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Hi I am Jack from Thane. I am a great fan of ISS, and enjoy almost every story. Now I am 21 years old and a very sexy guy. This happened when I was 20 years old. I am having a aunty living in front of my home named Savita, but I never called her aunty, only by her name “Savita”. She is always smiley, on at that time she was of 28 years with 2 kids. Her breast was very huge like big watermelons with full of juice and her hips also well round and big though she was slim. Her body size was 65, waist – 36, hips – 32. Since I was a bachelor, I was hungry in search for fuck and eyes stopped on my lovely Savita aunty. I started masturbating on Savita’s thoughts and satisfied myself by fucking her in mind. Soon It became my dream to fuck her. Our house was near to each other.

Our relation was nice and she knows me as gentle guy. One day I was passing by her house, she called me and told me where you are going. I have not seen you so far now. I was also surprised by her talks and entered into her house. She offered me tea to which I refused, but she insisted me to take it. I asked her where the uncle and children were. Then she told me your uncle is on duty to office and kids were in school. I was getting frustrated sitting alone at home, so I force you for tea, please. Then I took this golden opportunity and told her what can I do for you? She laughed and understood what is in my mind. All the way we both were free in talk; I was talking naughtily as she is also free of nature. I told her, in the street, I like only you very much because of your eyes, nature and talk. Then she told me what is in your mind, I am a married women. That day was for me, suddenly I told her, see aunty there is no one in house except you and me. So please I want to go away from your house. Then she told me why you called me as aunty, every time you called me as Savita? I observed her face and ultimately I told here if any wrong happen from my side?

Again she told me see, I am married women and I know you very well, you can not do any nonsense like this. We were on first floor and directly I grabbed her hand in my hand and told her now what you can do. She was in mood and naughtily told me to leave her hand and she holds my cheek she told me, somebody can watch us then? If uncle know this then? I told her door is close you r my aunty, I take her in my arms and laid her on bed. Then she with a low resistance, asked, “what is there in me”. Then I grabbed her once again and gave one huge kiss and said “I like your big boobs and round shaped ass.” Afterwards she came on my way and told me, “I also like you very much but I am afraid of people.” I promised her this will be a secret between you and me. I put her sari down and made her half naked. she was having experience of fuck by uncle, but now she wants to take another test by her neighbor boy.

She was looking sexy in bra and panty. Then she removed my shirt and pant. I was on underwear, my rod so hot. She was hungry for sex now. She laid down my underwear and pickup my heavy rod in hand. I told her to take it in mouth but she refused. And said, “ it is bad, I have never taken even the dick of your Uncle in mouth”. I told her I want to eat your pussy, want to test the lips of your pussy. she started laughing and we turned into 69 position. I put my mouth in her spicy pussy and started to take test. Now she also became horny, put my hot rod in her mouth and told me your dick is very big than uncle’s dick. Firstly I fuck her mouth heavily up to her throat. Then I removed her bra and chaddi. First time I was seeing her naked in front of me, her vagina also stroking like heart bit. I told her you are looking so sexy. Her big juicy watermelons were climbing on her chest. Immediately I grab her boobs in my hand and started pressing madly, crushed her nipple badly by teeth. she saw the mark of my teeth on her boobs and say you are so sexy.

After that I told her I want to fuck you by both ways. She say “You can’t never fuck me on backside. your uncle have not even put a finger in my asshole”. But I put my finger in her asshole and started in-out, she get enjoyed my finger-fuck, after that I put my two fingers in her asshole and told her “see my dick is sufficient to enter in your asshole”. She was afraid since my dick was one & half inches longer than uncle’s dick and so refused my dick into her pussy. but I was mad for fuck. I turned immediately her and spread her leg and forcibly put my dick in her pussy. But I took back my dick from her pussy. And started giving small hits on her pussy, I told her the lips of your pussy are very nice because of shaves. After that I heavily put my dick in her pussy and started to give her stroke. For my shots she started shouting, I kept my hand on her mouth and again started to stork her heavily, after some time I have leaked my powerful semen in her love hole. She was so tired and was not able to take breath. She said, “I had never been intercoursed by such a heavy rod. Now, I want to be fucked by your heavy rod everyday. Whenever you get chance, come to my house and fuck like today”. That day in night I got again chance to fuck her. Because of work load, uncle was not able to come to home and so he phoned to Savita aunty.

After lunch I was passing through her house she called me and said, “Because of office work, your uncle will be staying in office tonight.I am alone with my kid”. I understood her that she is now a fan of my dick. I don’t want to miss the opportunity. At 11.00 pm I knocked her back door, she opened the door and passed me in. She told me anybody saw you, I told her nobody had seen me since I came through back door and be free to enjoy. Her kids were in deep sleep. We went to bed room. She removed her sari,blouse etc and soon became fully naked in front of me. Then I removed my all cloth and enjoyed full night with her. I told her I want to fuck your asshole, she said me I am fully satisfied by you. In 5 years married life what your uncle was not able to give me, in few hours I had got it from you. Now your uncle at the age of 40 is not much interested in sex unlike me. She asked me to promise that I’ll be her only husband. I don’t want to waste my few years of sex life. You are free to do any type of sex, I am only your and satisfy me, I am in love with you. She took my dick in her mouth and started to suck it.

After that I apply oil on her asshole and started to insert my dick in her ass. It was getting me difficulty to insert dick in her asshole, then I told her to bend on her knees and she do the same, then her asshole become little free to fuck. I put my dick on her asshole and force it heavily. Forcefully pushed my dick in her ass. After 1-2 minutes waiting my dick entered in her asshole. She was become very frustrated and told me please take out your dick, its paining, I convinced her… she started shouting “its paining” I have grab her body an pushed my dick, within fraction of second my dick fully entered in her ass. After this I started pushing my dick heavily and she started enjoying and was telling to push it hard. And she started moving her ass. After 10minutes I loaded my cum in her ass hole. After fucking completed by back, she told me, really I am not able to seat properly for some movement but I really enjoy this pain and you fuck me by front and back both the hole it give me real enjoyment. In midnight after 2-3 hours again we intercourse from front. Took her both legs on my both shoulder and insert my dick in her vagina, she was realizing this shot first time. My 95% dick was inserted in her Wet pussy and giving her heavy strokes, pressing her big boobs, eating it and kissing her all over, enjoying full night. She told me, I am very fortunate because of such type of young fucker. I told her I have seen many type of posses from kamsutra, I will utilize it for you only and we both will enjoy it. This is your property only and whenever you want to eat me, you just call me, I am always for you. After that I fucked her 4 times, I used donkey shot, dog shot and make her fully satisfied. And she was addicted to my dick. Uncle got a new job in Delhi, and they shifted to Delhi. Now I am all alone.

Uploaded By: Rajaan     Jan,2 2015
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