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When I came back, Santhosh saw me coming out of his room and he told me, “Anni, I saw you have left your bra on the bed itself. I thought of giving it to you but I forgot. So can you take it Anni?” He said it with a mischievous smile on his face, knowing fully that if I saw it,

I would definitely come to know about his ‘thick, white fluid’ on my bra. I was really surprised by his act. Was he such a pervert to blatantly admit his masturbating on my bra? I was really taken aback by his daringness. I silently showed him off the brassiere which I held it in my hand. Immediately his smile vanished and I saw his head down. I didn’t say anything and went to my room.

So now the plot is clear, we both have liking for each other! So I decided to seduce him so much that he will have to do it in front of me whatever he has done inside his bathroom. I changed my clothes and wore a bit thin night gown with contrasting bra and panties so my BIL could see clearly my bra and panties through the night gown and went back to the table where he was eating.

Santhosh had a surprised look on me, as he saw my new outfit. I bend before him a lot, showing him lot of my cleavage on the pretext of picking a spoon from below the table. His eyes were getting bigger. After the dinner, we both were sitting on the sofa watching TV. I then started the discussion what he is going to do regarding the ad model he was looking for. Santhosh said, “I am really getting worried on this Anni.

I fear I am going to loose my job, nothing more”. “Oh, don’t say like that Santhosh. You won’t loose your job”, by saying this, I just made up my mind to tease him a bit and I dropped the remote control of the TV in front of him. As I sat very close just next to him, I bend on top of his knees and while trying to pick up the remote, I rested my boobs over his knees.

This was a great feeling to tease a young guy like that! I was not able to pick it up, so I stood up and then went close to the remote and bend down before him, to pick it up. As I had already lowered my gown zip a bit, this gave such a great scene to him. Almost three-fourth of my boobs spilled out and my BIL was feasting fervently on them.

Again I sat next to him on the sofa and asked what the models were paid for an ad shoot. He said about 25000 rupees. I said “it is good amount”. This gave him the required opportunity and said, “Anni, can you save my job, can you do me a shoot for me?” I said, “Hey, I am not that good and I cannot do. What if your brother comes to know?” He said, “I will morph your face with other and you don’t have to worry about it. And I promise you this will remain between you and me only Anni”.

After a lot of false hesitation and drama, I finally said “yes”. My BIL was delighted and energized like anything. He said “thanks” and he immediately went and got me, my size bra and panties of his company. I took them and went inside my bedroom and wore it. I then called him inside.

His eyes looked stunned at seeing me in bra and panties and the words of “sexy…” came out of his mouth. He brought the digital cam and started taking pictures in all possible positions, specifically asking me to bend a lot and after taking the photo, he also showed me the pictures which he took with my consent.

Santhosh then gave me another set of bra and panties and asked me to wear that. This was very seductive lingerie. It barely covers anything, revealed more rather than masking my essentials. One can easily trace out the nipples, just inside the bra and the pubic area would appear much clearer in spite of wearing the panties! I wore that too and called him in.

My BIL was doubly satisfied by seeing me on those, his facial expressions showed it all! He asked to take a position with my hands above my head and one of the legs on the bed. He went behind the lens and was about to take a click, when he came close to me and said that a ‘thread’ is hanging from my right boob. When I was about to pull it, my BIL said,

“No, don’t pull it Anni. The whole thread would come out”. He then looked for a scissors but couldn’t find one. He then asked me daringly whether he can break it with his teeth and before waiting for my ‘yes’ or ‘no’, my BIL just brought his face right close to my boobs and put the thread in between his teeth.

Tentatively Santhosh took the support of my shoulders initially and later his one hand slowly came down, soon it was over my boobs now and held it gently! Seeing no protest, my BIL got bolder and on pretext of breaking the thread, he started touching my boobs with his lips.

His lips slowly encircled my boobs and soon his lips started chewing the nipple area. I was at the height of ecstasy and a short moan escaped from me. Santhosh in the excuse of biting the thread, started casually to nibble the brassiere too over my nipple! It was too much for me and while I was almost to grab his head over my boobs,

He broke the thread with his teeth and at the same time, he bites into my breasts also, exactly over the nipple area. I felt the pinch of the pain and I cried instantly in pain saying, “Hey, what you are doing?” Santhosh immediately took his head (lips) away and saw me but still his hand was resting on my boob only and instead of taking it away,

He placed it more on the boob where he bite. He said, “Sorry Anni, I think it had hurt you” and he pushed his index finger right onto my nipple over the brassiere, making the skin over there bucking in! Immediately out of reflex action, I pushed his hand away.

But my BIL didn’t give up and he pounced back his hand again to the same location. He placed his hand just on the bra cup and in no time, his finger got into the bra and was able to touch on my nipple itself! His cold finger on my nipple! I stood in

Goose bump, not knowing exactly how to react and my hand just gripped his hand, which was still inside my brassiere but my lips uttered no word! Santhosh showed no sign of hesitancy, he simply told, “Please bear it Anni. I am afraid there are ‘teeth marks’ over here Anni. So let me to check it”. Now he started to widen his palm more on my tit and his fingers tightly managed to tweak hard my nipple!

A loud ‘moan’ came out from me and I immediately tried to pull his hand away! I said, “Hey rascal, you are naughtier than I imaged. So can you take your hands out?” I decided to tease him. Santhosh was in no mood to pull away his hands. He said, “

Please Anni, let me check it once” But I didn’t allowed him and said, “I have accepted only for a photo shoot. If you behave naughty, then I have to say no for this photo shoot”. Immediately he loosened his grip and at last, my BIL has to take his hand out! But as he took his hand out, he deliberately managed to pull out the bra cup on one side, and as a result, the bra gave in and one of my boobs got exposed.

My BIL saw my naked boob and immediately started clicking pictures of them before I tried to cover it with my hand and he was continuing to do that. He then put his cam on auto clicking mode and came next to me. Without delay, I too managed to put on my boob, just inside the bra cup and teased him a bit.

But now, we both could see the ‘wet spot’ over my nipple area on the bra, which was nothing but the saliva of my BIL, when he chewed it while breaking the thread! Santhosh saw it penetratingly and I tried to cover it with my hand. But now he was bold enough to remove my hand and looked straight at my boobs.

He could now see his own saliva over the nipples area and said, “Oh, sorry Anni. Your bra became wet. I cannot take the photo shoot with this wet bra. So we have to change this bra”. Saying that, he asked me to raise my hands and he took both his hands just under my arms and swiftly, his fingers touched the bra ‘hook’ on my back and before it could realize, he unclasped the ‘bra hook’! While I managed to say meekly, “

Hey, what are you doing?”, Santhosh pulled the loose straps over my arms and he just managed to grab both of my ‘just released’ succulent boobs by both his hands. I stood awe-struck, with no words to say, and my BIL took his hands out and saw my boobs fully naked.

He then said, “Where on earth I will get a more beautiful model for campaign Anni” and started to suck my boobs turn by turn. My BIL then at the same time concentrated on my panties and promptly removed them in no time! As he reduced me to my birthday suit, he then threw me on the bed and kissed me everywhere.

He licked me in between my thighs and it was a great feeling. I just couldn’t control. He too then removed his clothes, took out his springing tool, got bold and was ordering me like his wife, telling me to suck him. I sucked him for 15 minutes, in and out licking his dick, sucking it, playing with the balls. Then my BIL finally had cum in my mouth.

He then started to suck my boobs again and asked me to hold them tight. Santhosh then started to tit-fuck me in that position which I had never had with my husband. After some time, when he got hard again, my BIL got between my legs, spread them good enough and put in his massive ‘pole’ in between my legs.

He then started the ‘real’ fucking in my pussy, slowly to start with, then with more power. I was moaning hard now. I held the bed with my arms and Santhosh was thrusting his youth into me. Much harder and much faster, he began to fuck me awfully. His ‘strokes’ were powerful and I had not experienced such a powerful strokes ever before! My juices were already giving in, my

BIL also just then had cum inside me, splashing his endless load of his potent ‘semen’ inside me and finally he collapsed over me. Then he lay by my side for some time and again his ‘youth’ prompted him that he can do more now. This was something which I always wanted, which also is my husband’s ‘weak’ area.

My BIL again started to put my dick in my mouth and in no matter, it was stiff again. Santhosh was going deeper and deeper, making me not able to breathe. Seeing me in bad position, he withdrew and gave me time to get back to normal. He then asked me, “Has my brother done to you in your ass Anni?” I said “no”.

This brought him so much excitement and he decided to deflower my ass hole by himself, to which I begged I cannot take it. I feared my hole is too small and would not able to accommodate his massive ‘meat’. He said ok but he pleaded me for doing it with his fingers. I too got excited and said ok for that.

My BIL started putting some ‘Vaseline’ over his fingers and he made me bend on my knees on my all fours over the bed. Santhosh then let his index finger travel for the first time across my butt crack and inserted it in my anus, which made me scream loudly as that area was never penetrated before. He moved his finger in and out, as I arched my butt up in the air close to him. He now used his other hand to access my pussy.

He moved it inward to gain access to my pussy from the front side and started pressing my lips and the protruding clit. Santhosh then started fingering both my holes for a while, making me shudder. He then used his

Thumb to press hard my now throbbing clit and stroke it, while I was completely tormented by his ministrations. I used my hands to grab my tits and I tweaked my nipples as Santhosh was fingering both my holes furiously. Much deeper and deeper, his fingers got inside my anus too! I felt like I was in heaven.

While I was enjoying every bit of the feeling there, I saw my BIL applying lot of Vaseline on his dick. While I was on my all fours, he mounted me from behind and he inserted his ‘cock’ in a flash inside my ass hole. I cried and screamed with pain.

He said, “Don’t worry Anni. You will enjoy now” and he started to put slowly more and more of his cock inside me, bringing lot of screams out of me. I was not able to bear it and I had held the bed with my hands while he was pumping inside me. He said this was best feeling of his life. And he was screaming my name Santhi (no ‘Anni’ calling) and this was arousing me more.

As I began to moan loudly, Santhosh grabbed my dangling tits. He started squeezing my tits and tweaking my nipples, while he moved his member in and out of my ‘anus’ hole slowly, grinding his hips with mine. My BIL took hold of my boobs support from behind and started to ram harder, making me cry in pain.

THIS was totally new and it was a world of totally new experience for me from the routine missionary position that my husband and I do, occasionally once in a month or so. Each thrust from Santhosh was opening me the horizons of unlimited pleasure. I boldly screamed louder and louder with pleasure, as I was screwed shamelessly deeper and deeper inside my ‘butt’ hole by my BIL.

He thrust his tool in and out faster and slower, faster and slower, while his hands were not still even for a minute, either playing with my tits, squeezing them, tweaking the nipples or fingering my navel or slapping my butt hard. What surprised me totally was how each hard slap from him was turning me on. I was shouting at the top of my voice.

Tears of pleasure were rolling in from my cheek, as I felt the mounting great orgasm inside me. My BIL held me by my hair and turned my face towards his. While I saw his face with my eyes wide open, almost popping out, I shrieked loudly “

Please don’t stop Santhosh” and continued to scream loudly, as he thrust inside me each time. My BIL continued to thrust harder and harder, tweaking my nipple with his free hand. I felt my whole body go rigid for a moment and I shuddered very violently following that. Looking right into his face, I continued to shudder and climaxed wildly with a scream which lasted for a long time.

Santhosh after a few hard strokes let out a loud groan and within the next couple of thrusts, he too came and immediately we both collapsed. Now my BIL was ejaculating all over inside my anus, as I feel his load of cum in pure amazement. I lost track of time, but I figured that it seemed to be a never-ending climax, which finally came to an end. I now had no power left in me.

Next day he submitted the project after morphing me and my survey, he got an increment and was made territory sales manager and he is also the one who is managing my territory too. He still thanks me for that.

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