The Teacher

It is rarely that our village side school gets a chance to participate in the state youth festival. And this year we had a small group of artists including me, who were raring to participate in an event in the competition. But we had a problem. It was my parents. They are not letting me go with the rest of the troop. They had genuine reasons too. After the festival, school bus will ply the children only till the school. From there parents had to pick up their children. My house is still far from the school and takes a lot of time to reach there. And in the late night my father could not have afforded to pick me up. As since we don’t have any vehicles, and since it will be too late for public transports, depending on taxi would have been very costly for him.

Without my presence, the entire troop won’t be able to participate. Our Lalitha teacher who trained us for this event came to know about my problem. She was the best teacher of our school, both by her dedication and looks. She took a lot of pain to train all of us. She came by my side and promised me that she will take me for the festival. She came to my home and talked to my parents. Finally they arrived at an agreement that the teacher will take care of me after the festival. That is, the teacher will take me to her home for the night which is close to the school. The next day morning only she will send me to my home.

I was very happy that she made a solution to the lock in situation. We finally made it to the festival and came back with consolation price. We reached back to our school in bus. I bid bye to my friends as their parents came and pick them up. Once everybody is left, teacher took me to her house, which was at a walkable distance. She held my hand in hers while we walked. I felt the warmth of her hands and had a strange feeling. That was the first time we were alone at any time of my school life. The teacher looked even more beautiful under the moon light. Soon we reached teacher’s house where teacher’s mother was waiting for her at the front. She invited me inside and gave good food. I asked where the teacher’s husband is. Teacher laughed and asked me what made me think she is married.

After watching the bewilderment in my eyes for some moment, she told that she was married, but they are not staying together anymore. It took me some time to realize that teacher is going for a divorce from her husband. Now only teacher and her mother are staying in this house. Teacher then went inside and changed herself into an off-white saree and blouse. It was not saree, but half saree with the pallu just wounded over. It was the first time I was seeing her in such a homely dress. And she looked great in it. It was the first time I had an erotic look about her. Because I noticed from the side, the traces of her white bra under her filled out blouse. She looked voluptuous to me for the first time.

After food teacher gave me a glass of milk and gave mother a few tablets. It seamed her mother had pressure and also have sleeping problems. She used to take pressure tablet regularly and once in a while sleeping pills too. Teacher then gave a mat without any pillow or bed sheet and told that I can sleep on it in the hall. I only half heartedly took it as I was not comfortable sleeping without a bed sheet. Teacher asked me to take out my shirt and sleep as I had to wear the shirt the next day morning too. I readily compiled though I felt bit shy to stand before the teacher with bare chest. Teacher led her mother to her cot and then she herself took the next room to sleep. All the lights were out and I was lying down there without getting sleep. I was thinking over the wonderful day I had. At least half an hour would have gone like this when I heard some muffled noise coming from the teacher’s room. Then her door squeaked open and I could see a faded figure in white. I asked out into the darkness “teacher, is that you”. I heard a shhhhhh from the other side asking me to be quiet. It was the teacher.

She had come back to hall like a person in hiding. She was talking in low voices. She told “I was not happy when I offered you a place to sleep on the floor. Thinking over it I felt I should not have done that, and thought I should invite you to my room”. Though I was happy that atleast she offered a bed now, out of courtesy I declined the offer. But she insisted and so I went after her into her room. Only while I followed her did I realize that she was only in her blouse and petty coat. Her pallu is missing. Infact her white blouse now shined like anything in the moon light. Her white blouse showed up against her equally white skin. And I could make out her figure even with the moon light. I realized that the blouse was low cut in the back revealing a good amount of her back. Her hips where bulging out under the blouse which looked ready for a squeeze. The erotic feelings in me started to crop out. She closed the door behind us and turned towards me. And then only I realized that her blouse also has really deep cutting to show of her white milky cleavage. Her cleavage was open and inviting in front of me in that moon light playing shadow games. Her chain on her neck is reaching as far down as needed to be sucked into that cleavage.

She sat on the bed still looking at my face. Then she lied down on the bed with one hand behind her head giving an additional support. In that position her boobs showed even more prominently. It was projected out right on to the top like a rocket. I had an erection by that time and it started showing on my trousers. I sat on the cot and took a second or so to lie down. I realized that the coat is just a single coat with barely space for me and the voluptuous teacher. I felt uncomfortable to sleep beside the teacher, that too shirtless. I felt my nipples stiffening in the cold of night. We didn’t have much space for both of us. As the teacher was lying down with her one hand raised to her head, I didn’t have much space on the pillow side. So I was lying down with my head just short of the pillow and at the side of her chest. From that angle her boobs felt to be towering for me. It felt to be extraordinarily huge. In that close angle I could see her white bra even more prominently under her blouse. I should say that she had one of the best carved out boobs in the world. It amused me that I had failed to recognize this virtue of her all along my school time.

I was about to open my mouth to say something to the teacher, when teacher turned towards my side. The action brought my mouth and her turning boobs in the same angle and so close that her right boobs got thrusted right into my open mouth. It was sudden and surprisingly so coordinated that we didn’t have time to react or retrace. I was literally and as a matter of fact speechless. I was motionless with my mouth stuck on her boobs. But teacher looked more delighted than surprised as her next actions showed. She moved her hand which was resting on the pillow towards my side and using both her hands she hugged me with a lot of passion. She called me moneee which translated means son. She hugged me so tightly that her boobs wrapped in white blouse got even more thrusted into my mouth. I could feel the hard nipples touching on my tongue. I could hear her moans while she called out my name. I could feel part of her boob getting wet in my saliva. Probably her blouse would have become transparent by now.

All the while I was holding in that position without reacting to what is happening. Probably I was too surprised to react. Once when I came back to sense and realized that I had to do something, I tried to take out the mouth from her boobs. But I was even more forcefully drawn to her boobs by her hugging. She was hysterical and talking all the while “son, this is all for you. Take as much as you want. You are my sweet heart”. She now had her left leg over me and held me on to the bed as if to prevent me from getting up. It was a lockout situation for me. Only natural thing left for me to do is to let loose my mouth. Already my mouth is full of saliva. I started sucking on to her boob gulping in saliva in the process. Her boob appeared superfluous and naturally my tongue started supporting it. It moved all around her boob touching on her hard nipples and areoles. She got even more excited with my response and frantically moved her legs over me. I felt she must be missing her husband or more importantly a sex life that a mature lady of her age should get every day.

She had by now taken off her hand from behind and took my free hand in hers. Then she led it to grope her unattended boobs with it. I pressed on her boobs with all my passion, feeling her boobs for the first time with my hand. She hissed slightly in excitement. I wondered if this is the same teacher who teaches me at school. I continued pressing and squeezing her boobs with my hand and tongue. Meanwhile she was feeling all over me with her hand. It went like that until her hand rested on my erect cock. I was shocked for a moment as if I was caught red handed. But she patted it with her hand a few times and then she inserted her hand right into my trousers and under my undergarment. She took hold of the hot rod in her hand. She was making all sorts of sounds while she took it. She felt it all over, gave it a few jerks and then took out her hands to unbutton my trouser. She dragged down my trouser and underwear with her legs until it went free below my knees. There lay open my cock without any where to hide. She rubbed her legs over my cock with her knees. She kneaded my cock head which was visible outside her leg.

Then without giving any warning she climbed over me putting all her weight on me. All the while I never stopped sucking on her boobs and she never stopped feeling my body. Now infact her whole body is taking up the heat from my body and cock. My cock is now nestled safely between the junction of her legs. She took her hand between us and grabbed my cock again. She kneaded its head and rubbed on it. I had by now found my point of interests in her boobs. I had found out her hard nipples and while my mouth played with the right boob nipples my hand kneaded the other. While I worked on her boobs she raised her hips keeping the torso and boobs close to me. In that position she started raising her munde and adipavada showing her thighs. She raised it enough to make her secret triangle accessible. Then for the first time since I swallowed her boobs, she parted her boobs from my lips so that she can sit upright. In that position she took her hand down to my cock and pulled it up closer to her love hole. As I watched her from down she smiled at me for a second and then told me to be ready for a ride. Saying that she went down on my cock all the way down its shaft.

Though her love hole was tight, it was oozing with her juice. There was so much of juice that I didn’t feel any pain at all while she inserted. Only pure pleasure prevailed in that atmosphere. My first feeling of her pusy inside was great. I felt the warmth of her ‘home’. Her pussy embraced my cock in tight hugs. I felt that the kiss of her pussy moistened me with her juices. When she started moving up and down, I started seeing the next level of heaven. She leaned forward so that I can also have enough of her boobs. She started it off with a kiss which lasted for a brief period. Then she left her boobs with me and continued fucking me down. I grabbed her boobs over her blouse as much as I can. But still a whole lot of her boobs spilled out of my hand and more of her naked boob skin came popping out from top of her blouse. One of her bra strap also became visible in the process. It was straining to keep the full load of her boobs within its cups. I got interested in the cleavage that showed up shiningly right in front of my eyes between her bra cups. I took my hands which where kneading her right boobs and brought it down to caress her cleavage. The milky cleavage dotted with sweat under the white blouse looked amazing to me. I inserted my fingers into the cleavage and went down as far as to reach inside her bra cup. I think I got amazingly bold to do all these mischievous things.

To see that she is enjoying all my activities gave me encouragement. As I started feeling that her blouse is becoming a hindrance for my further exploration, I decided to open up her blouse. My mouth also agreed with my thoughts as it wished to snuggle, swallow, and suck more of her boobs in naked. As I tried to open up her blouse, I fumbled with her blouse hooks. I found myself inexperienced to open the front hooks of her blouse. She offered to help me and what I found difficult to open with both my hands, she unhooked with just her one hand. I felt great to open up her blouse revealing more of her unexposed virgin white skin. I removed the blouse off her shoulders and hand making her naked in just her white bra. And there lies before me a voluptuous mature lady whom elder people in our state used to call charakku or figure. Her narrow bra strap is dug deep into her plumb shoulder with the weight of her full bosom. Even in that moon light I could make out the texture of her bra fabric. Its cup which is made of just fabric and no pad was still perfectly shaped. Her boobs had filled in her 36D or so cup sized bra. It had earlier allowed me to knead her boobs and suck it to my contempt without much hindrance.

I wondered how till this day I had failed to admire her gorgeous body. I wondered why till now I only saw her as a good dedicated teacher and not as a voluptuous lady. May be it is just because at the small age of 11 years we are only just getting aroused to the presence of opposite sex. We might yet have to move from the hot figures of actresses which captures our attention first to the homely figures around our real life including our neighbours, societal ladies. It may take some more time for us children to realize that our teachers too are hot figures. Their sex appeal may not be presented around like hot actress in film industry. But they are as good as any actress, fuckable, and good to be masturbated around. They may even have a better sex appeal and vital statics than those in the film industry.

And this lady too is not exemption. She looked even more hot than the yesteryear actress unnimary. As the teacher got liberated from her blouse, her hot figure was naked before me in just her bra. Her cleavage seamed to be even more deep and beautiful that what I figured out earlier. She asked me to try and remove her bra now. Her bra hooks where behind. In that fucking position itself I hugged her so that I can reach behind her and then tried to unclasp her hook. That was the first time I hugged her and her boobs crushed on to my chest giving me a high on hadron. She would have felt it in her wet chamber which was ramming on my shaft. I managed to unclasp her bra hooks and slid the bras straps from her shoulder. As I removed the bra from her, there lies in front of me an unsagging firm boobs which defied gravity and stood straight upright protruding at me. I felt like kneeling down and praying in front of that diva like structure. I held back only for a second, and then with full force thrusted my face on to her cushion like bosom, swallowing as much of her boobs and the nipple in the process.

All this while our lower part of the body was moving in tandem. Now she is over me half naked with just a piece of clothe in the middle. She was moving in and out frantically. In that action her boobs where moving in circles inside my hands, scratching my palm with its hard nipples. As she was leaning down, her huge boobs seamed to me even more huge. And it thrust its entire wait on my palm as if it would have done on the bra cups. Its effect was showing on my cock. I could feel the cum building up inside me. I tried to hold back some more time. But it was impossible while she is in action. And then it happened. I shot loads and loads of cum inside her. I was almost exhausted. But she didn’t stop with that. She continued fucking on my semi limb cock until it became hard again. I never knew that I could shoot cum twice a day. She showed me my capability. Soon I was ready for another round of cum. And I shot right inside her to my contempt. This time she got exhausted and fell over me. We both lay down like that for some moments until she kissed me and moved from above me. The separation was saddening for me. But I still got chance to knead her boobs. After sometime she rose and cleaned up my rod with the end of her saree and then dressed me up. She told me that I can leave for the hall and sleep there as otherwise her mother may find out.

Soon I got back to the hall and was lying on the mat. I was not able to sleep properly that day. The whole thought of what all happened just came rolling and rolling into my mind. The memories of her shaking boobs, her voluptuous body is to remain in my mind for life long. That was the age when I was too immature to worry about making her pregnant or so. Any way she would have taken cared of that part of the problem. However the next day morning, the teacher acted as if nothing had happened and I dared not to put in any word on it. With that approach, till now I was not able to talk to her about that incident. Looks like this secret will remain buried as a sweet memory in our minds, which is sadly never going to be repeated. Only thing that changed is my point of view of the teacher. From the image of a good hardworking teacher, she had changed to a voluptuous sex oozing teacher. She taught me a valuable lesson that any one is fuckable in this world irrespective of their position

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