Meri Teacher
My teacher

I am Praveen from Lucknow and my age is 28 years. This is a true incident happened long back with one of my teacher’s wife. At that time my age was 24. Her name is Vibha. A very beautiful lady of of age 29 years. She has sexy shapes in her body. She will certainly look very admiring to everyone.

She talks very politely and her laugh is very attractive. Her size must be around 36-30-36. She always use to wear saries and blouse. From this a small portion of her waist and valleys use to be visible. The fairness and flesh of her body use to give me a jolt instantly. I use to control myself since I was taking coaching classes from her husband. Her husband name was Kamal Sharma and he used to teach maths to students in his house only. While going to class room whenever I used to see her I used to go near and touch her feet for blessings.

Her smell use to excite me very much. In this process I was always use to look at her face with very protruding eyes. She always use to touch my head with her hand and give me blessings with a very cute smile on her face.

Some times a kind of a feeling was always coming in my heart that she also has some interest in me. I am very well built guy and in my class every gal had a crush on me. This I knew but my aim was to join Indian Army as soon as possible as an Officer, since my childhood. So I never thought about any other lady except Vibha. I don’t know but something was constantly pulling me towards her and perhaps she was also interested. But she was a married lady blessed with a little gal. I kept on thinking about her and good/bad , right/wrong about this relation. Ultimately I decided that I should concentrate on my studies.

In the year June 2005 I sat for the examination of Combined Defense Services. After six months once the result was declared I was selected. Immediately after this I had to go for the training. While going for the training I went and met my teacher. He was very happy and congratulated me. Thereafter he took me inside his house and asked Vibha to offer me a cup of coffee. First she came in drawing room and congratulated me for the success and thereafter went inside for making the coffee. Meanwhile my teacher kept on asking me about my future plans and training.

I told him that it’s a very tough training and I am not going to come back before one year. Perhaps she heard this and immediately came outside. She was almost screaming, “Kya tum poore eek sal tak ghar wapas nahi aaoge” ?? “Yes”, was my reply to her. I could see her face going down and a kind of a pain went deep inside me. Perhaps she was also feeling the same. She again went inside for bringing the coffee.

After some time she came back along with a tray full of sweets and snacks. I saw her face, her eyes were red and lips gone absolutely pink. Ohhh my god she cried inside, I could easily make out. My heart started sinking. I again looked at her and as if she said.. “ku ja rahe ho mujhe chod ke, mat jao na”. I asked her , madam, “apne kuch kaha”. She said, “No”. while I was sipping my coffee, in between I used to have a glance on her face. She was sitting like a statue staring at my face and not saying a single word. I finished my coffee in a hurry since I was not able to face her in that situation. I got up and touched the feet of both, my teacher and Vibha. While coming out of house I once looked back at her. She was standing behind her husband and I could see her wiping off her wet eyes.

One year passed by, I could not realize that time has flown away. My training was over and now I was an officer in Indian Army. My posting also came and I was posted to Jammu in Rajputana Rifles, and I had to report back after one month. This one month was my leave period and I thought that this one month I will live up to fullest. I will meet all my friends and enjoy like anything. Memories of Vibha were there in my mind but I always use to push them apart since I thought I am not going to achieve anything by this relation. I decided not to meet her when I will be at home.

I came back home for my leave. I met everyone except my college teacher. I was scared that if I will go to meet him I will have to meet Vibha also. I didn’t want to setup any emotions once again. One day my friend asked me, “tum Kamal Sharma sir se milne nahi gaye? kal unhone poocha tumhare bare me. He saw you in market and came to know that you have come on leave. He was a little annoyed that he taught you and after you became an officer you didn’t even bother to go to him.

You should go and meet him at least once, after all he taught you and he is your mentor”. I felt guilty for this. I replied, “mai kal jaunga unse milne”. Inside my heart I decided that I will go and meet only my teacher and quietly come back from there without going inside home so that I don’t have to face Vibha.

Next day I went to Kamal sir’s house. I deliberately went at that time when he was taking classes. He immediately came out of the class and saw me with a bit surprise and happiness since I was wearing my uniform. He embraced me immediately and congratulated me for my success. He was very happy. After a small conversation, with his chalk dust filled hands he pulled one chair in varandah and asked me to sit for a while. He said, “tum thodi der yahi baitho, main ye class khatm karke aata hun , fir andar chalke Vibha ke hath ki coffee piyenge.

Wo bahut yad karti hai tumhe. Kai bar poocha mujhse ki tum kab a rahe ho”. I immediately replied, “no sir I will take leave, Mai bus apse milne chala aaya. Mujhe ab ghar jana hai”. “Ku kam se kam Vibha se to milte jao”? “No sir fir mai dubara se aa jaunga”, was my reply and I touched his feet and turned back to return. He kept on asking me to sit but I left that place and asked excused from him. “Ajeeb ladka hai, dhang se mila bhi nahi or chala gaya”, I heard him saying from behind. While I was closing the gate of his house, my eyes went up in the balcony. My heart came in my mouth once I saw Vibha standing there. She was staring at me with innocent eyes as if she was asking, “kis bat ki saja de rahe ho jo bina mile hi chale ja rahe ho…??

I turned back and left that place. I was pushing my legs as long as possible so that I can move away from her eyes as soon as possible. My situation was like a drunken mad. I could not eat properly and went in my room. Whole day I kept on thinking about her. Her face was not allowing me to think anything else. I was truly, madly deeply in love with her. In the night I had my dinner and went inside my room again without even speaking to anyone in my house.

Everyone was a little worried by my behavior. My mother knocked the door and asked me, “beta koi pareshani hai kya, tabiyat to thik hai na tumhari” ??? “Nahi mummy bus thodi si thakan hai”, I said. “Thik hai, tum aram kalro”. My mother said and closed the door.

I was trying to sleep but my sleep has gone miles away. Vibha’s face was constantly flashing opposite to my eyes. In the night around 1 O’clock I got to have a glass of water. After having water I came back and laid down on my bed. My cell phone, which I purchased recently was beside me. I took it and started playing game of Bowling. Suddenly my cell started ringing. I was a bit surprised that who is calling in the midnight. Number was unknown for me. With hesitation I picked up the call and said “hello, who is this”..??? absolute silence from behind.

I again asked, “who are you ?? itni rat me ku call kar rahe ho”?? “Itni rat me tum jag ku rahe ho”, voice came out from my cell phone. My heart started beating faster. This was a female voice and I was damn sure about it. I again asked “who”?? She replied, “ku, mujhe nahi pahchana, ab meri awaj ko bhi bhool gaye…?? Aisa ku kiya tumne? Bina mile ku chale aye waha se… ?? suddenly I felt like that whole world is spinning around me.

This was certainly Vibha’s voice. I hesitantly asked, “Vibha madam ap or itni rat ko”..? “han mai”, was her reply, “jab tumhe mera khayal nahi aaya to mujhe kuch to karna hi tha, pichle ek sal se wait kar rahi hu tumhara or tum ho ki bina mile hi chale aaye waha se.. kuch to socha hota mere bare me.. pagal ho gayi hu mai tumhare bare me soch soch ke..are itna to socha hota pyar karne lagi hu mai tumse.. “. While saying this, her throat gone choked. “I Love You Praveen.. I love you. Please ek bar to ak mil lo mujhse.. mujhe or kuch nahi chahiye bus ek bar tumhe jee bhar ke dekh lu bus. “. After saying this she started crying.

I took a sigh of relief from inside and I was surprised by her confession. I asked her , “so you love me tumhe malum hai ki mai pyar karta hu tumse ya nahi…”. “Mai pyar karti hu tumse mujhe itna malum hai bus, tum karo ya na karo mujhe koi farq nahi padta, or tum kal mujhse milane aa rahe ho bus.. “. I was feeling better inside now. My heart was beating faster than ever. A kind of happiness was there in me. My whole body was shivering with excitement of getting her in life. I still asked her, “Vibha, ap married ho aur mere teacher ki wife bhi, apko nahi lagta ye galat hai..?? “Ye to tumhe tab sochna chahiye tha, jab tum roj mere pas aate the aur mere pair choote the, tumhare us touch ne meri jindgi badal di hai, mujhe tumse pyar hai or kal mujhse milne aa jana.. “.

I was stunned by this, immediately I could not reply her. Good and Bad, Right and Wrong thoughts started pouring in my mind. I kept on thinking for a while. She asked, “Kya soch rahe ho, Tumhe nahi pata ki tum mujhe kitna chahte ho..?? Apne dil pe hath rakh ke poocho”….?? I suddenly decided that I will not refuse her now. I will accept her love. I asked her, “When should I come…??, Your husband will always be there in house. In his presence I don’t want to come near you..?? “Tum din me 11 baje ke kareeb aana, jab wo college jate hain class lene..thik hai, or han uniform jaroor pahan ke aana,

You were looking very smart and handsome in that today.. “. I was pleased to listen this that my love likes me in my uniform. She said, “Acha ab mai phone rakh rahi hu, ab ankhe band karke mere sapne dekho bus, so jao chupchap..mujhe malum hai tum jag rahe the abhi tak…” MMMMMAHHHH, I love you janu, good night…bye.. She didn’t even bother to listen to me that I like her or not. After saying this she disconnected the call. I went to sleep with a pleasant feeling in my heart that tomorrow is going to be the best day of my life when I will meet my love.

Next day morning I got up a little early. I went for my regular running of 4 kms and thereafter spent some time in Gym. After having breakfast I asked my mother that I am going to meet one of my friends in Command Hospital in Lucknow. I have to go in uniform only since this is an Army unit. My mother said, “Where will you have your lunch then”. I replied, “There only with friends in mess”. “Thik hai beta, you will be back in nite” ?? “Yes, mom” I told her. After saying this I went inside and changed in uniform. Once I left the house it was about 10:30 AM in the morning. I catch hold of a rickshaw and told him the destination.

After about 15 minutes I reached to my teacher’s house. I rang the door bell. Immediately, the door was open and there she was standing in a pitch dark black sari. I was stunned to see her, I kept on looking at her face. I was staring at her like a statue. She was looking in my eyes. For good about 2 minutes we kept standing like this. Suddenly she woke up and said, ” Ab yahi kahde rahne ka irada hai janab ka ya fir andar bhi ayenge”…? I came in my senses and said, “ohhh yes I forgot”. She turned back and started moving inside. I locked the door and moved behind her.

I asked her, ” Sir nahi hain kya?? ” . “Ku akele mujhse milne me dar lag raha hai? ” she replied and started laughing. “No”, I just said…I was a bit nervous. She said, “tum baitho mai tumhare liye pani lati hu.. “. No body was there in the big house. I started thinking what will happen next. I didn’t know that she is ready for anything and everything today and she has done full preparation for that.

In the month of October weather was pink cold, still I had some drops of sweat on my face. She came back with a glass of water and gave it to me. I touched her soft hands first time while taking the glass from her. A chill went through my spine. My heart was beating very fast. I had the whole glass of water in a go. “Vibha, you are looking stunning and very beautiful in this black outfit”. I said in hesitation. She smiled and started staring my face with those beautiful eyes and sat on the sofa. “Thanks”, came out of her pink lips.

I was looking at her face only. For about two minutes we kept on looking in each others eyes. Her face was glowing. A pink makeup and black sari blouse on her milky body was making her absolutely gorgeous, hot and sexy. “Kuch kahna nahi hai kya” , she asked me. “Mere pas aao Vibha mujhe kuch kahna hai apse”, I just said in a go. Her black sari and blouse was making me hot and I started building sensations in my whole body. I wanted to kiss her. Perhaps She was also feeling the similar condition.

She gave a smile and came near to me. Now distance between two of us was only few inches. I could easily sense she was breathing heavily. Her warm breath was coming to my face. I just bend a little more near to her, “I LOVE YOU, VIBHA” confession words came from my mouth. “Ohhh Praveen, I was dieing to listen these words from you, Kitni der laga di tumne ye bolne me, I love you too jan”. she also bend a little near to me and our lips touched each others for the first time. Ohhhhh my God she was very hot.

I hold her tightly in my arms and started kissing her like a mad. Mmmmahhhahh I love you, I love You….ammahhhhhh Vibha. “Aj maine tumhe pa liya… kitne dino se hum alag alag the, we were dieing to meet jan”…slowly I whispered in her ears. The softness of her body was making me mad. She was clinging on me. We were kissing eachother. “Mujhe aj tumhara pyar chahiye Praveen, I LOVE You too jan..mmmahhah.. “She was saying while kissing my face. Suddenly I put my teeth on her face and gave a small bite.. “Ohhhh Praveen jan loge kya meri” , she said huskily and moved her body a little away from me. I said, “dont go now”.

She started moving away from me. I hold her hand and pulled her near my chest. Her boobs touched my chest once again. I pressed her hard. “Kya chahte ho”, jan loge kya meri, bolo.. ” she asked lovingly. “Nahi tumhe pyar karunga bus thoda sa”, was my answer. “To karo na, roka kisne hai, par sab kuch khade khade hi karoge kya, andar bedroom me le chalo mujhe”, she said while kissing my ears. I lifted her in my arms and started moving inside her bed room. ” Ahhhhh ouch uffff tumne to dara diya mujhe”, suddenly she said, “Bahut takatwar ho gaye ho, bache jaise dikhte the, army ne tumhe jawan bana diya hai…”. And gave a small bite on my face. She was swinging in my arms which my daily gym exercises made very strong.

I pushed the door of bedroom with my feet. The scene which was opposite to my eyes, sent a hot & sizzling sensation through my whole body. Smell of perfume, red dim light, and air conditioner made the atmosphere of that room very cozy, arousing and sensational. “To apne apne poori tayyari kar rakhi hai”, I kissed her lips with love. “Aur nahi to kya, mujhe aj tumhe poori tarah pana hai, fir pata nahi kab milo…”, she said with a naughty smile . I put her on the bed and sat on ground. I kept my head in her lap. “Vibha, I cant tell you my feeling, I feel as if I am in heaven, you are in my arms and …., she kept her palm on my lips, ” kuch mat bolo bus pyar karo mujhe” after saying this she laid down on the bed.

I got up and slowly mounted on her. Her whole body was under mine and heat between both of us started building. I put my lips on hers and started kissing. She was holding my face and moving her palms in my hairs. MMMMMAAHHH, MMMMAHHHHA I Love you, I love you, sounds of kisses were filling the room.. We were sharing our body and exploring each others body like anything. “Tum uniform me bahut ache lagte ho par abhi ise nikal do, I wanna see army ne kitni mehnat ki hai tumhare shareer ke sath”, she said. I got up and started opening the buttons of my uniform shirt. I was not wearing any vest inside. I removed it and put aside.

” Ohhh my goodness Praveen, they have chiseled you”, she was moving her hands on my smooth chest and tummy. She pressed wings and cuts of my chest and this was making her wild. She got up and started smooching my chest. “OHHH Vibha don’t do this to me plzzz, I will be mad darling…”, I said in pleasure. “Khane do mujhe aj tumhe, mai pagal ho rahi hu”. Her sari pallu fell down and now her milky boobs were clearly visible to me from her valley. I was staring them while she was kissing me.

“Kya dekh rahe ho?”, he lifted her face and asked. “Vibha apke boobs bot white hain, mujhe inhe khana hai”. She again laid back on bed. I bend a little and started opening the hooks of her blouse. Ohhh my god, the treasure of pleasure was here. Bound in a dark red bra those two fruits were oozing out. I said “ohhh Vibha ye kya hain?? main inhe kha jaunga, ye mujhe pagal kar rahe hain”. “Ohhh meri jan sab tumhare hain”, by saying this she pulled me to her breast.

The silky softness of bra was touching my chest but I wanted to feel those lobes to my chest. I asked her to bend herself so that I can push my hands inside. She did and I pushed my hands below her body and opened the hooks. Now her bra was free. I taken out my hands and again with both hands pulled the side strings of bra from her arms. Now the bra was fully free to come out of her body. I pushed it and kept it aside.

“…..Ohhh jan ye kya kiya tumne, pagal kar rahe ho mujhe.. ” now her nude breast was fully in touch with my naked chest. She was breathing heavily.. we were smooching each others face and my hands started slowly pressing her boobs. She started moaning and pushed my head onto her boobs. “Chooso inhe”, she sounded. I followed her instructions. “Unnnggghhhaahhh mmmmmahhhhh”, I took those black rounded nipples in my mouth. “AAHHHHHHHHHH”, came from her mouth.

“Yessss Praveen, ise bhi”, she pushed her hand on another boob and put it in my mouth. “Ise bhi lo na”. I was sucking both of them like frenzy. She was holding my head and sounds of love making were coming out of her mouth.

“….AHHHHaahhh januuuu I love you, and she put her hand on my uniform trouser and started pulling it down. “Nikalo ise mujhe dekhna hai tumhe poori tarah se”, she asked me. I got up and taken out the belt and then pulled my trouser down. My hairy and strong legs were now absolutely visible to her. she took a sigh and came near me and touched upper portion of my Jockey.

As if she touched some high voltage current. She pulled her hands away. “I never knew army makes so healthy man, bachpan se hi mujhe army men ache lagte hain.. ” and pulled my jockey underwear down and taken my balls and penis in her hands. “Ise saf kiya hai lagta aj tumne ek bhi bal nahi hai, mujhe aise bot acha lagta hai…MMMAHH”. She kissed the pinkish red top of my penis. “Han aj nahate samay, uffff ahhhh dnt kiss it”, came out of my mouth.

She was moving her hands desperately on my tool. Suddenly she pushed it in her mouth. My mind started sparkling. “ohhh god Vibhaaaa …this feels so good”, my breath was going out of control. ” I never this with kamal, but this is so good, I could not control myself.. this is so thick and long, I can suck it throughout my life”, she was muttering in heat. I was holding her nipples and tweaking them. Her saliva was glistening my dick fully. She was an expert in sucking. Fluids were flowing inside my groin.

Any time I would have offloaded myself but this I didn’t want so I pushed her head slowly aside. She was not willing to leave my thighs. Her face was looking so sexy and hot. I pushed my tongue on her face and sucked her whole face.

“…Ohhhhh janu Praveen…sare kapde nikal do na mere bhi, ye saree achi nahi lag rahi mujhe ab”, she asked in a very sexy tone. I got up and lifted her from back and started opening her saree. I untied the strings of her petticoat. Her petticoat fell down on floor. Smoothness of her thighs and legs were shining in the dim light. I just touched her bums and slowly moved my hands on her thighs. “Aaahhhh”, She closed her eyes and put her palm on face.

“Mujhe thodi si sharm aa rahi hai”, she said shyly. We both were standing absolutely nude facing each other. I pulled her near me and fell on bed. Then I started to lick her & suck her body. I licked her neck, her ears, her shoulder, her cleavage, her breasts, her nipples, her upper belly, then slowly dragging my tongue in a right & left way to her navel, I sucked her navel madly. Madly I pumped her naval hole as if it is her pussy. She was moving like a ‘fish without water’. She was raising her crotch & rubbing her legs to get a little more pleasure on her clit.

Now I moved up and started kissing her face and pulling her body to my chest. I raised and put my left leg on her bare right thigh. She started to move her leg up & down slowly. Her soft & silky thigh was touching mine. My hardened stiff dick was touching her naval. She was responding by pushing herself to me. She was going crazy. Her moans got more lengthy but soft.

She was now dragging me on her & she was trying to change her position by lying on her back. She pulled me on top of her. “Kiss below me.. “she demanded. Hearing this animal inside me got wild. I moved below by holding her boobs in my hands and pressing them hard. I looked once her pussy and slowly moved my fingers on those two smooth vertical lips. Light pinkish without any hair, absolute smooth lips. I sniffed her aroma, it was inviting me. I moved her soft thighs away and made some space for my head and then parted her lips. I bend down and pushed my tongue inside her flower.

Suddenly she got mad & grabbed my head by my hair with her right hand & pushed my face in to her pussy. I felt the lubricating love juice which was the cause of her wet pussy lips. I licked her pussy from down to up with the tip of my tongue. She raised her hip with my licking. I started sucking her pussy like a dog in heat. Her loud moans & humming sounds started creating a vibrating effect in room. She sounded “ooooooohhhhhhh aaauuuuuuuhhhhh aaarrrrrrr niceeeeeeee, dooooooo it dearrrrrr”. She started to rise her hip so powerfully like she was giving thrust in the air. “Praveen suck me plzzzzzzz ohhhhhhhh han mujhe ye acha lag raha hai”, sounds of sex started coming out.

I was fulfilling her desire and kept on sucking her pussy like mad. “MMMAAAAAAAAAAHHHH mai thak rahi hu Praveen, ohhhhhhhh aaaaahhh”, suddenly with a jerk she became motionless. I saw first time in my life juices flowing from a womans pussy. She was staring me and pulled me on her body. We were kissing each other again. “You have really grown up like a man and have become very Hot, I LOVE YOU darling”. We lay in each others arms for some time. She was playing with my stiff dick with a naughty smile on her face. “Kitna bada aur mota ho gaya ye, kya karte ho tum, koi ladki to nahi pata li tumne” she asked me.

“You are my first love Vibha, this is my first encounter with sex” , I answered. “Sachi”, you are still virgin and I am making you man? Tabhi ye abhi bhi itna pareshan hai or bilkul hard or stiff ho rakha hai.. she said with love and kissed me. “Jyada pareshan mat karo ise, bus jaldi se shant karo, mai fir se garam ho gayi you iski hardness se, I want it inside me.. ” she whispered huskily in my ears.

An absolute nude, white, silky and smooth woman body, dim light, cozy atmosphere was continuously increasing my heat. Drops of fluids were moistening my dick and making the veins visible and shine. I pushed her on the bed. She was laying back and inviting me to take my seven and half inches inside. I put my dick on her pussy and tried to push inside. With so much of her juices it just slipped away from it. She took it in her hand and put it again on her hole. “Pahli bar kar rahe ho na, isiliye, abhi thoda jor se dhakka marna”.

I felt a bit shame but this time I pushed it bit hard. And yes, this time it went inside her tight pussy lips. “AAAHHHH OHHHH JANU, jan nikal di apne meri” , her moans were coming out. I didn’t stop and again pushed it further. This time full length gone in and ripples of pleasure gone through my body. “OOOOOOOOOAAAA Prattaaaaap mar gayi mai to, kitna mota hai ye..ufffffffffffff ruko thodi der plzzzzzzz”, tears came out in her eyes this time.

Her walls were very warm and cozy inside. I kept on lying on her body waiting her to settle down. I was holding her boobs and pressing them. My lips were on her lips. I was sucking them with love…she was constantly whispering, I Love you jaaan I Love you.. as if it was giving her to remove her pain a little. I was also amooching her shoulders, her cheeks, her forhead with love.

My fingers were constantly moving on her bums and in her hairs. After some time, I asked her “kaisa lag raha hai ab jan”. ” bot acha lag raha hai janu, kuch karo na ab”, was her reply. I started moving my hips up and down slowy. I continued for some time with that pace & she was also started to enjoy the thrusts of mine. I asked her, “abhi kaisa lag raha hai Vibhaaa, and kissed on her cheeks”. “Mera pyar mujhe pyar kar raha hai jan mujhe behad acha lag raha hai, thoda jor se karo na ab”, she said in her sexy voice looking in my eyes. She started to move her hands on my bums.

I understood & increased my pace. I was kissing her with passion, licking her necks, earlobes, her nipples & I was sniffing her armpit aroma & it really made me wilder & I could feel that I was making love with her like a tiger. She was screaming & moaning loud & was saying like “oooooooohhhhh Prataaaaap yeesssss ssssshhhhhhhhaaaa uhhhhhhh.” I was thrusting her with speed & then she removed her hands & grabbed my back quick & hard.

My whole body started getting heat and passion. In that cold room I was hot and small amount of sweat started oozing from my whole body. I was slowly increasing my thrust and sounds of squelching started filling the room. I was squeezing her boobs very roughly. Since long I was dreaming for them and today they were under my body. “Ohhh Praveen you are hot, you making me woman today, I am going mad…please fill me”, sex was oozing from her voluptuous body.

I was not stopping as I never wanted. I felt like as if it should never stop. “Mujhe behad acha lag raha hai darling mai aise hi pyar karte rahna chata hu tumhe”, I told her. “Han jan karo, or karo, jitna chaho utna karo, or jor se han aahhh ahhhh yesssss sssssshhhahhhh”, pleasure words came out of her. Suddenly she looked into my eyes, “Praveen, mujhe tumhare bache ki maa banna hai, plzz fill me with your blessings”, she said.. “Mujhe tumhare jaisa ladka chahiye bilkul tumhare jaisa” She was continuously urging me by pushing her hips and making love. “Han jan, main banunga tumhe maa, ” I replied.

With this I became very very hot. I was an animal now in heat oblivious to the surroundings. I started moving my thrusts very hard. She was screaming in pleasure. “Praveen, I Love you, mai thakna chahti hu”, she shouted in heat. She made a long scream & pinched her 10 fingers along with her nails on my back & dragged them from my upper back towards down. She was having her orgasm. “AAHHHHHHH OHHHHHH ufffffffffffff I LOVE YOU Jan”, She screamed loudly and put my lips and started sucking me. “Han jan main bhi thak raha hu… and with a spark my groin started shooting my load. I was pushing myself deep inside her so that she can take my all sperms and she was also pushing her hips to take me more and more inside. I felt as if I am touching her uterus. Her womb was filled with my sperms.

We laid there motionless for some time. Whole world was spinning and my head was sparkling with joy and pleasure. I kept lying on her body and put my head on her boobs and taken nipple in my mouth. She was feeling me now and moving her hands in my hairs. “Tumne aj mujhe poori tarah se satisfy kiya hai Praveen, mai aj tak kabhi itna nahi thaki “, she said lovingly and lifted my head. Looking in my eyes she kissed my forehead.

“Mujhe bhi to tumne aj poora mard bana diya ” I told her. “Han, par tumne pahli bar aj mujhse pyar kiya kya “, she asked me with naughty smile. “Aise to koi experienced bhi nahi kar pata, pagal kar diya mujhe bilkul ” she was asking me. “I dnt know but I wanted to love you, perhaps that’s why I could do it so strongly with you “, I tried to getup by saying this.

She didn’t allow me and pulled me towards her, “ek bar ache se gale to laga lo fir chale jana ” she said looking in my eyes. I pulled her near me and again we both were swinging in each other arms. My dick started swelling again. I again laid her back and saw her with a question in my eyes. She shook her head in positively. Seeing her response I again inserted my dick deep inside her. Ohh my god I was again in heaven.

Those silky thighs were touching mine and this time she was pushing her hips from below. Looking in my eyes she said, “main maja doongi tumhe aj itna kit um kabhi bhool nahi paoge, humesha mere pas aoge daud daud ke “. she was mad tigress making her hips move up and down slowly. She pushed me down and came on top of me and started moving her hands on my chest. Now she was moving her hips up and down like a spring. I was enjoying the bounce of her boobs. She bend and gave them in my mouth and asked me “maja aa raha hai jan “. “yessssssss “, was my reply, “aise hi karti raho, I wanna feel you “. uhhhhhhh aaahhh soft moan were coming from her..

She was continuously pushing her whole body on my dick. Looking in my eyes se said , “You Know darling, a lady should behave like a slut in bed”. I was surprise to listen this. I kept on pushing my tool deep and deep inside her womb. It was slipping inside so smoothly. The kind of pleasure she was giving me no one can imagine. I was lost in her face n holding her boobs…sounds of aaahhhh oshhhhhhh shhshhhhhhhaaaaaaahhh was constant.

Now I was feeling that anytime I will jerk me off. And then… “take me Praveen, ungh ahhh I m cuming, by saying this she started moving up and down very fast. Listening this I pushed her below me and started thrusting her deep. “I don’t want to waste my sperms”, I told her. I want you to be mother of my kids. She smiled in pleasure, “Mai bhi to yahi chahti hu jaaaaanuuuuu uufffffff” and again a shattering orgasm satisfied both of us.

She kept on taking deep breath and laid for a while. She pushed me aside after some time and got up. She went inside the bathroom and came back. I was lying on bed. She came near me and asked me lovingly, “kapde pahan lo Praveen nahi to cold ho jayega, AC on hai na, or thandak bhi shuru ho gayi hai”. I got up looked her face, gave a kiss on her cheeks and started wearing my uniform.

She too started putting on her cloths. “Fresh ho lo andar bathroom me “, she said after wearing her saree. I shook my head in yes and went inside the bathroom. I came back and didn’t find her in bedroom. I came out and sat on sofa. “Abhi aa rahi hu tum thodi der TV dekho “, her voice came from kitchen. I put on the TV and started changing channels. After some time she came out with a tray full of snacks and sweets alongwith coffee. She put it on table and came near me and sat on my lap.

“Vibha tumhe mujhse kaise pyar ho gaya ??, kafi or student aate the, mai kaise??, I enquired from her while she was giving me a piece of sweet from her mouth. Our lips locked once again. “Are budhu jaise tumhe mujhse ho gaya “, she replied after finishing her sweet. “matlab “, I asked, “ye kaise, you are married and having a kid, dont you love your husband “.

She picked one cup of coffee and gave me, ” Praveen samajhne ki koshish karo, wo shadi pyar ki wajah se nahi hui, there is a typical science behind it. Every woman gets attracted towards the man with whom she feels that he can improve the next generation which she is going to give birth. I am a genetic scince student and I always thought why the genes of next generation get improved “.

“Mai humesha se aise ladke se shadi karma chahti thi jisse mere bache smart handsome or intelligent ho “, she continued while sitting on my lap. “Kamal se shadi karne ke bad mujhe pata chala ki kamal jindgi me na kuch ban paye isliye teaching shuru kar di, it’s a noble profession but I think it’s a last choice of every student , she kept on saying.

“Once I saw you my desire to have a child from you grown up. I was waiting and watching you to check you intelligence and you proved it right by joining army “. she said while sipping her coffee. “Now I m satisfied that I will give birth to a child like you who will be very smart, handsome and intelligent ” she said and started looking me.

I was holding her from her back by my one hand and sipping my coffee from another. I asked, ” is it a science that a woman gets attraction because she wants to improve her next generation ?”. “yes absolutely correct “, was her reply, “otherwise we would have remained monkey only. Praveen woman is supreme, she used to choose her partner during ancient age. you must have heard about GANDHARVA VIVAH. ” she said laughingly.

“Ohhh yes, that’s why in Mahabharata draupadi chose pandavas “, I said surprisingly. “See I told you are an intelligent guy, kitni jaldi samjh gaye “, she said and gave me a kiss, “that’s why I chose you for love “.

“To iska matlab humne jo kiya wo galat nahi hai “, I asked her. “No, not at all, you are helping this nature in improvement of next generation..In old age woman use to make love only with strong man. This caste system has been evolved because of that only so that next generation of rajputs become more and more strong for fighting the war “, she kept on saying. I felt very good inside for being a rajput. “So, it’s a law of nature for future and we should allow woman to improve the society “.

“Behad samjhdari ki bat kahi tumne, somebody who understands it can change his generation and it is true “, reply came from her. “Sex is not bad, sex is way of making love, have sex with whom you love and this can be number of people “, she said.

“To kya mai abhi bhi kisi or ladki se pyar kar sakta hu “, I asked her. “Han bilkul bus wo tumhe chahe to, kuki tum agar use pasand hoge to wo tumse jaroor bacha paida karma chahegi kuki actually woman becomes complete once she gives birth. Love is nothing, these are only emotions for bringing a new life in this world, Understood, meri jan “, she smooched my lips, “that why I Love you baby “.

I replied her kiss by holding her tight close to my heart and said, ” yes, samjh gaya mere jaise ke to kai bache hone chahiye duniya me or wo bhi kai ladkiyo se”. “hey dnt say this, u r only mine “, she said angrily and gave a bite on my face. “gande, kisi or ke bare me socha to jan le lungi, samjhe??..

“Han meri jan nahi sochunga “, I had a last sip of my coffee and asked her to get down. I asked her permission and told her that I will again come day after tomorrow. She was pleased by hearing this. I kissed her, gave a tight hug by pressing boobs to my chest and left that place. She kept looking at me by standing on her balcony till the time I went away from her eyes.

After this I went to her twice and had similar experience of love making before leaving to Jammu. I asked her now how we will love. She showed me her laptop and said, “ye hai na, I have a internet connection and a webcam, when ever I ask you to be online just come and satisfy me “. “Or han nange hoke aana webcam me mere pas “, she said with naughty smile. “Ok “, I was surprised her intellect.

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tution teacher OR sex teacher
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tution teacher OR sex teacher
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