In The Shop 2

I lost words getting into that bizarre situation with one breast exposed in front of two adult males. Mr. Pyaremohan’s eyes as if popped out of his socket as he ogled at my big naked breast.

Without wasting any time, he readily grabbed my naked left mammary and started stroking my exposed nipple and areola with his fingers. I tried to stop him with my hands, but he was much stronger than me and quickly got hold of the situation. My condition was simply awful! My left breast was now first covered by this man’s palm and then by my bra! I got so annoyed and agitated that my whole body twisted and angled in anger.

Pyaremohan: What will you do now Sundari! No one can save you today from my clutches! Ha ha ha… (saying that he gave me a very tight squeeze on my tit)

Me: Arre! Eiiii… Stop! You rascal! Mr… Mr. Mangeskar… stop this brute! Stop him! I can’t aaa… act like this!

Mr. Mangeskar: Cut! Cut! Arre! What happened Anita? Isssh! It was such a superb shot in the making! It looked so real! You both were … simply outstanding!

Mr. Pyaremohan slightly lifted his body off mine so that I could talk properly; his right hand was still grabbing my left breast!

Me: What’s this? You idiot! How dare you do that!

Naturally I was boiling in anger.

Mr. Mangeskar: Anita… Anita… calm down first! (I was still breathing deeply and seeing my angry reaction Mr. Pyaremohan removed his hand off my breast) The build-up is so nice… don’t spoil it! Tell me what’s exactly the problem?

Me: This brut! He just… I mean… you can see for yourself… he… my bra…

My face was red in anger and shyness too!

Mr. Mangeskar: Yes, your bra. What happened to it?

Me: This ugly creature … What nonsense is this! He just pulled it… as you can…

Mr. Mangeskar: Anita! Did I not tell you that these things do happen while shooting a **** scene and you don’t have to worry because I will make sure they are edited. Did I inform this or not?

The director’s voice was again stern and commanding.

Me: Ye… yes… But… that does not mean…

I was trying to cover my big bouncy breasts with my folded arms, but it was a tough preposition as I was lying posture on the sofa.

Mr. Mangeskar: Are you deaf or what? Why is it not going into your head that if you are not stripped in reality how would you give the expressions while acting? Unless Pyaremohan-ji did this thing to you, how could you bring that anger and hatred in your face, which I was able to record in camera? That sort of expressions will only liven up the whole thing!

Pyaremohan: Sorry Madam. But believe me I had no ill intentions, I only tried to make whole thing look real as it happens in a real ****. No other…

Mr. Mangeskar: Absolutely! I am very happy the way things were going Anita till you reacted. The shot appeared so real! Umm… Err… You know the other day I was shooting for a film in Delhi. It was a kissing scene to be taken on the bench of a park. But somehow the heroine was unable to deliver proper facial expressions though the hero was kissing her quite normally. At least 10 retakes were made, i.e. the hero kissed her 10 times, but still that sensual expression was not coming on her face. Do you know what I did?

Pyaremohan: What?

Mr. Mangeskar: The heroine was sitting on the park bench. I placed the camera angle in such a way that the heroine’s legs and waist area do not appear in the frame. I asked the heroine to sit with her legs apart and instructed the spot boy to sit between her legs and caress her pussy over her panty. It was not a problem as the heroine was wearing a skirt and you know immediately in the next shot as the hero kissed her lips, I got the desired expressions!

The director shrugged proudly and continued.

Mr. Mangeskar: Just like that Anita, till such time Pyaremohan-ji pulled off your bra, you did not express that annoyance, which is very essential in this sequence. Okay? So lets not lose the tempo and let’s continue the work.

I was feeling so blank! I could realize well that I could not back out anymore now especially arguing with this director. My heart was beating fast – I was nervous – I was irritated – honestly I was keyed up too!

Me: But… you should allow me to… I mean… I must wear … I mean you should allow me to at least wear my bra properly!

Mr. Mangeskar: Okay, okay! Oh! You are just too much Anita! You should not have come to acting! Huh! Anyway… to keep the continuity… err… do one thing. Pyaremohan-ji, you take a brief respite looking at the ceiling and wiping off your forehead and clenching your lips with your teeth while Anita, you draw your bra on your breast to cover it. Is that okay?

Me: Hu… (I nodded)

Mr. Mangeskar: Fine when that’s done, we go into a rolling and hugging scene…. Very common in **** shots, you both have seen it many times in cinema. Pyaremohan-ji-, you will start rolling on the sofa hugging Anita to have a better grip on her, but make sure that you do only two full rolls, otherwise you both might fall off the sofa and hurt yourselves. The height is quite odd.

Pyaremohan: Yes. Okay.

Mr. Mangeskar: Anita, you just need to provide the proper support to him, but make sure that you scream and move your head to and fro reflecting resistance. Am I clear?

Me: Hmm.

I was feeling so very clumsy to be again caressed by this man who moments ago forcibly pulled off my brassiere! Mr. Pyaremohan was back to exactly where he was – sitting on my waist and I still remained lied on the sofa clad in my bra and petticoat. As I heard “Action” from the director, I noticed Mr. Pyaremohan taking off his hands off my body and looking up at the ceiling clenching his lips.

I was more than glad to see that and craftily put my popped out breast in my bra again. Though I realized that the scene was outrageously sexy and indecent, I had to do it to save some dignity. Hardly had I finished my job, Mr. Pyaremohan again “attacked” me. He quickly bent and straightened his fat body over mine and in one action pulled my back slightly off the sofa to have his hands under me. He hugged me tightly and I felt his standing cock poking very indecently exactly over my panty now!

My condition was naturally beyond description – my mind was trying to resist this dirty man’s moves, but my body had got extremely excited sniffing the presence of an erect male dick so close! This man seemed to be prompt as a cheetah and in a flash started rolling over the soft with my body locked under his arms.

My tight round breasts pressed entirely on his naked chest and I was almost breathless when his whole body weight was on me when we rolled on the sofa. That idiot must have been enjoying this to the hilt – my fleshy curves getting fully pressed under his body. As he was about to roll with my body a second time on the sofa, the director intervened!

Mr. Mangeskar: Pyaremohan-ji, just pause till I say to move when you are on the bottom and Anita is on top. Okay?

Pyaremohan: Oh… okay.

My condition was getting pathetic being in this body hugging posture for a prolonged period of time. I was emitting hot breaths and my firm breasts being continuously pressed to him made me rather elated. Moreover, his stiff manhood under his lungi was poking my love spot so awkwardly that it made me gasp every now and then. He now took a half roll so that I was on top on his body in that hugged posture.

Mr. Mangeskar: Just hold there… hold there. Anita, your back looks fabulous! Let me quickly take a few shots.

I knew there was only my bra strap covering my whole back till my waist as I was already stripped off my blouse during this **** scene.

Mr. Mangeskar: You have a very attractive ass Anita… Just remain still… let me pan on your lovely g-a-a-n-d…

Thank! I was still wearing the petticoat as I could feel the director coming near and taking close-ups of my ass. Little did I know that the outlines of my panty was clearly visible through my wet petticoat clinging to my huge bottom and Mr. Mangeskar was recording my sexily exposed condition.

Mr. Mangeskar: Great! Now carry on! And Pyaremohan-ji, when you land on Anita’s top, start rubbing your face on her breasts as if you are very excited and approaching climax. Okay? … Action!

Mr. Pyaremohan tugged me down in one smooth action and rolled again till I was again under his body. We were at the edge of the sofa and all along this rolling and hugging his thick wet lips were continuously brushing my cheeks and the sides of my lips. Thankfully that scoundrel did not try to kiss me any further. Now he slowly slid down to have his face right over my half-open mammary and started rubbing his face vigorously on my taut flesh.

Me: Aaaaahhh!

Mr. Pyaremohan was poking his nose deep into my visible cleavage and also started licking my exposed boob flesh out of my bra. His hot breath on my tits and his fingers pinching the sides of my belly made me go wild! This whole action made me so weak and clueless that I was now succumbing to him pretty fast. I could feel automatically my legs were getting parted under my petticoat as a positive response to his sensuous moves.

Me: Ahhh! Stop! oouuuhhh! Stop! Ooiiiii! Aahh!

I was trying to resist, but it was so feeble that it seemed like a hay straw in front of a roaring river. Mr. Pyaremohan must have realized I was pretty much excited now as I was embracing him tightly on my own. He was pressing and steering his erect Lund on my upper thighs and was forcibly moving and.

Rubbing his face on my breasts pushing me to the edge of my control. In fact, once it really seemed to me that my mammary would pop out completely off my bra the way he was thrusting my flesh with his face. I was indeed feeling quite horny within myself when the director intervened.

Mr. Mangeskar: What’s this Pyaremohan-ji? Are you caressing your wife? Where is the roughness? Bullshit! And where is your hand? On Anita’s belly… playing there? This is a yaar!

The director was almost shouting, seemed pretty upset with Mr. Pyaremohan! My condition was unspeakable. My choot was wet and my whole body was aching in sexual pain and it really seemed as if I had no residual strength left and decided to keep my eyes shut and listened to what the director had to say to Mr. Pyaremohan.

Pyaremohan: Sorry! Actually I got a bit excited…. Actually Madam is so sexy…

Mr. Pyaremohan was conversing from his pose where he was – he was still hugging me. His upright dick under his lungi was still poking my upper thigh area!

Mr. Mangeskar: You are here for acting and not appreciating my heroine! Got it? Anita is not your wife that you would playfully rub your face on her breasts! Huh! Rubbish!

Pyaremohan: O… okay. I got your point.

Mr. Mangeskar: Hmm. Lets retake this. Action!

Mr. Pyaremohan again started rubbing his face on my breasts and this time unquestionably with more force and his hands held my bare shoulder. He again was more interested in licking the sides of my breasts coming out of my bra and dipped his nose deep inside my naked cleavage. Simultaneously he was pressing his fully erect cock on my well-developed thighs; he was of course trying his best to press my choot with his lund, but was unable to do so properly as he had slid down significantly to fondle my breasts.

Mr. Mangeskar: Arre yaar! What are you doing! Just stop! You are blotting the whole buildup!

Pyaremohan-ji and myself – we both were startled by this sudden reaction of the director. I thought he was doing it quite okay, especially the second time. He was exerting quite a bit of force.

Mr. Mangeskar: Just see the expression on Anita’s face! Its getting to normal! Pyaremohan-ji you are not doing anything so that the rage stays on her face. Seems you are not getting my point! You are molesting a woman… so that harsh thing needs to play most of the time! Hopeless!

I looked at Mr. Pyaremohan. He looked a bit confused, but at the same time he was breathing heavily and obviously was very much excited caressing me for such a long time.

Pyaremohan: But… I mean… I… I was doing…the second time I think… but…

Mr. Mangeskar: What but… but…. Stop babbling! Get out of the sofa and I will show you how to do it.

What did he mean? Alarm bells started ringing immediately in my mind, but I was amidst such excitement that I could not gather the strength to get up and resist. Mr. Pyaremohan got out of the bed in a very vulgar manner; he was openly holding his lund over his lungi as he got off the sofa. Even before I could take a mouthful of air, the director jumped on the bed and readily rode my body!

Me: Eiii… what are you…. I mean… please…

I fumbled miserably due to my sexually stimulated state and the director took the fullest advantage of that!

Mr. Mangeskar: Relax Anita! No need to panic! I will just do a demo for him. He is unable to grasp what I want from him. You just respond to my actions – that’s all! Pyaremohan-ji, you just follow my actions and see how I strip her more so that it imitates a real intercourse!

Pyaremohan: Sure

I was shocked listening to the last part – “strip her more” – what did he mean? I was already clad only in my bra as my upper cover and stripping more… did he want me to act topless or what? I exclaimed within myself and automatically my lips parted thinking of such a situation. But unfortunately there was hardly any time for me to ponder or protest to that because a new man was there on my body already!

The director, Mr. Mangeskar, jumped upon the sofa and bent over my body keeping his hands on my sides for balance. He was rather quick to straighten himself on my body – it seemed as if… as if I was a randi lying on bed and customers were in queue to taste my juicy figure! I could instantly trace his bulge inside his three quarter pants pressing me over my pelvic area. I was so uncomfortable that I had to move my heavy gaand a little and adjust my body to accommodate him! Mr. Mangeskar hugged me tightly feeling my full breasts on his flat chest and then turned towards Mr. Pyaremohan!

Mr. Mangeskar: See Pyaremohan-ji, you should curb Anita’s legs like this and her hands like this. Okay? Afterall you must look like taming her!

Uff! It was so, so irritating – this “teacher-like” attitude of this man, but it was only expected of a director to have the capacity to explain and demonstrate scenes. Mr. Mangeskar locked my legs with his long hairy legs and simultaneously held my arms and stretched them up above my head quite forcefully.

Me: Aaaaaah……!

It was painful and this action also made my breasts heave up significantly within my bra and I felt very tight because by that time my mammaries had grown to their fullest resilient size due to this continuous fondling and squeezing I was experiencing in the name of acting.

Mr. Mangeskar: Pyaremohan-ji, this is imprtotant… see how I rub my face on Anita’s breasts?

Hardly did he finish his words that he was rubbing his face very hard on my bra-covered tits. I was shuffling, I was moving my head to and fro, I was swaying and rubbing my big ass on the sofa – I was utterly uncomfortable and was naturally getting horribly excited as his stiff beard abraded on my boob flesh. It was indeed an eerie sensation making my nipples go rock hard and my vaginal walls contracting heavily in extreme thrill!

Me: Ohhhh… Aauuu! Your be… be…. beard!

The director paid no heed to my cries and continued pressing his face on my fully developed breasts. He was moving his head and pushing his nose in such a way that it seemed he was sniffing my whole breast area like a hungry dog! Suddenly he stooped his movement and looked at Mr. Pyaremohan again.

Mr. Mangeskar: Pyaremohan-ji, I thought you should have done this while you were with Anita. (The director lifted his upper part of his body off my body lying on the sofa) As you can see Anita’s nipples are quite clearly visible through her bra and camera had capped that adequately… and any male seeing this should get amply stimulated to bite or pinch such lovely swollen nips and more so in a **** scene! Isn’t it?

Pyaremohan: Yes, yes. I noticed them… but… I thought…

Mr. Mangeskar: Don’t think! That’s my job! You just do it!

What a conversation! I almost died in shame hearing that. My ears were all red, but I was in such an elated state with a leaking pussy that I had to digest all these humiliating talks! The director was instantly back in action and positioned his face right over my right breast and his lips just in front of my nipple and…

Me: Please don’t stop!

He held my right breast nipple over my brassiere in between his teeth! I could not even protest his movements as my hands were already tightly held by him!

Me: Eeee…….SSShhh h!

I gasped for breath as the director continued to bite my swollen nipple! He was not ignorant to my left breast and started alternating with my nipples! I virtually went wild in excitement during this action and was shrieking most shamelessly. I was throwing my legs very indecently in the air such that my wet petticoat hiked up exposing my legs adequately.

Me: Stop! Maaa!

The last bite was so strong that it almost brought tears to my eyes! The bastard! Even my husband had never bit my nipples like that when he fucks me! The right nipple was aching and the nipple was so taut and standing! Uh! I was literally gasping for a proper breath when the director again started his confounded teaching to my co-actor.

Mr. Mangeskar: So have you followed that Pyaremohan-ji? You need to bite in such a way that Anita must cry out… like I did… see there’s tears on her eyes… afterall you are raping her man! So bring that zeal in your action!

Pyaremohan: (with a very jolly face) Yes, yes. I would love to do that!

Mr. Mangeskar: Good!

Me: Please… I can’t take it anymore… Ahhhhh!

Mr. Mangeskar: Anita! I told you to just respond to my actions so that Pyaremohan-ji gets the chance to grasp the whole thing and perform in a better way! So just keep your mouth shut! He said the last few words pointing his finger on his lips.

Mr. Mangeskar: Pyaremohan-ji, concentrate. Now observe how I strip her off the petticoat. Always remember that when you try to strip a woman of any of her clothes the best route is via a kiss. So in our ad also the servant takes that path and compels his malkin for a kiss and smoothens the path. Just see!

Me: No… no, please don’t open that… Hai daiya!

I was feeling really hopeless and virtually staggered the way things were shaping up! My whole body was trembling in sexual thrill while my pussy was discharging juices in trickles into my panty and my legs were getting indecently apart quite involuntarily! As I looked down at my boobs, I could clearly see my swollen nipples very much prominent over my brassiere. I closed my eyes in shame or may be in anxiousness or may be… may be in anticipation!

Mr. Mangeskar was holding my hands above my head and now he quickly brought his face right over my face and his lips touched mine.

Me: Naa… p-l-e-a-s-e…

I tried to avoid, but my body heat betrayed me and the director easily locked my juicy lips into his. Honestly I was slowly started liking the sensation of his stiff beard! It was a completely different feeling (though initially was indeed irritating), but now as I was getting further and further hyper, I was in fact enjoying it! He started tasting my lower lips and then licked and sucked my upper lips. I could inhale a nice breath freshener scent in his mouth, which definitely made me feel good too!

Me: Uumm… Mm….

Mr. Mangeskar realizing quickly that I was an easy prey, slowly probed his tongue deep inside my mouth tasting my mouth and lips fully. He seemed a pretty decent kisser and played my tongue for quite some time with good care giving me awesome pleasure. He was indeed pressing my body hard and my full sized boobs were getting crushed under his chest. He must have been thoroughly enjoying the feel of my big round tits on his chest. My whole figure was bending in utmost elation and I responded very positively to his actions and kissed him back embracing him tightly.

Me: Aaaaah…. Um….. Oohh!

He returned me with an even deeper kiss and this time he freed my arms, which were held above my head and moved his hands down over my firm breasts and stared massaging my flesh gently. I was gasping for breath and immediately held his body with my arms also was so excited that I hugged his body with my arms.

Relieved and was trembling in delight getting the feel of a second male hand on my full-sized globes in so short a time period! Mr. Mangeskar obviously did not stop there and slid his hand over my navel to my waist and within a flash he very skillfully unfastened the knot of my petticoat and I was unquestionably heading towards nudity.

I honestly was not in a position at all to resist anymore as I had started to “boil” by that time. I was surely not within myself anymore because being the wife of someone else I was lying here with some totally unknown male and another man was watching my shameless act with greedy eyes! The director was fully utilizing the situation to amply taste my firm milk jugs with one hand.

Tasting my saliva adequately with his tongue and lips, while his other hand descended down to caress my uncovered navel and waist. I could very well realize that it was only a matter of seconds that I would lose my bra completely and would become topless in front of this man as Mr. Mangeskar had pulled down the straps of my bra off my shoulders and the bra cups were getting displaced off my mammary very awkwardly.

Me: Umm…. Ohh! Aaahhh!

I was emitting moans of all sorts and was starting to vividly remember my last night’s fuck in the hands of Guru-ji. It was such a pleasurable night! With those thoughts in mind, I was enjoying thoroughly Mr. Mangeskar’s advances on my jawani. I could feel he was pressing his erect manhood on my choot harder and harder, which in effect was making me more vulnerable.

Now slowly but steadily, I could clearly feel he was trying to push my loose petticoat off my waist down to my thighs with one hand while he was squeezing my breasts with his other hand. I could sense nudity below my waist as he continued to slide down my petticoat more and more!

Me: Eiiii….. No…. Ahhh… Please!

My shriek was stronger than my actual resistance and the writing was on the wall. The director adjusted his body slightly to make room for him to drag my petticoat down my thighs while he locked my lips so that he could take full control on me. As he kissed, his hand continued to work down my waist and ultimately I had to lift my ass up a little in order to enable him to pull down my petticoat down my thighs!

He released my lips and pulled his body slightly up from me and looked at me. I looked extremely sexy with my bra straps down and my breasts almost fully toppling out of my disorganized bra and my panty fully revealed for him. My petticoat remained bunched up at my knees exposing my very fair and rotund thighs.

Mr. Mangeskar: You are too good Anita! Uh! I really enjoyed you’re… I mean I enjoyed acting with you. He he…

He exhaled deeply and though I was extremely excited felt very much ashamed in my almost naked state in front of two adult males. Now he provided an opportunity for the man who was waiting in the queue – Mr. Pyaremohan!

Mr. Mangeskar: Okay then… Pyaremohan-ji… have you watched me closely! You need to follow me… not too harsh and not too soft… you need to strike a balance. Getting me?

I looked towards Mr. Pyaremohan who had been watching me all along. He was smiling.

Pyaremohan: Yes, yes… Madam, you should come to this line… you have such a great figure… Very nice…. I wish my wife were like you… He he he…

I was in no position to talk as I was still breathing very, very deeply and even forgot to cover my exposed body and looked at him with blank eyes!

Mr. Mangeskar: Pyaremohan-ji, stop daydreaming and finish your pending work first!

Pyaremohan: Right, right!

Mr. Mangeskar: Anita, I think you are fully charged up and you will surely deliver your best now for this ad!

The director now got up and I was left completely stranded on the sofa! I lay there with my bra loosely coiled up on my big-sized firm mammaries and my petticoat stripped down to my knees exposing my wet white panty! I was indeed looking like a sex goddess as if only waiting for the ultimate pinning!

I started getting back some senses as the director got up from my body and looked down to fix my bra, but found it impossible to cover my big jiggling tits from my lying posture. I had to get up. Though it was rather difficult for me in this extremely keyed up condition, but still I sat up. I noticed Mr. Pyaremohan and the director had their eyes riveted on my waggling boobs as I sat up from my lying posture. It was such a cumbersome state!

Mr. Mangeskar: Anita! Hold it! Hold it! Don’t try to wear your bra now! I have a brilliant idea! Let us do it like this… this **** sequence will then become hotter than hell!

My mind was not working and I just held back my movements. Since previously I was lying under a man, I was not feeling that much of a shame regarding my exposed state, and on the contrary I was thoroughly enjoying the whole thing, but now being seated on the sofa alone, I started feeling very, very shy with two men gazing endlessly at my stripped figure. I crossed my arms across my breasts to save some dignity, but my panty remained exposed!

Mr. Mangeskar stepped up and stood right by my side.

Mr. Mangeskar: Anita, your face now depicts a perfect shadow – the mix of shame, excitement, and annoyance – exactly what I wanted on a woman being raped. Try to hold this emotion…

I had to look up as he was addressing me.

Mr. Mangeskar: Very good Anita… very good!

I smiled very foolishly. As my bra got almost completely displaced, the pinkish-red circular areolas of my breasts were partly visible through my crossed elbows and indeed I was looking outrageously provocative.

Mr. Mangeskar: Okay… we left the shooting where Pyaremohan-ji, you were rubbing your face on Anita’s mamme – right?

I felt more embarrassed as Mr. Mangeskar used the term “mamme” – it was such a direct and intimate term for any woman and to hear that aloud made my face and ears go fully red instantly!

Mr. Mangeskar (looking at Mr. Pyaremohan): … and next you will strip her petticoat as I showed you. Right? But…. Ummmmm…. Let me think… I have something new in my mind that could make the scene more appealing. Right! Well, lets do it slightly differently!

Pyaremohan: How?

Mr. Mangeskar: Lets incorporate a small chase… that’s on the sofa and the stripping

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