Savita bhabi
Savita’s Wedding

It was a night out for Savita and Ashok. They were on their way to Savita’s friend, Mamta’s wedding
reception. Ashok was on the wheel and Savita was checking her makeup in the rearview mirror.

“I hope we aren’t late for Mamta’s wedding reception” said Savita after looking at her watch for the third

“Don’t worry Savita; we’ll be there on time”

Savita and Ashok soon arrived at the reception and they made their way towards the newlywed couple.

“Congratulations Mamta!” said Savita as she handed the bouquet to her friend.

“Thanks Savvi, glad you could come. Please enjoy the party.”

As Savita and Ashok walked around the party Ashok spotted some friends of his chatting in a corner.

“Ah, Savvi…I’m going to talk to my friends, why don’t you look around?” said Ashok and left Savita irritated
and alone at the party.

“Hmmph, he always leaves me alone at these parties.”

As Savita looked around for someone familiar her eyes fell on the handsome young man talking to the groom.

“Hmm… the groom’s friend is really handsome. It reminds me of my own wedding…Oh, I wish Prem was here. He
really knew how to show a girl a good time”

Savita’s Wedding – 2 Years Ago

Savita was in her room with her friends who were helping her get ready for her wedding. Savita was putting on
her makeup in front of the mirror while her friends chatted away behind her.

“I can’t believe you’re getting married Savvi!”

“Yeah, it’s hard to imagine that our Savvi, who gave all the guys in college hardons, is going to settle

“Do you remember when she gave Mudit a blow-job during class?”

“Really!!! I didn’t hear about this story…Tell me what happened.”

“Well you remember how Mudit and Savita used to sit all alone in the back of Mr. Verma’s class every time.
Well it turns out that they fooled around all the time in the back during class.”

“Wow, but what about the blowjob?”

“Well it all started with Savita needing someone to do her homework in Mr. Verma’s class and Mudit was the
lucky guy she chose to seduce. So one day when she and Mudit were sitting alone in the back she unzipped his
pants and bent low so the teacher couldn’t see her and gave him a blowjob in exchange for him to do her notes
and homework.”

“Wow, I thought I’d heard all of Savita’s stories but there always a few that we’ve not heard of!”

“Well then do you know the one about the college picnic? She and Ravi disappeared for an hour in the forest
while we all weren’t looking. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what must have gone on in there!”

“Yes I heard they almost got caught that time!”

“Ha…ha… Savvi, how will you ever manage with one man only?”

Savita who was getting irritated all this while hearing her friends’ gossip decided that she could get ready
without them. Savita rolled her eyes in frustration and stood up to tell off her friends.

“You girls are annoying me…Get out…I will get ready myself”

As the girls moved out of the room Savita thought about what the girls had said and about her upcoming
married life.

“Hearing their stories has got me wet, and from the look of my hubby, doesn’t look like he will be of much
help in that department.”

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and Savita expecting that her friends had returned opened the door
with an annoyed look on her face while still wearing just her blouse and petticoat.

“I told you girls to…Oh! …Sorry, who are you?”

Savita was surprised to see a handsome man in front of her who was staring at her. The guy couldn’t help but
stare at the deep cleavage that was showing in Savita’s blouse.

“Oh, I’m Prem, Ashok’s friend. You’re friends said you were not feeling well so I came here to check.”

“Oh, so you’re Prem, his best friend, come in!”

“Ashok mentioned that you would be arriving from abroad for the wedding.” said Savita as she sat down on the
bed in front of Prem.

“Wow, her breasts are really big. Ashok is one lucky guy. I can’t believe that a shy and quiet guy such as
him ended up with such a beautiful wife.” thought Prem while still ogling at Savita.

“Uh… Prem! Are you listening to me?” said Savita to Prem who was still staring intently at her cleavage.

“Uh…What… Oh, yes I arrived just yesterday. I’ve been helping out in the preparations and thought that I’d
see if you needed anything. I’ll leave if I’m disturbing you?”

Savita had seen the looks Prem had been giving her while talking to her and an idea started to take form in
her mind.

“He just can’t keep his eyes off my breasts; hmm…I have just the plan to make him help me with my problem”

“Oh No. Please don’t leave. I was getting nervous about the wedding and needed someone understanding to talk
to.” said Savita in a coy voice while pushing out her chest a little more towards Prem.

“What is the problem Savita, maybe I can help you?”

“Oh Prem Bhaiya, it’s a little personal so I’m embarrassed to tell you!”

“Don’t worry Savita, you can talk to me.” said Prem as he took a seat beside Savita and took her hand in his
hand to reassure her.

“I…I am nervous about tonight. I want to please Ashok but…I have no experience.”

“Wow, a VIRGIN. I can’t believe it. And she’s asking me for advice.Hmm… Maybe I can help her out!” Prem’s
mind was racing with thoughts.

He then placed his hand on Savita’s thigh and moved a bit closer.

“Don’t worry Bhabhi, you have such a beautiful body, I’m sure you will please Ashok.” said Prem; whose hand
was now on Savita’s waist and gently rubbing her skin.

Savita who was watching Prem’s hand move closer and closer to her breasts realized what Prem had in mind and
decided to move things along faster.

“Oh bhaiya, don’t lie to me! I know that’s not really true. I’ve always felt that my breasts are too big.
Can’t you feel them and tell me if they’re too big?” she took his hand and placed it on her breast.

“I can’t believe how innocent she is…” thought Prem who couldn’t believe what Savita was asking him to do.

“Err… Yes I’d better properly feel them.” said Prem with a smile and placed his other hand on Savita’s other
breast and began massaging them.

“Mmmm bhaiya…this feels good. Is this the right way to check their size?”

“Yes Savita, I can’t tell properly with the blouse in the way. It would be better if you show me their size
directly…” said Prem with a smile while massaging Savita’s breast with his hands and playing with her nipples
through her blouse.

“Directly…But I’ve never shown them to a man.”

“Don’t worry Savita; It is a devar’s duty to help his bhabhi.” said Prem

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