujhe to jharne ka mauka hi nahi deta. Maine uski panty ko dhire dhire utar diya. Maine use bilkul nangi kar diya tha. Uspar halke halke brown rang ke baal charo taraf the. Maine fir apna underpant utara to mera bhi 5inch mota aur 7lamba land dekh kar woh boli ki aise land se chudwane ka maza mujhe pehli baar aayga. Maine kaha ise taste karna chahogi. Usne kaha mujhe chin aaygi. To maine kaha kar ke to dekho.fir maine use bina kuch kahe uske dono pair ko chora kiya aur uske pairo ke bich baith kar uski chut me ek chummi de di. Aisa kehne par usne kaha, tum aisa mat karo. Tumhe ghin aaygi. Maine kaha, isi me to sara maaza hai. Aur fir maine use apni jib se chatna suru kiya aur ungli se usko failne laga.. Aisa karne par use bahut dard ho raha tha.

Usne mujhe aisa nahi kehne ko kaha magar main kaahan sunne walatha. Woh jor jor se siskiyan bhar rahi thi. Aur main puri jor se uske chut ko chus raha tha. Uske chut me ek bahut hi sundar khusboo aa rahi thi. Uska chut bohot garam tha. Main kareeb 15 minute tak uske chut ko chusta rah. Kuch der baad use aacha lagne laga. Maine usse puche aab kaisa lag raha hai to usne kaha aab kuch aacha lag raha hai. Maine fir apni do ungli uske garam chut me ghusa di magar uski chut itni kadi thi ki woh andar nahi jaa rahi thi. Main aap sab ko ek baat bata dun. Main bahut sari blue film dekhta hun aur mujhe maalom hai ki kis ladki ko kis tarah chodna chahiye. To chunki uski chut me meri ungli nahi ja rahi thi to main uske chut me apna thoda sa mut gira diya. Usne puch yeh kyun to maine kaaha yeh isliye taki tumhe dard nahi ho. Aur aisa karne par uski sukhi chut gili ho hai aur meri ungli aasani se andar chali gai aur main use jor jor se andar bahar karne laga.

Aisa karte karte uska jism kaampne laga aur usne kaha ki tum apna muh aur ungli waahan se hata lo, main ab jhadne wali hun. Maine kaha main use pina chahta hun itna kehte kehte woh jhad gai aur mai uske pure ras ko pi gaya aur ek bund bhi nahi giraya. Usne kaha tumne mujhe bahut santust kiya hai aur main bhi aab tumhara land chusna chahti hun. Usne bhi mera land apne muh me liya aur uski chamri ko piche kar ke uske andar wale sensitive part ko apne jin se lagarne lagi. Mujhe bahut maza aa raha tha. Woh mera pura 7” lamba or 5 inch mota land apne muh me lena chahti thi. Uske chuste kuch der baad main bhi jhadne wala tha is liye maine apna land uske muh se nikalna chaha magar woh bhi wahi karna chahti thi jo maine kiya magar mere thoda tan ne se mera land uske

Muh se bahar nikal gaya aur main wahi jhad gaya aur mera sar ras uske pure muh me pichkari ki tarah chitak gaya, kuch uske hooton par, kuch uske gaal par aur charo taraf. Woh us pure ras ko apne hooton aur ungli se chatne lagi aur uska pura maza lene lagi.. Fir usne mujhe thanx kaha aur mere land ko apne hooton se chat kar saaf kar diya. Aur aab mujhe apna land uske chut me ghusane ko kaaha. Maine aisa hi kiya . Maine dhire dhire apne land ko uske chut me ghusane laga magar uske ghusne se pehle hi woh chikh pari. Fir maine thoda aur jor lagaya aur 4” uske chut me dala . Uska dard aur bhargaya. Woh aur jor se chatpatane lagi aur mujhe bus karne ko kaha. Usne kaha “mere pati ka land to sirf 5” ka hi hai aur aab main tumhara 9” lamba land kaise ghusaungi.” Maine kaaha tum uski chinta mat karo aur ek aur jhatka lagaya aur mera 7” land uske chut me sama gaya. Uski aankhon se aansun nikal pade magar main ruka nahi aur dhire dhire pura land uske chut me dal diya.

Uska chut bahut garam tha. Main apne land ko andar bahar karta raha. Kuch der baad use bhi maza aane laga aur woh bhi mera saath dene lagi. Woh apni kamar ko mere saath saath aage piche karne lagi. Chunki hum dono aabhi aabhi jhade the is liye dobara itni jaldi jhadna mumkin nahi tha. Is liya maza aur jyada aane laga. Aisa karte karte kuch der baad woh jhar gayi. Uski garam chut gili ho gai. Aur woh shant par gai. Magar mai ruka nahi aur main use chodta raha. Usne mujhe aab rukne ko kaha magar main ruka nahi aur apna kaam karta raha. Lagbhag 10 minute ke baad main bhi jhad gaya aur maine apna pura maal uski chut me gira kar shant ho kar uski baahon me soo gaya. Woh mujhe chumti rahi aur mere upar let gai. Kuch der baad maine use kaahan, aabhi to aur ek maza baaki hai. Usne kaaha woh kya. To maine kaaha, aabhi main tumhari gaand marunga jisme tumhe bahut maaza aayga. Use uske bare me kuch nahi malum tha. Use laga isme bhi bahut maza aayga aur woh razi ho gai. Fir maine use uske bed ke ek kone me kutte ki tarah khade hone ko kaha aur uske dono haanth bed ke upar rakh diye. Uska pair zameen par aur uski kamar bich me. Firmaine uske muh me apni land dal di taki woh kuch gili ho jai.

Fir main apne hooton se uski gaand chatne laga aur use puri tarah gili kar diya. Use aacha lag raha tha. Fiir maine aapna land aapni haanto me lekar uske gaand ke ched par lagaya aur apne haantho se pakar kar ek dhakka mara. Mere dhakke marte hi woh chikh pari aur kaha mujhe bahut dard ho raha. Maine kaaha thoda sahan karo. Pehli baar hai na. Aur fir baar baar dhakka lagata raha, baar baar woh chikhti rahi aur baar baar mera land kuch aandar jata raha. Aisa karte karte mera lannd 4” andar chala gay. Usne mujhse rote hue use chor dene ko kaha. Magar maine use samjhaya ki bus kuch der baad hi use maza aayag. Aisa kehne par woh maan gai aur maine fir ek jordar dhakka laga kar apna land 1.5 aur andar thela. Aisa karte karte mera pura ka pura land uski gand me ghus gaya aur woh jor jor se siskiyan bharne lagi.

Fir maine apna land andar bahar kana suru kiya aur kuch der baad usebhi maza aane laga. Fir maine uski chooochi ko piche se pakar kar dabane laga aur uski gand bhi marne laga. Aisa karte karte main fires jhad gaya aur apna pura ras uski gand me dal diya. Aur fir use bed me lekar let gaya aur uski choochi choosne laga. Fir main bed par let gaya aur use maine apni land par baithaya aur savita ne dhire dhire mera sara land apni gand me ghuswa liya. Woh mere land par nachne lagi aur maza lene lagi. fir subah hui aur hum dono ek dusre ki jism se lipte hue uthe. Aur jab bhi mauka mila main use din me bhi chodne lagta. Maine use har ek pose me choda aur maza diya. Hum bluefilm bhi sath dekhte aur us style me ek dusre ko chodte. Is tarah jab mera maan karta main savita ko chodne lagta aur woh bhi puri chahat ke sath mujhse chudwati. Fir kabhi. To dosto mujhe zaroor batan ki meri yeh story aapko kaisi lagi.

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Hansimazak Hansimazak Hansimazak Hansimazak
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