Jija Sali
Womb by milkman

Hi guys n gals I write this story on behalf of 1 girl who send me this story n tell me 2 submit. Its really a hot fucking session by that man so hope all u can read reply me soon I have an elder married did, named Sudeshna Roy(27). My Jija is totally impotent. During 2 yrs, they were trying to take a child, but failed. My Jija was aware about our milkman who was highly potent having 4 children. My Jija planned to hire that Muslim cock to make my did pregnant. He expressed it my didi about it which she greedily agreed. As, my Jija may not tolerate to see them having sex, so he went for company work in other city for some days. I heard all thing from hidden place and that night I went to work, but returned there unwiring of her and saw what was happened there. At my extreme surprised, a Muslim stud (dark, ugly, arrogant, thick and scary beard, sweat body, red teeth as he eats better-leaf and 42 yrs old) attacked her. I peered fro corner of window which they did not know and masturbated myself as I was really excited instead of getting angry. The dirty tongue of Muslim stud touches the lips of my Hindu didi .

The arrogant Muslim stud creates a sensation on her nipples as he was nibbling her areolas (nipples) by his scary beard. Before fucking, my didi is enough tensed, so she went to toilet and pissing. The sound of pissing is like extremely loud “nasal whistle” (hiss– hiss). And black circumcised cock of Muslim beast got erect to watch her pissing. That Muslim is beast like human being, dirty, arrogant and wear lunge Panjabi. And the my didi wears salwar-karat. The nipples of my didi are brown, erect(when touched). The Muslim man tickled her pussy by his rough fingers and found her g-spot and made her ejaculate. At very first moment, my didi was afraid, but step-by-step she enjoyed the circumcised big black cock. First time, I saw my dido’s pussy and it was clean-shaven, but pussy lips are black and has little chut as my Jija does not fuck her properly. It was really excited scene when he was rubbing his cock with her absolute shameful orifice (pussy) and neatly, he was scrounging into there.

Her eyes popped out of her sockets as she saw her vagina explored to new depths. My did was totally naked except her indoor and angostura during sex. He is always telling bad words like impotent, cuckold etc to her about my Jija. They are in seventh heaven during antireligious sex. Eyes of my did remain closed during religious intercourse. At the time of fucking, she is about to senseless. She got 100% satisfaction by the wild beast. Her hairs are totally disarranged and rolled on her face with sweat due to vigorous movement during sex encounter. Even, he tried to enter his cock into her asshole, but failed due to resistance of my didi.

So, he just licked her asshole. Remember that: nothing is sexier than a Hindu married didi is being impregnated by a Muslim cock in front of her brother. They end with nice laugh with unauthorized reproduction as she was at her fertile period. Now, my dido’s pussy was full of sperm at her love hole. I was looking her spared pussy as it was oozing out. She then slept naked with him wondering whets in store in her life with this wild man. Muslim devil kept 1 leg on the body of Hindu didi. And, my didi was unable to stop her eyes from traveling downward to his circumcised penis. It continued for few days. Now, my didi is carrying a child of that Muslim male. It was fathered dirty Muslim stud and grows at my didi’s womb.

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Saali: Jeeja Ji, Paanch Saal Mein Saat Bachche
sab se famous
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Saali: Jeeja Ji, Paanch Saal Mein Saat Bachche
sab se famous
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