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I would like to share one incident that happened to me when I was in school. This experience was a matter of just a few seconds yet I remember it very clearly. So here I go with my story.

Due to some sports activities, there was some change in our school timings that day. We were all enjoying our sports day and no one was in a mood to study. Still we had to drag ourselves to our classrooms as we came to know that one of our teachers was going to take an extra class.

We all were sitting lazily in the class. Still there was some time for the teacher to come. So one of my friends asked us to play a game. A game called "dumb sheraz"...It is a game in which a person has to enact the name of a movie and others keep guessing the name. So my friend started acting and we all started guessing the name of the movie.

And suddenly from no where someone whispered in my ear..."Josh...Josh." (It is a Hindi movie). I heard it twice and very clearly. I was not afraid nor was I shocked at that time. I was only wondering as to who whispered in my ear. I was the last person sitting on the bench. There was a window right behind the bench. And the classroom was on 2nd floor. There was no possibility of any other friend whispering in my ear.

I decided to verify the truthfulness of what I heard and repeated the same name that I had heard a few seconds back. And to my surprise the guess was absolutely correct.

I still haven't got the explanation of what I had experienced. I am still to figure out if the voice was a male voice or a female voice.

Has anyone here experienced the same thing or if some one has any explanation to this then it would be really great...

Uploaded By: Jessie     May,13 2020
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Zamindars ka Ghost
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