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Hi i am nitin. this incident happened to my friend. on behalf of him i am going to tell you this story This is a real story. My name is Ramen and I am from Calcutta. This incident happened when I was in 2nd standard. Generally my mom used to teach me all subjects and she was a teacher of a school. In the final exam of 1st standard I scored poor marks in maths. So, my parents decided that I should have private tuitions mainly from maths. As, my parents were working the whole day there was no one to look after me also. So my mother spoke to my neighbours and arranged Swetha aunty for my maths tuition. Swetha aunty was fair and beautiful too. Her body was very good. Though at that time I did not know what porn is but I used to enjoy hot scenes in Hindi and English movies. Swetha aunty looked like Mamta Kulkerni having nice eyes, big breasts and she was very charming. She had a 1 yr old daughter.

So, we started the class. She used to come to my house around 9.30am every day . My parents used to go out for job at that time. So, it used to be only me & Swetha aunty in our flat and her mother in law used to take care of her daughter at that time in her house. I was not a bad student and started improving in maths. My parents were very happy with me and aunty. As I was very naughty, I used to see her cleavage as she used to wear see through sarees. I started dreaming of her in those hot scenes in the movies and my cock used to stand up but Swetha aunty did not know about this at all. One day I had a dream that I was sleeping with her and kissing her badly.

When I used to solve the maths problems she used to comb my hair with her fingers and kiss me on my chick. She loved me. One day she told that she gave birth a son 4 yrs back but he died. He would have been like me if he were alive. The next day my parents went out for work as usual but before going out mom put 1 litre of milk to warm on gas stove and requested Swetha aunty to switch it off.

Aunty gave me problem to solve and went to kitchen to keep an eye on the milk. After 3 minutes she told probably the milk is spoiled. She told ” Sure doodhwale ne kal ka doodh de gaya. Isliye to kharab ho gaya”. She switched off the gas stove and asked me to inform my mom about this. She came and asked ” Itna doodh kharab ho gaya. Toh sirf tum hi pite ho 1 litre? ” I replied mainly I drink and a little is used to make tea. She asked me “To aj kaise piyoge?”.

I told I don’t know and I was continuously looking at her big breasts and they were definitely D cups and she probably understood my intentions or not I did not know. She told me ” aja me bacche agar mera beta zinda hota toh tere jaisa hi hota” and she hugged me. I got a change pe dance kerneka mauka. I kissed her chick. She was combing my hair with her finger. I put my small hands on her blouse and she gave me a naughty smile. She told me ” aja beta aunty k god me aja” and she took me on her lap and kissed my forhead and chick. She told me ” aj toh doodh kharap ho gaya to kya piyega?” and she asked me ” Aunty ka doodh piyega?” I was in my 7th heaven as dream came true. She told me ” mai apne bête ko nehi pila saki per tut oh mere bête jaisa hi hai.” I told I want.

She opened the hooks of her blouseand took it off. She wasin her bra. In black bra she was looking very sexy. She covered her with the pallu of her saree and took off her bra also. She asked me” beta kausa pahle piyega Right or left?” I kissed her left breast. Now she totally uncovered her upper portions and her breasts were hanging. I should say they were mellons.light brown areola and erect nipples. She put her left nipple in my mouth and I started sucking fast and I did not get anything and I felt it was paining her. She told “mere bacche thoda slow suck ker” Now within 30 seconds milk came out. It was very tasty.

Around 20 minutes I sucked her left breast and switched to the right one. The left tit was still leaking. She told ‘ beta left wala pura choos le. Usme avi vi doodh hai” I obeyed her and sucked the left one for next 5 minutes and it was dry. In next half an hour I was dome with the right one also. I was feeling horny too. My small penis was erect and aunty noticed it. She told me ” koi nehi beta aisa hota hai tum avi baby nehi ho aur bohot kuch samajh te ho. To batao aunty ka doodh kaisa laga?” I told I enjoyed. She asked ” roz piyega?” I was smiling with shy.

So thereafter I used to suck her tits every day. Drinking her milk I became healthy and sharp too. I sucked her tits for 1.5 yrs they their family shifted to Hyderabad. She asked my parents to visit. They day before they left for Hyderabad she asked me to go to her house. Swetha aunty cooked lunch for me. Her mother in law and daughter went to their relative’s house. After lunch she took me to her bedroom. She was not wearing bra that I noticed.

My panis stood up and she noticed it and gave me a naughty smile and told ” tu abhi chota hai subkuch toh nehi ho sakta aur kuch toh sharam ker” we were sleeping on her bed. She took off her blouse and told me “aj last din hai. Iccha puri ker le”. I jumped on her mellons and started sucking her nipples. Soooooooo much milk she had. We woke up at 4pm from sleep and she told that her breasts should be full again and I can suck and I did. She was soooooooooo good. After she left I missed her like anything. I was in love with those breasts.

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tution teacher OR sex teacher
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tution teacher OR sex teacher
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