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This story happened when I was in 2nd year of college. I was dating a hunky guy called Nishant. My name is Pooja and I am a leggy fair girl with an above average height of 175 cms and round firm breasts and relatively less round ass. But my legs and my breasts were enough to ensure that I was always in demand.One day I was alone at home when Nishant decided to drop in. I was so excited to receive him when we were alone waht I could hardly wait. He saw my fair slim body in a tight sleevelsss top and jeans and shistled. We settled on the sofa and started to coo and neck.Nishant put his lips against mine and started to suck ym face.His big hands cupped my breasts through my top and he began kneading them.I moved a little closer and soon our thighs were rubbing against each other. Nishant’s hand soon went to the button of my jeans and after popping it he slid his hand inside my jeans. I was wearing a white cotton panties inside.Nishant moved the elastic so that he could touch my moist hauiry womanhood. Meanwhile his other hand had crept inside my top tocup my breast on top of my brassiere.I felt my breasts going even fuller than before and when I shifted my leg I felt Nishant’s erection rubbing against it.

“Nishant stop it…”I said but the next moment our lips had locked again and we were kissing and sucking each other’s faces till my lips were feeling scraped and raw. Nishant’s hand had cupped my pussylips inside my panties and he was rubbing it fevereshly till I felt I would faint from passion. Nishant’s finger slowly found the folds of myu pussylips and went inside. I had started leaking there. Nishant soon moved my top up to my neck and made me lie on the safa. My bra cups too soon joined my top and now Nishant went crazy with lust at the sight of my fair breasts with theuir quivering nipples and rose colored aerolaes.He bent to take my nipple in his mouth adn bit it hard. I cried my mother’s name and pressed his head there.Now his fingers inside my puchchi were also being very active. Slwoly Nishant pulled his trousers zip down and pulled his own cock out.

I had given him a hand job a few times in our dates in movie halls or in the lover’s lanes.Now i closed my fingers around his dick and started to massage him knwoing fully well that today his cock and my pussy were going to get acquainted with each other. Nishant pulled my jeans down and brought my panties to my ankles too. Then he slowly climbed on top of me and rested on his elbows.”I had come all ready,”he said and showed me the packet of kamsutra condoms on which a handsome hunk was in intimate position with a beautyful woman. I sighed and spread my thighs in invitiation.There were a few moment of akwardness when Nishant tore the wrapper and put on his condom I was lying on my back thinking if our lovemaking would leave a stain on the sofa and if it does what I would explain to my parents and sister.Then all thoughts went as Nishant parted and raised my thighs and inserted his cock near my pussylops.Being a virgin and young girl I was extremely tight there but Bishant expertely slid it inside and almost without any pain rammed it all the way. I sighed and arched my back to allow him deeper in my body. I could feel his snaky sticky manhood mobving inside my body and crossed my ankles behind his back.Our lovemaking went on for a long long time in whcih Nishant really gave me a good time…..

Uploaded By: Angel     Jan,2 2015
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Saali: Jeeja Ji, Paanch Saal Mein Saat Bachche
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Saali: Jeeja Ji, Paanch Saal Mein Saat Bachche
sab se famous
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