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It is my story that took a sharp turn when a girl is came in my life that I love very much. My name is Rishabh and my life was going in a simple way with daily routine.

One Day I went to my friend’s office for a important work. So he took me to his workplace where he used to work. While talking with him my eyes stopped on a girl who was smiling and talking with her friend. I didn’t know that is a girl whom i start loving more than my life. Then I asked and forced my friend to make me her friend. But He told me that she is very gentle and Sweet girl. So i asked for her phone number then he gave me his phone number and told me not to take his reference. That night I sent “hi” on her whatapps and start waiting for her reply. After Some while I got Reply from her side. Then she was asking who i am? And how I knew her?. I Said lie to her that i was her friend we used to work together in previous company and started taking with her. She was continuously asking how did i know her? And I was continuously saying lie to her. So from that day i started chatting with her.

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One day she called me and i was surprised that she called me? I Picked up her call and started talking with her. While talking with her i came to knew that she is very funny girl and have large sense of humours. Then i took our conversation on different level and asked her for a meeting. Firstly she denied then i forced her so she agreed but she decided to meet her on outside of her office. On that meeting day I wore my best dress and reached outside her office min before. Then I start waiting for her. Then she came out of her office with her friend and i cant able to tell you how beautiful she was looking that day.

She came near me and then she shaked hand with me and introduced her friend. We started our talk and she offered me lunch. But i was nerves on that day so i denied. Then we walked outside of her office and started chatting. After talking with her i came to knew that she was actually very sweet and generous girl. After some while her lunch time was over and she went inside her office. From that day we started talking with her and we talked day and night. We share our all problem and happiness. We promise ourselves that we cant leave each other. She loves me a lot and i love her a lot. She supported me in my hard time. She is my life and I can’t not live without her. its is my sweet love story..

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