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My name is Aakash and I am 28 years old. I had my share of affairs during my college days and had sex regularly with my friends. But most of the times it was with girls of my age or slightly smaller. By this age I have tried everything and I can suck cunt and fuck for hours at end. All this comes with experience! I have tried every position of kamsutra and most women who have slept with me have always wanted more. She was always friendly with me and I have taken her to college in my car quiet often as the college she studied falls on route to my office. She got married recently . I had always admired her good looks as well as her figure. Perfect tits and fine buttocks. But I never even gave her a hint that I was sexually attracted to her. I did brush her tits while fixing her seat belts once in a while but it ment nothing to her. She recently got married and came back home after a period of 3 or 4 months. I could feel that something was wrong and lend her a shoulder to cry upon. She came to my house after her parents went to their jobs and started talking about her inlaws and her husband. We were enjoying a nice talk when she suddenly started crying. I put my hand on her shoulders and pulled her to me. She just leaned against my shoulder and started to cry uncontrallably. Her body was shaking and in this process her boobs were slowly rubbing my hand!

My Lund became hard and I had a hard time hiding it as it is full 7 inches long and very thick as most of my lady friends tell me. A tent started to be formed in my jeans I was wearing. I pulled her to me more so that her attention does not move there. As if she was waiting for her feeling to be told and starated talking and hugging me more and more. She slowly slided down to my lap and laid down right on my lund/lap. I slowly kept moving my hand on her head and assuring her that everything would be find. I was feeling her hot breath on my crouch! And my lund was growing in size to its full potential. I was now sure that I can get her. I started talking to her about her husband and how she is enjoying her married life. She then told me that her husband was not able to satisfy her. She just poured out her frustation and told me that her husband just cant hold on and comes within minutes of sex. I was taken aback by her sudden talks but got exited also. I told her that this happensin the begining and she should wait and try to adjust. Suddenly my lund came out of my underwear inside my jeans and n this process pushed her a little back. She just remainined there! Pressing against it.

She told me shyly that her husband has a 5 inch lund which is very thin and that he took a week even to breck her virginity. Even now he enters her and comes in minutes and she remains unfulfilled. Her hands were now on my crouch and she asked shyly as to what my size was. She said that she just wanted to know. I told her my size and told her that she should do lot of foreplay and let him come a few times and then have sex. She felt that any foreplay would make her husband completly spent. I told her that that is not so and foreplay always help. By this time her shyness had gone and hence I could feel her hand on my crouch. Ii told her that she could have full enjoyment without intercorse also. She was taken aback and asked me to explain. As she was now pressing my lund too much I told her that it is now paining and I will have to unzip to become comfortable. She immediatly unziped me and my lund just jumped out. She was totally taken aback by its size and slowly started moving her hands on it and requested me to Teach her how sex can be done without intercource she also requested me not to fuck her as he wanted To be faithfull to her husband.I said ok and slowly moved my hand under her blouse from backside and unhooked her bra and then pushed up her blouse and bra from ront. She just did not move. I slowly started to fondly her and started to pinch her nipple. They were really large to my surprise. I kept talking to her and told her that one thing that a girl can do is to take lund in her mouth. She initally said that it would be dirty. I told her to try and give up if she does not like it. She slowly opened her mouth and took the tip of lund in her mouth and started to move it up and down around 3 inches. I did not push inside and slowly removed her sari and untied her petticoat. Now she was only in her panties and open blouse and sari. I slowly now moved her to the floor and removed her panties and to my surprise she did not resist. I then moved down and opened her legs and slowlly kissed her cunt on its opening. This was enough for her because she came and came with just this! She was now sobbing and telling me to give her more pleasure. I slowly moved closer to her choot and inserted my tounge into her hole. She had not felt something like this befor and hence vitrually jumped and pushed herself to me. In just 3 or 4 minutes she came again but this time she was virtually shouting ‘oh god oh god…i never knew it can be so good and i like that.’

I then removed my pand and other clothes and now we both were naked. She requested me not to fuck her and also that she can’t resist me now. As if giving me a green signal. I told her that I would not fuck her but give her a new kind of pleasure. I slowly mounted her and brought my tip to the opening and slowly started to rub it on her hole. She was enjoying this a lot and it is my experience that women cant stand this for long. She came once like this only and still I kept rubbing her without entering her. I then told her that i would enter her only to my tip to which she agreed. I then entered her by one inch or so and saw in her eyes a desire to have me in full. I just kept moving my tip in and out.This went on for some time and I felt that she was pushing hard form below to have me in full. Suddenly she held me by my buttocks and said something i still can forget. She I just could not beleive it and just glided my lund into her wet and tight cunt. It was tight and she crited a little saying that it is paining a little. I just let it stay there for some time and then started to move it slowly in and out. I had just put in 5 inches beacause this was the length to which she has already been opened.

When she started enjoying it I pushed a little more and pushed in 1 more inch and she just said ‘ o god’ I kept that for a few moments and then pushed in the rest of my lund in. She just shouted ‘oh god oh god’ many times. She then started to push with me from below and we started to fuck at great speed. She started to say thing which most women say when they are enjoying. Like.. I kept my movement and then she become stiff and came and came I just kept pumping her till she came. I was also feeling my buildup and started to increase my speed. She was lying motionless below me and I was pumping her hard and hard. I then exploded and filled her. She just hugged me and cried and cried. As I removed my lund she resisted and said please let it remain there. I told her that it has become placid and would come out in any case. I then told her of all the positions of the kamsutra and she told me that she would learn all of them before to goes back.

She then went to the bathroom naked and cleaned herself and I also cleaned my self infront of her. She stood up and hugged me and said that she is thankful to me and that she would try what I have taught her with her husband. I was getting hard again and she just could not beleive this. She held my lund and took it in her mouth. I told her that second time I take a long time to come and she will have to let me fuck her if she wants to give me any satisfaction. She ran inside and layed down on the bed with her legs fully open, inviting me to have my fill. I turned her around and applied some oil on my lund and on her anus hole! She got scared and said that she cant do this. I told her that this is normal and slowly entered her tight hole. She cried as I entered her fully. With one finger in her choot and my lund in her gand I gave her the fuck of her life. She just came many times before I felt some buld up. She must have come atleast 5 times before i filled her gand with my cum.

For next one week we did all the asanas and now fuck very regularly. Her husband has improved with some medical help but she just cant do without me and would find excuses to visit her father and then sleep with me.I just enjoy sex and would like to explore more. I am from chennai and would love to spend time with females who are frustrated in sex and want to know how much sex can be enjoyed.

Uploaded By: Aakash     Jan,2 2015
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