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After reading all these peoples real life story, I thought why not share my story with the friends outside .Well I tell only the truth and nothing but the truth. I am a 18 year old boy who lives in style. I have a muscular body and a very sex appealing look. It was with my teachers, chemistry, English, accounts and last but not least my computer teacher. Yes in my life I had teachers teaching me sex.

But today I will only tell the story of my first encounter with my English teacher named Momina , she was one of the sexiest thing in town , every time I looked at her my cock use to harden like a rock and tried to smell her pussy , every time in class I use to stare at her breasts wondering her naked and I am sucking those parts, when she had a bob cut hair use to wear jeans I use to see her pussy’s shape , ( she was about 5’5 and use to go to the gym that must make all u guys know how sexy she would be , she also had 2 kids ) any one each day I used to take her name and shag like a dog but I knew I could never have her body . Her boobs where quite thin which I thought. She smelled like purified water.

Until one day something amazing happened, we had an English class after our physical education class or p.t. class. The boys who went to these classes usually returned after 35 min from the time the class ends.

Any way that day I did not go for p.t. class because I had to do my English home work which I forgot to do. Any way I was doing my homework when my women of my dreams came into the class, she was looking terrific and to sexy she was wearing a red kamiz and a white thin fabric shalwar. I could see her hot legs as she was coming up the stairs my dick grew from 4inch to 5inch I quickly loosened my pants a bit and started doing my work.

She came into the class and was amazed to see me early. She smiled at me and said what a pleasant surprise; I said oh thank u miss! She came and sat down on her chair and lifted her legs and sat like one leg on the other like that I could notice the frilled underwear she was wearing. I just could not get my eyes away from her panties. After a while I started to do my work , just too have a close look of her and to smell her I pretended I did not understand something and went and sat next to her she began to explain while I was more interested in smelling her and looking at her bra colour and size .
She explained me every thing meaning of some words and etc. then I just came across the word prostitute I asked her miss what does this mean she smiled at me and said don’t tell me u don’t now what prostitute means I said no miss I was just joking !

Then I asked her how a woman could start prostitution, she answered me because of many reason, then at that spur of moment something struck me……………… I got an idea that if I continued this conversation I might get some where, I asked her how those it feel when u have sex! She felt a bit embarrassed but I could feel her getting aroused! she answered me its like a dream come true and she kept explaining me , I kept shifting my chair closer to her , then I said do you think someone can ever have sex with me she said why not ! You are smart sexy and then we started to stare in each others eyes!

She kept on repeating the word sexy and each time it would be softer then the one before, I cloud feel her breath getting warmer and warmer. we drew closer then with out hesitation I just caught her hair and kissed her on her lips I sucked her tongue and she sucked me tongue I chewed her lips of , the lipstick made it more hotter , currents went through my spinal cord that a dream has come true .

I started touching her thighs while kissing her I caught her and pulled her over me, I took hold of her breasts and they where quit normal, I pulled her nipples they turned hard as a rock and very pointy, I kissed her nipples on top of the kamiz by then my dick grew from 5inch to 8inch its was hard as a rock when she sat on it. I snogged her back and hugged her tightly so I could feel her nipples after that I went down and started rubbing her breasts , she was moaning and moaning , I kissed her breasts and kissed then hard by then my dick felt her pussy getting wet .

Her shalwar was wet; the juices had penetrated my jeans which made me hornier. I quickly pushed her and dropped her on the floor, I went on top of her and kissed her neck, each time I kissed she would moan like a dog. I threw her dupatta and took off my shirt and then she took off her kamiz I saw that black bra there and ripped it off I chewed her breast and kissed her belly then I went under and with out taking the shalwar off I dug into her pussy, her shalwar was wet and was very very sweet, I could smell that erotic smell of the soft juices, I felt her vaginal lips and the most amazing part was when I went through her jungle of bushes of pubic hair.

then like dogs I tore of her shalwar and when I looked at her panties it was wet like she pissed in it I took that off and put the whole panty in my mouth to suck her vaginal juice , while sucking her panty she opened up my pants and started to suck my balls and chewed the tip of my dick I got angry and more turned on towards her I pushed her back on the ground and dung into her pussy and was biting her clitoris she felt the sweet pain and released more of the juice she contained , I was like a dog and she my bitch the more I chewed the more she flushed down her juice in my mouth , my mouth was sticky as a melted chewing gum .

She took her hands and pressed my face in more in to her vagina she also sputtered some amounts of piss in my mouth because I also got a salty sensation after that my dick was erect and hard as a rock I just got up and inserted in her cunt! She screamed “Oh!!!! god , help me ” first so loudly that I thought some one must have heard I got up and closed the class room door , then I came back and jumped and her and inserted my rock into her and fucked her hard all of my cock got into her , I prevented her from moaning or screaming by putting my tongue in mouth or u can say by French kissing her , I could feel my cum gonna shoot out and she said let me taste it , before she could say any thing else I had cummed in her vagina she got furious and took my cock out and started to lick so that something came out , but she did not give up she started to suck my cock and already it was in so much pain cause 1 it was a new experience for me and she kept on making her cunt tight and I shouted stop u bitch but she would not and continued to suck till loads of cum came out again , oh god I was in such pain after her bitch like sucking .

We were so tired that for a minute he laid on each other and hugged each other tightly while we were doing that she took my cock and put it back in her cunt , we rested for about 15 min in that same position , I got up trying to put my little strength together but she was total dead she turned around smudging my cum and revealing her ass , I said oh my gosh how could I forgotten your ass and I jumped on her , she screamed nooooooooooooooooooo don’t do ittttt plzzzzzzzz it husrts plzzzzzzz I at first kissed her butts , which where quite hot an dusty than liked her ass and tried to lubricate it , she tried to stop me cause she was to exhausted , due to that she did not have strength and could not stop me , I rammed my lund in to her ass and she was like my sex slave holding the teacher’s table for support while I was ramming , I cupped her breast while I was ramming it in ,but after 2 or 4 stroke I felt quite weak and loosened the grip and we both fell to the ground exhausted and dead !

There we were a teacher and student lying naked on the floor fainted as though we were raped. Our clothes scattered cum shoot all around us, some on her body, some on the walls and some on the floor.

We had to get up cause my class fellows were about to come any minute we quickly dressed and kissed an hard French kiss and as soon as I moved away from her my class mates came in! Mahwish and I smiled at each other and lots more happened because of her with other teachers which I will continue next time!

But that day when I went home I was so excited and satisfied and happy that I made it at last but was sitting on my chair and applying cream to my swollen dick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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tution teacher OR sex teacher
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