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The Best Feeling

Love knows no boundaries and love knows no color, i know that, he knew it, they also knew it but they did not want to admit. he was 17 and i was 16. our love was so strong, maybe that's why it never lasted. we met in a debating class and he did not want to admit that he lost to a girl, so he spent more time with me because he wanted to study his opponent but instead, one thing led to another and one random kiss changed the way we looked at each other, but later on, it changed our lives.

After 7 months together we decided to tell our parents.First we told my mom, my sister knew about it, my mom took it very well, all she was concerned about was teenage pregnancy and the fact that her daughter has started dating. she made that very clear to the both of us. The following weekend we decided to tell his parents. we went to the mall on Friday to draw up the whole plan.

What to say,How to say it and all. We held hands as we walked out of the restaurant just like we usually do, and my goodness we bumped into his parents, the was no way out. they saw us before we saw them. we don't even know what they were doing at the mall on a Friday afternoon. his dad greeted me with this shocked face as his mom pulled him to the side. "My goodness what the hell are you doing holding hands with this Black girl",she said. and i heard her.

His dad asked for my name and age, the conversation went on between mother and son as the father tried to keep me busy so that i did not hear anything, but i did. he kept explaining that he was waiting for the right time to tell them that he had a girlfriend, but really his mom did not care that he had a girlfriend, what she cared about was that he had a black girl friend, with nappy hair and the whole package that being black come with.She did not say a word to me she pulled her son away and they took off,his dad left me standing there.

I waited for a call the whole night but it never came through. no text no skype. nothing to explain what happened and if we are still telling them the next day, but it was pretty obvious that we were not going to.I knew right there that something was wrong. so i started drawing up the possibilities. i had a lot of "what ifs in my head.

I couldn't sleep the entire weekend, I was hurt. On Monday we met at school. We skipped classes and just sat the whole day. We hardly spoke, we just sat there, in each other's arms, we made the most of the moment because we knew that any time this could end.

I went home that afternoon, and spoke to him on the phone, just after super my mom received a call from the principal. He wanted her to come to school with me the next day. When we got the the next day his parents were there too. My mom is a teacher so she understands the way kids behave. His mom made us break up in front of the teacher, my mom and school councillors. She literally said "tell her that its over". She explained how much of a distraction I am to her son's education.

He surprised us all when he said he can't, with his head bowed down. That gave me power, I refused too. My mom sat me down when I got home and gave me a lecture about heart breaks and all. I did not listen. I was in love.
his parents took him out of the school in the middle of the year, but that did not help, we made plans on weekends to see each other. When I was doing matric, he was supposed to be doing his first year, but he took a gab year instead even though i was against it. We'd spend weekends together. My first road trip was with him. On his 19th birthday he had a big formal party, and he invited me.

I went but my presence was a big deal. His mom for some reason showed her true colors. That woman never pretended for anyone. That's what I liked about her.

She asked me to leave, everyone was shocked and her sister tried to calm her down, she didn't take it, for the first time in my life, that woman made me cry, the brave girl in me melted, i was humiliated, as i walked out to call my mom to fetch me, my boyfriend was behind me, he left his party left with me,i did not say a word in the car, i had nothing to say. he asked if i was okay, but i did not want to lie so i just kept quiet.

we booked into a hotel, he said he couldn't let me go home sad. i called my mom and lied, i told her that i will be sleeping over a friend's house because i did not want her to drive late. she did not believe me but she said it was okay. i got in the room and took a shower, i sat in there and thought a lot of how this was going to end because we both knew that it would end someday.

He checked on me in the bathroom, he thought maybe i was crying but i was not. i yelled at him for peeping. he walked in there fully dressed and hugged me. he told me how sorry he was that his mom stormed out on me. he made a whole lot of promises, he promised that he would not leave me.

We made love that night. it wasn't for the first time but I felt like it was, usually we would just do it just for the fun of it. but that night it was different. It was so beautiful. The way he looked at me that night, the way we touched that night. It was so beautiful. The next morning we woke up next to each other for the first time in our lives, we both knew that its what we want for the rest of our lives. 
Two weeks later I got my results and I passed well, I got accepted to study law. I was happy and he was happy for me but he looked sad. He told me that his mom applied for a job overseas and she got the post, he will be attending college there. He was leaving soon. He promised that he will visit often,But we both knew that it wouldn't work. On the day he left, his friend drove me to the airport.

He was my friend too. We got there 30 minutes before. I ran into his arms and I just cried. His mom was pissed but I did not care, I begged him not to go. Everyone at the airport was looking at me but I did not care. I bagged him but I knew he had to go.there was only one thing that could make him stay.

The truth. But something stopped me. I let him go instead. I divided his family, this time I made sure that his mom gets what she wanted. He left me 4 weeks pregnant, but he did not know. I did what I had to do. I was done fighting. Next year i'll be doing my first year at varsity and my mom promised to take care of the baby. 
As I write this I can't help it but cry.

I remember telling him that I want to break the cycle of single parenting in my family. My mom was raised by her mom, I was raised by my mom. I wanted to break the cycle, but I failed. I keep hoping that he will be back. After that day at the airport. I never heard from him. His baby looks just like him. 
i still love him. a lot.

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