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Hi, friends I’m Praveen doing my last year engineering, I am 21 yrs old. I have been reading stories from the last 6 months and three sections have always been my favorite they are group, incest & maid from the very beginning I have fantasized about maids. when I was young about 14 years onwards I tried for maids but was not successful since I did not have the courage this is a true story which happened about 1 & half year back when I was 20 years old we had a maid named Rupali who was o bomb (I will narrate her story in the next post).

She was a Marathi maid. I was determined to screw her. but all of a sudden she fell ill due to which she temporary left the job for a month. in that period we had difficulty in our house work. then my mother has a friend who was a Bengali lady and she used to supply girls for housekeeping as maids. so she sent a boy and girl to work at my house. Both of them were in their early 20’s. As there was a big family function coming up everybody in the house were busy (my mom,dad,sis). Also my preparatory leave for my exams were on so i was alone at home. Mom told me to monitor the two workers.

The girls name was Savita let me introduce her, she may be around 19 to 21 years old, has a nice filling figure with a nice ass which I liked to squeeze she was a bit on the darker side mostly used to wear a gown. She always had a horny look on her face let me narrate the incidents that led us to sex. as there were two workers mom told me to get the whole house cleaned (we live in a bungalow with 3bhk 3bathrooms terrace etc) the boy was very quiet and did what he was told as I wanted to be with Savita i gave him work far from us thus I could see her cleavage and brush into her.

I decided to make Savita wash the bathroom completely including the side wall tiles for that i brought a stool for her she started cleaning and i stood near the door ogling her curves when she bended over the shape of her ass was mind blowing. then when the part next to the commode of the Indian toilet come one leg of the stool was falling into it making it unbalanced then i went and caught the stool firmly and maintained weight with my leg ,when she was getting down she was worried that her leg may slip into the toilet.

So I was guiding her that was when I first touched her and also touched my hand on her ass. she did not tell me anything the touching and brushing went on for two days. When I understood that she is not revolting that means she may like it. That is when I became more bold and started coupling her breasts, this was when she used to dust or wipe many of the tables when i used to come from behind and try to bury my half erect dick in her ass line.

Also I used to try coupling her breast while standing behind (coupling means mildly not squeezing).later on the boy was called back by their madam and only she was there to work later on one Sunday morning Everyone had gone to a relative’s house. I and Savita were alone at home. she started washing one of the bathrooms with an English commode I needed some excuse to get close to her so as to touch her. After she finished there was a small glass tray over the commode. I told Savita to clean that also. She told me that it is so high I will need the stool.

I told her why don’t you climb above the commode. She replied what if I fall. I told her that I will catch her. Then I went inside and caught her hips and helped her wipe the tray. While she was wiping it i tried to run my hand over her ass after she finished she got down, but purposely put her weight on me so i caught her. at that time my hands were around her, we stood like that for a few sec, then she took my right hand and kept it on her right breast.

This was the signal I was waiting for. I instantly started squeezing both her breast very hard, she liked it and started moaning. I then took her outside in the bedroom, there I slipped my hands from her neck to squeeze her boobs. I then wanted to go for her pussy. I tried lifting her gown, but she held it down with her hands. She was a virgin who was not going to give up easily. I tried a bit of force but she was reluctant so i continued squeezing her breast as I feared that if I force her too much she may complain it to someone.

I tried my last wish by making her lye on the floor and slipped my hands from under her gown. but she was not cooperating so I left her and got up. Suddenly I opened my pant and pulled out my dick to show her i thought why not show her my tool which is a decent 5.5 inches. When she saw it she was amazed and turned on. Then came the turning point, she asked me whether I will bury my dick in her pussy,(as they say girls are hungry for dicks). I nodded yes without wasting any precious time and without any fore play we took up the missionary position.

Since we both were virgins i slowly placed my dick at her pussy lips. I then rubbed my dick head on her pussy she let out a small moan. i then slowly pushed my dick inside her. Slowly my entire dick was eaten up by her pussy man the feeling you get the first time your cock is in someone’s vagina, after all those years of masturbation can only be felt first hand, cannot be explained. i slowly started moving front and back. Then we gained speed. She started letting out loud moans. We caught each other’s hair very tight. she started telling me something but due to the pumping effect her voice was breaking.

I overheard her saying jor se but as a matter of fact she was saying jor se mat. Anyways I started pounding her fast and hard. She sated closing her eyes and biting her lips. Then I think after a few sec she came because she held her legs tight around me. Then I could see a few tears rolling out her eyes . believe me guys the first time for girls can be painful unlike guys who enjoy the most. Looking at her turned me on and i fucked her even more harder after a few more strokes i came inside her pussy.

I laid over her for some time, then withdrew my cock the scene of her pussy was lovely before entering it was nice and firm, but not after screwing it has swollen and spread pussy lips also the mixed color of my white cum and her virgin blood I can never forget after the hard fucking Savita had become weak and slept on the floor catching her belly. i asked what was wrong. She replied ” I told you to fuck me slowly na, now look what you have done its paining me so much”. I told her I thought you said to do it faster, anyways i apologized and told her to rest for some time.

So this was our first encounter. That day onwards we almost had sex everyday when no one was at home. Also continues we used to fondle and squeeze each other. Sometimes after my bath even when someone was at home, I used to call her for a quick blowjob. She was always horny just like me and was ready for sex any time. I even showed her porn movies. We also fucked in various positions except for anal

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