Office Colleague

My first story was named by “Office Colleague” And I got very good response from the readers. So as per my promise I am going to share my second story with her about the trip of Murry. A little introduction again, I am Naeem from Sialkot – Pakistan and we both work in a company.

So without wasting more time lets go to story now. After our first charming trip of Lahore, we decided to go to Murry after one week. It was very cold, but we have finalized the trip. I got two tickets one day before of the night time coach. And on that day she don’t went her home and called them that she have some necessary work in office. We both met at the evening after office and our time to leave was about 1:30AM. So we spent the time here and there and at dinner etc.

At last time came and we got our coach and seated in a good manner. This journey was very pleasant and we both passed in a very good way by kissing, touching each other etc. Even she massaged my penis into the pant also. Because its night time and the lights were off. After reaching Rawalpindi, we got taxi for Murry, it was still some time in sun rising. After some time we were on the way to Murry.

In this way she laid on me in such a way that her mouth was very near to my pant zip. And she tried to open the pant also, but I stopped her because the taxi driver was also with us. After reaching our beautiful destination, we hired a room and rested for sometime in each other arms. It was much cold and snow falling there.

During our rest she got hot and started sucking my lips and I also took my hand inside her shirt and reached to the boobs. I pressed her boobs gently and she was sucking my lips in a very beautiful way. At last we both came out of cloths and she started loving my penis and it was a nice and good suck. During sucking my penis she also massaged my balls.

There we loved a lot each other, even at last she begged me to start the fucking now. If you read my first story, during our that fucking I were very afraid. But this time I were some relax. Then I laid her on bed and started again sucking her lips and boobs. While sucking her boobs I were pressing and fingering her just shaved pussy.

At last I put off her shalwar and view the most beautiful scene. Her pussy was ready for me and requesting me to get in. On the other hand, my penis also cannot wait more and that was hashing now. I started rubbing my penis upon her pussy hole, and she was screaming with joy and shouting a lot for get in. At last after a long play game I gave a big and ONE jerk and put full length of my penis into her fully wet pussy.

She gave me a flying kiss at that time, But I replied with a genuine and gentle kiss. Here as I kissed her, she pushed her tong into my mouth to suck it. But I want to enjoy the lust moments. But I sucked a little. After that I stood up and gave the full attention to fuck her. I were in speed and she was enjoying a lot and throwing her head right and left with pleasure.

During my speed fucking she came twice but I don’t stopped. At last when I where near to cum, I get the condom, and wear it upon my beautiful and rock hard penis. She saw all this, and I again put my penis into her sweet pussy. I again started jerks and got erected body, and at last I cummed into her pussy but in condom.

She also came once more with me. We got a deep kiss here and separated for some time to relax our breath. After some time we stood up and went to the bathroom and washed ourselves. Then we sleep in each other arms. Afternoon we got up, lunched and prepared again for the same game. We play the same game in more better way once more that day. In the evening, we went out and walked the mall road here and there.

During this, she was looking very beautiful, charming, sexy, stylish, gorgeous, and even more. And I were walking with her in a proudly manner. After a long walk, we dine and went to hotel room back. There she saw me in a naughty way, and invited me to do that more. I also got her up and hugged tightly, kissed a lot, sucked her neck, ear lobby and lips a lot. We both enjoyed this oral sex a lot. At last we both were hot and went to bed for Bed Game.

And this time, we do it in a different way. You can say it in doggy style. I gave her a lot of jerks, as lot as she told me to stop it now, she is dying. At last I took the ending jerks and gave much pleasure to her. We both laid on bed fully naked. She was upon me, and we both breathing hardly. And we don’t know when we slept.

When we wake up that was morning and we were in the same position. She slept upon me. When we wake up, and I find her upon me and there I hugged her without opening my eyes, and started again the fucking. There we again enjoyed a lot. We total played this game 7 times during our two nights visit. And enjoyed a lot, and came back to office with sweet memories.

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