Tour With Teacher

Santi here, I am like to tell you about my encounter with my design teacher. Her name Anjali (name changed) was 32 of age. She is truly a sex god with figure of 36 24 30. As after my sex with my aunt I have became a sex-addicted man. I was becoming hungry of having sex with her.My star signs, as we have to go on an educational tour outside our town. We have to go by night service & it was 8 hours journey from our town. We were total 8 members of whom 4 were boys student 3 girls students and madam Anajli. Three of the boys were in love with the three girls so on the journey the arranged accordingly and I have to sit with my sexy madam.Since it was night everyone was sleeping. At about midnight madam Anjali put her head on my shoulder. I was happy and taking it advantage I put my arms on her shoulder and pretending to be sleep I slip my hand in such a way so that I can feel her boobs above her sari. In the morning she walk up and told me that she enjoy the sleep and my company. I was feeling happy to hear that & my heart beats as if it was a green signal for me.We reach our destination and booked our room in a hotel. There we booked 4 rooms.

Two rooms with 3 beds so madam asked the 3 girls to go to one room and the other three boys to go into another room. I was given a single room. I entered the room and was surprise to see that the backside balcony was an adjutant to madam Anjali’s room. That night after diner I went to my room and went to my back balcony. I saw madam’s balcony door was open. I knocked she told me to come in. She gave a nice smile by looking at me. She was wearing a nightly. I went near her & sit by her side. She was doing some short of accounting and I told her that I would help her, she agrees and with some courage I touch her hand. She smiles and told me “you are a bad boy. You are touching my hand but at night you were touching something other” I told her that I like her. She laughs and told me that she also like me & for that region arranged me in an adjacent room. I looked her and give her kiss on her forehead. She holds me and gave me a lip kiss. I than removed her nightly. She was in bra & panty. She then unhooked her bra. Her boobs became free I press & suck them. Since I was in nightdress she then removed my dress I pushed her panty. We were in 69 positions for about 10 min. Then I put her legs on my shoulder & fucked her for the night.

Uploaded By: Santi     Jan,6 2015
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